4 Days and 3 Nights in Sassy Stockholm Part 2

4 Days and 3 Nights in Sassy Stockholm Part 2

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

For this weeks post , I am rounding up my post going to the Beautiful city of Stockholm. The last 2 days were kinda chill but none the less we enjoyed it so much! Are you ready! Get comfy and in the meantime have a cuppa.

Day 3

On day 3, we took our sweet time to get ready to go out of the door. We did our morning routine and had another delicious breakfast. Afterwards we headed out with the bus.

That specific Sunday we encountered the coldest day. And once in Stockholm city Center I had to buy an emergency Sweater with the print , I heart Stockholm! Which is very true! Man was I freezing of my royal ……. Really it felt like freezing point at the time. Which was not the case.

I always like to do a little hop on off tour when doing a city tour. So that particular day we went sight seeing by bus. Seeing things like the Royal Palace, Skansen, The Swedish History Museum the canals a bit of Gamla Stan all from the rooftop froma double decker bus.

Of course during this hop on hop off we stopped for lunch. The last thing we did at the end of the day was visit the Royal Palace (Kungliga Sloten) and walked through The Royal Apartments which was quite beautiful. Unfortunately being a Sunday the museum closed at 16.00 hrs so we could not explore any further. We were however on time to see the change of the guards. Which was quite interesting to see.

Day 4

Unfortunately our last day in Stockholm. We were lucky we had a late flight going back to Amsterdam and we were able to keep the room untill 16.00 hrs. So there was no rushing out of the hotel room. Say good bye to last minute stress.

As we had all the time that day, we decided to explore the surroundings of the hotel as it was situated in the Haga Park. This park is very beautiful and peaceful, so I highly recommend staying at this particular Radison if you value these things. Afterwards our little stroll we went back to the hotel and had a late lunch and had some chill time in the lounge chairs on a deck overlooking the lake outside. Very Chill indeed.

By the end of the afternoon we went back to our room to pack our last bits and bops and to experience the last bit of chill time before we headed to the airport.

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks post and always feel free to leave a comment.

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Stuff that I have been recently loving! The Summer Edition!

Stuff that I have been recently loving! The Summer Edition!

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I have noticed that lately I have not been posting any monthly favorites. Therefore I thought it would be nice to share some items that I have been loving at the moment. The items I will be sharing with you, will range from skincare , beauty and some lifestyle items. I am very intrigued if you like this way of letting you all know what my current faves are.


Glamglow Instamud 60 second pore refining treatment- This product feels so good on the skin once rinsed of. If you are curious about this product, please click here for the review !


Benefit Boeieeng Hydrating concealer in NO2– Not only is the packaging very cute this is just a very hydrating concealer. It does not emphasize my lines under my eyes which is very important since I have passed my thirties. Also it gives a nice little doze of coverage for dark circles. Plus if needed you can still top it of with another concealer.

Maybeline Fit me Matt + Poreless powder in 120 Classic Ivory – This is a powder I reach to on a daily basis. Especially when I am very lazy and want to do a very quick face of makeup i will reach for this. I have heard people talking about this being a dupe for the Laura Mercier powder. However I am unable to confirm this ,as I have not yet had the privilege to try this one out.

Rimmel Kate contour kit in 001 golden sands -I might be one of the few people on the earth who likes this product. I must say I usually use the contour powder of this kit only. The color just suits my skintone very well and does it purpose.

Maybeline Color Drama Intense velvet lip Pencil in 630 Nude Perfection -This is just a very nice lip pencil to wear with or without lipstick or glosss on top of it. In my opinion this matches very well with MAC’s Velvet Teddy.


Anayake Tomo Perfume Roller Ball -Ok I have no idea how to describe this scent but I find it smell very spa like and very relaxing. This is a perfume I really want to purchase and it might happen very shortly.


Fake plants from IKEA, Xenos and Primark -Since I integrated some greenery in my house the house just looks happier and green looks so good on white backgrounds. Just so good.

