Thumbs June Favorites

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Another month is gone and therefore it is time for some Thumbs Favorites. This month has a good variation of faves, from beauty to home/ interior and skincare. Curious? Then please continue reading


Clinic Pep Start Eye creme 

When using this cream daily, I noticed my under eye circles looked less dark and less creasing.  I say win, win!

Douglas Aqua Focus Face Serum

Really a nice serum to use just before you go to bed. Also love the roller thing ( I know vague description) ,  it is so nice and cooling especially when it is warm.

Airwick Reed Diffuser Vanilla Truffle 

I am a big sucker for vanilla fragrances. And this reed diffuser you can really smell. I have this one placed in my bathroom. I just really love to walk in a bathroom and smell a nice scent.

Storage Boxes  

I am trying to live as much clutter free, and these boxes are a good way to hide some paper work instead of having these spread across a table. Plus the good thing was about these boxes, they were like 2 euros. Cheep as chips.

Mac Fix Plus Setting Spray 

I believe I have mentioned this one in a favorite before. But yeah I really enjoy it. It brings your look together and especially during the warm weather this spray feels so refreshing.

Maybeline Fit Me  Concealer

Overall a nice concealer especially for under the eyes.

Mac Next to Nothing Foundation & Powder in light plus 

This is for all you galls who don’t like a high coverage foundation or don’t really need a lot of foundation on their face.  This foundation has just the right amount of coverage to cover up some redness on your face  The only downside I think of this foundation is that it does not really layer very well. But overall I really like it.

My New Haircut 

What can I say my hairstylist did a very nice job coloring and cutting it. It has the right length and my hair does not look scary and messy like it did before.

Pandora Snow Flake Ring   

I just love this ring and it really has a frozen theme.  It is such a statement piece yet it looks so elegant by itself. Really so pleased I purchased this one.

What where your favorites of this month? Please feel free to share your thoughts via a comment. I hope you all liked this post and if so please like or subscribe.

Until next time friend!





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