Thumbs review: Douglas Home Spa Polynesian Dream Shower Foam

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

As you might have read in my previous blog post I mentioned this shower foam. As it was one of my faves I could not resist to write a little blog post. Curious? Do continue reading!

Thumbs up for

The smell, OMG the smell!  it is just gorgeous! It has Kukui Oil & Noni Fruit in it. Before using this shower foam, I have never  smelled these scents before.

Cheaper option than the Rituals option, only € 7.99. Don’t get me wrong I love Rituals but hey love this product and love the price.

No allergic reaction  and leaves the skin hydrated and not dry!

Thumbs down for:

Just a minor one! You finish the 200 ml real quickly. Booo !

Overall thoughts

This product rocks! Really love it!  The smell the texture the feel. Just so good! I am really curious about the rest of the range. So hope to try something new from this range soon.

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Primark PJ Haul

Hi everybody,  dear readers and loyal subbies,

I was in desperate need of new jammies, and as recently a 5 stories high Primark was opened in  Amsterdam I popped in and walked out with 4 sets of PJ’s.

Can I just say the Primark in Amsterdam is a fantastic one,  and I must say it is the best Primark I ever walked into. It was so clean and organised. Just Wow! Would not be surprised if I visit that particular store in the future again.

Oh my god check out these cute PJ’s!


Bambi PJ – I love the Bambi’s on it and it so adorable with the pink and the Bambi’s

Alice and Wonderland – I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and this PJ set has original drawings of the book on it.

I Eat Glitter for Breakfast PJ – What more can I say , ofcourse I Eat Glitter for Breakfast heheh.

Grumpy Kitty PJ – I bought this one, A because I am a huge cat fan and B look at the text and the photo. Come on it is priceless!

You can see that the overall trend is that I like my PJ’s nice and short as somehow I seem to be very warm  of late in my bed and I  don’t want to be to hot during the night.

I hope you all enjoyed this PJ haul and hope to be back soon with dare I say it with another one.

Until next post friends