IKEA 6 Malm chest with 6 drawers with glass plate – So for a while I was looking for a new furniture piece for the tv which was not open as my previous tv furniture. After long deliberation we decided on the this piece from IKEA which I find very good value of money. The cupboard has masses of storage and looks nice, clean and elegant especially with the glass plate on it. What I also love about this item is that it can be used for a lot of different purposes: I.E storage for makeup, clothes, TV furniture and as a dresser.

Bamboo Vase from Cassa -The house style I am trying to go for is like Asian/ natural with some industrial elements in it. So this vase ties into the Asian and natural element of it. Love, Love, Love it!

Peacock cloth hooks – These hooks give so much industrial, earthy vibes. It looks so elegant but has it its purpose. We usually store our working bags here.

Once again this concludes the end of my post and if you liked this one please leave a like or a comment.

These hooks give so much industrial, earthy vibes. It looks so elegant but has it its purpose. We usually store our working bags here.Once again this concludes the end of my post and if you liked this one please leave a like or a comment.

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4 Days and 3 Nights in Sassy Stockholm Part 1

4 Days and 3 Nights in Sassy Stockholm Part 1

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

It has been about a month since I returned from Stockholm and I still owed you all a blog post about my amazing city trip to Stockholm! I was blown away by the countries nature , classic style and yet modern appearance. If you are curious about Stockholm or you just enjoy travel! Continue reading below!

Day 1

We headed of for Stockholm early on a Friday morning at a time when most people are still cozily tucked in their bed. And after about an 1,5 hr flight from Amsterdam we arrived to Stockholm airport. We had 2 different options to get to our hotel, one where we could take the train to Stockholm or two taking the coach. As taking the coach was the quickest option for us to get to our hotel we took the coach.

Radison Blu Park Hotel Stockholm

After a drive of 40 minutes and a little walk of 10 minutes, we arrived to the Radison Blu Park hotel. This hotel is situated near a park and a lake. Very beautiful indeed. Lucky us we could immediately check in and after a quick refresh we headed of to Stockholm center.

Vasa Museet

Our first stop was the Vasa Museum. This is a museum dedicated to the worlds only ship left from the 17th Century. 95 % Of this ship has been salvaged successfully. Not only does this ship have huge historical value it is very educational, let alone impressive to see. I def def recommend having a visit to this museum.

Nordiska Museet

Afterwards we had a little potter around the grounds of the Vasa and the Nordiska Museet. In the gorgeous and fabulous weather might I tell you all! And then we had a cheeky hamburger and fries as a late lunch.

ABBA Museet

Ofcourse the enviable happened and after lunch we went to the Abba museum . The band that put Swedish music on the map, I must say. This museum was so much fun ! It was such a happy museum and very interactive. You can mix music , head into a little recording studio and do a little karaoke with ABBA themselves. Ok confession I was too chicken to do this. However my lovely BF did.

As it was getting late by that time we had a stroll back to the bus station and headed back to the hotel. As I was to knackered out I had an early sleep session.

Day 2

Due to a very exciting excursion, we pre- booked for the Saturday, we headed early for the breakfast in the hotel. Might I say that the Radison served a very nice one! Ranging from cereals, bread and cold luncehon meats , pancakes, eggs sausages , pickled herring and fruits. Very yummy!

Now I am usually not the person who books these kind of tours but I just wanted to do this. I had my very first sedge way tour. And my oh my I loved it!!! It was so much fun and we whisked by sites. We had a mix of history facts and just sight seeing on the sedgeway. And the guide was so lovely and patient with us when we were still trying to get the Sedgeway under control. Fyi it is not as easy at it might look to get the device under control. It was really an experience and I highly recommend it for any city trip!

After this tour it was about time to have some nice coffee and lunch and thought it wise to be in the neighborhood of the next tour we planned. Might I say that Stockholm has a lot of nice coffee places with delicious coffee and lovely pastries!


Once our bellies were satisfied of coffee and lunch, we pottered around the Gamla Stan and the Royal palace as we needed to be around the canals for a boat tour. To be honest we had a little problem with finding the correct dock but in the end we managed. I always find it wonderful to observe the city from the water as it is a totally different sight. We saw the different islands from the water and were educated on some Stockholm facts.

After loosing some time with finding the correct dock for the Canal tour it was time for dinner. That nights choice was a little Asian recommended by Trip Advisor. This site always helps me when I do not know where to eat.

And that my friends concludes Part 1 of this blog post about Stockholm. If you enjoyed this post please give a little and if you are from this city or you really like this city leave a comment. It can be anything!

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GlamGlow Instamud 60 second pore-refining treatment Mask review

GlamGlow Instamud 60 second pore-refining treatment Mask review

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today’s post is on one of my favorite topics. Skincare! The last couple of years I am focusing more on the overall health of my skin. As I have noticed how important it is taking care of your skin!

Even though my skin is not too bad, I do notice that the sun has kissed this delicate part of my body too often leaving some sun spots as proof. Also somehow I have noticed that my pores seem bigger in my thirties than my twenties. Which overall is not the most flattering look when applying makeup. Realizing this it has become a priority taking good care of my skin.

So once upon time wandering in the skincare aisle of Douglas, I noticed a product that I did not see before from GlamGLow . The yellow packaging just seduced me to take a look at this product. Upon reading the words on the packaging ” Pore Refining, 60 seconds, and even skin ! I knew this product had to come home with me.

GlamGlow Insta Mud

The mask claims to give you refined pores, smooth, soft and even skin in 60 seconds. Amazing right! Application of the mask was very easy, you just have to apply a thick even layer on a clean face and let it sit for 60 seconds. In the meantime the mask foams up, giving you a slight tingly feeling. Afterwards you wash your face.

After the removal of the mask my face felt so soft and my complexion did look more even. I have not yet seen a massive reduction of pores but I will definitely keep on using this mask. The mask retails in the stores for 34,95 euro’s for 50 ml. Looking at the benefits provided I think I would repurchase this mask as my face feels fabulous after each use and the application is very easy and quick. Also this product is very convenient especially when you are short for time.

For last weeks post please click below link:


And if you enjoyed this post please stay tuned for my blog post on my city trip to Sweden!

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Beauty and Skincare I am taking on my City Trip to Stockholm

Beauty and Skincare I am taking on my City Trip to Stockholm

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

For today’s post I am writing about all the goodies I am taking on my city trip to Stockholm ! I struggle sometimes when traveling with only hand luggage. As I feel very restricted and limited in what I can bring with me.

Therefore for this trip, I had to be a little bit more cut throat on selecting the items that I wanted to travel with, than that I would , when I can place my items in the hull of the plane. In these situations I would always try to opt for product which have dual purposes or which are a little less bulky.

Curious about what I am taking with me on the plane? Continue reading.! And if you enjoy this post, give it a cheeky little like, or feel free to leave a comment.

From Top right to bottom Left: Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment, Douglas Essential Cleansing Make- Up Remove Wipes, Daytox Firming Day Cream,Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and Hollywood Skin Instant Regenerating & Cooling Under Eye patches with Hydrolyzed Pearls.
From top right to bottom left: Creighton Coconut & Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner, Palmolive Milk & Honey Shower lotion and Nivea Dry Active Deodorant Spray.

From top right to bottom left: Maybeline Fit Me Mat in t + Poreless Powder in shade 120 Classic Ivory, Benefit Hydrating Boeing Concealer and Rimmel Kate Palette in shade 001 Golden Sands

From top right to bottom left : MAC lipstick in shade Twig, Kiko, Radiant Touch Highlighter in shade 100 and Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes in Glossy Black
From left to right: Charlotte Tilbury Travel Brush Set and Anayake Roler Perfume Ball in scent Tomo

For this blog post I entered some tips on where I like to obtain my travel goodies from Please see below:

Tip 1 : I like to collect my mini’s for traveling from the Christmas Calendars. At least it saves you some money on splurging on little shower creams and lotions and potions when traveling only with hand luggage.

Tip 2: Save your samples when you are shopping at your high end makeup / beauty stores. Sometimes you get some good ones! Plus you can always inquire if they can give you a little tub of your fave foundation as a sample.

Tip 3: De-pot your fave Shampoo, Lotion, Shower gel in travel bottles and use a Travelo for your favorite perfume. This might save you also some money at the end.

Interested in a blog post about my trip to Stockholm? Stay Tuned! And for my last ins and outs on what I brought on my last trip click on below link. https://thumbelinaslifestyle.com/2018/03/18/beauty-and-body-stuff-i-am-bringing-to-viena

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The Best and Worse Cinema of 2018

The Best and Worse Cinema of 2018

Hi Everybody dear readers and loyal subbies,

In the run up to the post of the year! A.K.A. Thumbs Favourites of 2018! I have decided to separate my cinema faves and dislikes from my yearly favourites. As I love going to the cinema in my spare time, I wanted to dedicate a post on the films which I liked and disliked for 2018.

I have seen 25 films in 2018 ,slightly less than 2017. Varying in genre from Comedy,Sci-fi to Action and loads more.

For this post I have entered the months when I saw the films to give you all an indication when it was released. As generally we are slightly behind all the good stuff getting released here in the Netherlands.

I hope I have made you interested and sparked your curiousity. If so continue reading

The Best


The Greatest Showman

Why I loved this film was it was a a great combination of music, story and costumes.

I Tonya

An unexpected favourite to love! This film was fun to watch and I did not know that this was based on a true storry. Must admit I loved the potty mouth in it. However I felt I could relate to her. She was being judged for her looks and behaviour and not for her talent of skating.


Dead Pool 2

Just complete awesomeness! It was great comedy and my love for Marvel was there.


Mission Impossible Fall Out

Did not expect this film to be this good. It was action packed and had a good story line.


The Girl in the Spidersweb

I was not impressed with the American version of Girl of the Dragon Tatooo. But I felt they totally improved with this sequal? Just a good story and action packed.


Bohemian Rhapsody

AAAA my number 1 film of the year hit the cinema in November. This film is so good for the music and background story. And yes I know some things were alternated a bit. But still it was a great film with awesome actors in it.


Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: The Crimes of Grindewald

I just love Harry Potter and the film was so good. The costumes were pretty and it was nice to learn about the histories from certain HP characters.

Worse of Cinema


Oceans 8

Why create this film? I don’t understand why they made this film. It just did not have the same vibe.


The Happytime murderers

This film was just not funny. The trailer intends this film to be more fun.



The story seemed far from the Original Spiderman story. Some scenes were funny but it was just not cutting it for me.


The Nut cracker

I loved the costumes for this film they were beautiful and stunning. But the rest of the film was quite slow and was not how I would have imagined it.

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What I got for Christmas 2018

What I got for Christmas 2018

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

First of all I hope you all had amazing holidays! May you have enjoyed the company with your loved ones and possibly some scrummy yummy food.

One of my favourite things this time of the year is to read and watch videos on ‘What I got for Christmas’. I have written several ones over the years and this year is no exception! Curious about my little loot continue reading!

Dusty Rose Coach bag ( Cute little bag, that the parents of my boyfriend gave me for Christmas)

Valentino by Mario Valentino bag Velvet Navy coloured bag. I was eyeballing a similar bag one day when shopping with my sis. So she generously got me this. It is such a stylish item and perfect for a night on the town.

Ikea gift card ( I am still in need of buying items for my house and Ikea has nice and convenient things for that purpose) This was gifted by my parents. Thanks mom and dad!

Amazon gift card ( Always useful and I can get whatever I want) Gifted by my aunt and uncle.

Pandora Disney Thumper Charm ( Because I love Disney and sparkly things) Gifted by my lovely Boyfriend!

Pandora Disney Mary Poppins Charm ( Same reason as stated above 😄.)Gifted by my lovely Boyfriend!

Pandora Jewelry box (Cute little Jewelry Box. Great for travel!)

La Vie Est Belle Absolu Perfume ( Oh My ! The first time I smelled this perfume I was in love! My lovely Boyfriend remembered that I love this perfume and made a photo when I showed him this perfume)

Philips mixer & Philips Blender/ Chopping Machine ( The ideal tools for the Lazy Working Girl! I am the worse in chopping it is so borring and I really dislike chopping an onion) Both pressies were give by my aunty S .

Ritual of Yalda & Holi Moley Shower Gel (These smell so delicious and Cream On Body Cream in Ritual of Holi. I am going to smell fabulous in 2019!😎) Gifted by my boyfriends sister.

I really feel spoiled what I received this Christmas.

If you feel curious about what I received in previous years check out my blog.

Until next post friends!



Thumbs Mid Price Gift Idea : Benefit B.right! Delights

Thumbs Mid Price Gift Idea : Benefit B.right! Delights

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

This very last minute gift idea is for anyone who likes skin care, a little beauty, Benefit Products and love anything particular cute.

When I saw these Benefit giftsets in the stores I could not resist picking this up as they contain some Benefit classics. I picked this set up from Douglas for € 44.99. Which I thought was not a bad price for the products you get. This set comes in a cute cake shaped tin and contains four products.

The set contains the following:

50 ML Instant Comeback Facial Serum

Total Moisture Facial Cream full size

Browvo! Conditioning Primer

It’s Potent Brightening Eye Cream.

This has been the first time I have been using Benefit skin care and I must say they feel pretty good on the skin.

Benefit had a lot of cute sets this year some little ones and the big sets. Varying from sets with more makeup items and some more with skincare.

I hope everybody found this last minute gift useful and I wish you all great holidays!

Until next post friends!



Thumbs Luxury gift Idea: Estee Lauder Blockbuster Gift Set

Thumbs Luxury gift Idea:  Estee Lauder Blockbuster Gift Set

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Eventhough I am quite late with publishing a gift idea post, I thought it would be fun to do so. For this first gift idea post I opted for quite a lux gift idea. Yes you are right it is the Estee Lauder Blockbuster Set . This 12 piece set contains a mix of beauty and skin care goodies,  and would be a great gift for either the beauty or skin care lover. Curious about what this set contains continue reading!

The set contains the following:

3 Palettes

Pure Color Envy Eye and Cheek Palette – Nudes

Pure Color Envy Eye and Cheek Palette Glow

Pure Color Envy Eye and Cheek Palette Glam

3 Lipsticks

Pure Color Envy 220 Powerful

Pure Color Envy 420 Rebellious Rose

Pure Color Envy 340 Envious

Pure Color Envy Sculpting Gloss

Sumptious Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

Gentle Eye Make up Remover (suitable for all skin types)

Advanced Night Repair ( Synchronized Recovery Complex II For all skin types

This gift set retails for € 117 and has a total value of € 300,- . If you have the budget to buy this, I think this is a total steal and would be worth your money. The Night Repair Serum alone has a value of € 76.20! That is already half the value of this set. Also this set comes in a very cute beauty case which you can reuse afterwards.

You can go different directions with this set. You could gift this as one big gift or split this set up to use the items for stocking stuffers.

Would you not love to receive this as a gift? What are your recommendations for a lux gift? Please share and leave a comment!

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Thumbs Review: Make-up Revolution Reloaded Newtrals pallet 3

Thumbs Review: Make-up Revolution Reloaded Newtrals pallet 3

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

One day I was wandering around the city center of Haarlem and decided I needed a little pick me up.

As I love me some beauty, I ventured to the drugstore Kruidvat. They have usually a nice selection of brands in different price ranges from Essence, Maybeline, Loreal and Maxfactor.

This time my eyes were drawn to the Make-up Revolution display. I love how they sell some great products at a low price point.

As I felt that I wanted to switch up my choices in eyeshadow I opted for the Reloaded Newtrals pallet 3 which retails for € 4,95. This pallet has 16 colors and has a selection of warm fall colours that are a mix between Matt and Metalic shades.

My fave eye looks have consistet out of the burgundy and golden shades.

When I used this pallet I received a lot of compliments on the eyelooks made. Even when using this pallete without a primer, I noticed the longgevity of these eyeshadows!

One thing which might be considered as a negative, is that there is some kickback from these shadows.

However I think this pallet is amazing for the price and variety in shades and finish.

Until next post friends and let me know if you tried out this pallet and share your experiences.