Thumbs February Favorites

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

March has started and it is time for a very belated Thumbs February Favorites. This blog post contains some lifestyle and beauty faves. So I hope you will enjoy it !

Douglas Home Spa Balancing Shower Foam in Polynesian Dream.  

This just smells very Spa like and smells so clean. It is very hard for me to describe this fragrance but it smells sooo good.  So if you can get hold of this shower gel I would !

Essie For the Twill of It

This is just such an interesting polish. Sort of monochromatic. You can see different colors in it like blue’s,purple’s, greens and grey’s. It is just gorgeous and this polish  wears very well.

Cauliflower Rice

Side tracking a bit here but please bear with me. This is such a great alternative to rice if you don’t want any carbs for your dinner.  For example the cauliflower rice matches very well with a green vegetable curry.

Mac Face and Body Foundation in NC25

It is a nice light foundation that evens out the skin tone for a natural look . I have often gravitated to this foundation if I felt like wearing foundation.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallet 

Fave colours : White Chocolate, Marzipan  Strawberry  Bon Bon and Creme Brulee

MAC Strobe Cream

Just gives back a lot of luminosity to the skin. Your skin looks fresh,dewy and healthy and overall my makeup looks better.  But that is my just my opinion.

Booked Bali Trip 

 I cannot remember if I wrote about this before, but in 2 months time I am flying to Bali for a 16 day trip.  Whoop whoop! I have never been so far away  from home, but I am looking so forward to it. At the moment I have the time and freedom to travel and I am taking full advantage of that. My plan is to write some posts from Bali if I am disciplined  and if the Wifi agrees. So hopefully this happens.

I hope you all  enjoyed this post and as always feel free to leave a comment.

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Quick and Easy Vanilla & Banana Smoothie

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I think I mentioned this smoothie 2 posts ago? I am not sure anymore , but as I bought back 4 banana’s from work,  I decided to make this smoothie. This smoothie is great to finish up some ripe/ over ripe banana’s.

Ingredients needed for a liter smoothie

4 x Banana’s

500 ml Vanilla Yogurt


Chop up your banana in tiny  pieces and put the banana’s in the blender. Blend the banana’s until smooth. Poor the yogurt in the blender and blitz for another minute or so. You can drink this smoothie immediately ,all though I think it tastes better after you have chilled it in the fridge for at least an hour.

This smoothie serves very well as a quick breakfast or if you want  a quick pick me up during the day.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.

Until next post friends!




Rainbow salad in a Jar

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Ok, ok I confess it is not very creative that I am posting two food  related posts in a row. But I felt like sharing this one! This Rainbow salad is so simple to make, uses left over veggies, is healthy  and looks so colorful.

For this Rainbow Salad you will need some ( FYI you are free to add as much or as little as you want of these ingredients. :

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Quinoa
  • Lime
  • Pepper
  • Salt

Cook the quinoa as per instructions. For extra flavor I cooked my quinoa in some vegetable stock. Layer all your different components in the jar. Make sure that your quinoa has cooled down. Create a dressing with some lime juice and add salt and pepper to taste and drizzle over your salad in a jar.


I can imagine creating this one with couscous, Beetroot, Feta cheese and cucumber, mint and  a dressing of lime, salt and pepper.  I have not created that one yet but the flavors should work.

I hope you all liked this post. For my last post click here.  And as always please feel free to leave a comment. Until next post friends!



Indian food delight

Hi all,

Just wanted to share the Indian food which I had with my parents last Sunday.  I just love Indian food. I love the spices and love the smell. The food tastes so good and comforting and I always feel very happy afterwards.

So my dad had the Lamb Vindaloo, my mum had the Tandori Salmon and I had the lamb Bangali. Does it not all look very yummy!

For the desert I had a pistachio kulfi.  Even though  the flavor was very concentrated it was very yummy. The only thing what would have made it more enjoyable for me, and this is personal off course  less coconut on top . But  I loved the pistachio flavor.

I hope you all enjoyed this little food sharing. For my last food orientated post click here. Have a good weekend and until next post.



3 Days of birthday festivities

Hello friends,

I turned 29 on the 18th of May! Yeeh!  Because it was a bank holiday on a Monday I took the Tuesday and the Wednesday (my birthday) off. So yeeh for long weekends! Because my birthday was in the middle of the week and a lot of people had to work I got two birthdays! Who does not enjoy that huh?

Day 1 pre -birthday (17th May )

Tuesday I went shopping in the city Haarlem and Purmerend with my mother. So my mum and I started in Haarlem. We were browsing the little stores in the center of Haarlem but we decided to have lunch first. We settled to go to Cafe Brinkman which is located on the Grote Markt in Haarlem Center.  I had a sandwich Bali which  was quite tasty . The sandwich photographed really well. Such a nice big sandwich.


I was really surprised that when my mum and I were out and about  it was really nice weather, as the Forecast that week was crap.  It was sunny and even I felt hot on occasion. After lunch we visited some stores  tried on some things and then we decided to go back to Purmerend and do some shopping there.  Once done we returned to my parents house and had some pizza and salad and ofcourse some cake. The cake was really good but I had too much. At 0.00 hours I opened some pressies. Awesome!

Day 2 The real birthday ( 18th May) 

Day 2 I spent with my sister. She told me to be at Haarlem station at 12.45 hours  so we could get lunch at 1300 hours.  Lunch, really sis ! She made me  walk this weird route . And I was like what is going on. Where are we having lunch? And then we ended up at Douglas at the MAC counter !! Hell yeah!! I got a MAC make over and afterwards I could choose  € 60,- worth of products! Pretty sweet! As I was in the moment , I sort of caved and purchased some other stuff from MAC. So below you can see the items the MAC artist used on me. Can I just say that the MAC water weight foundation is awesome. My skin looked really nice.


After my MAC makeover we had lunch at the Thrill Grill. I think this is turning out to be a great place for lunch. I opted for the Kranenburger, a burger. On the picture it looks so simple but the flavor combination is awesome. A beef burger , lettuce, red onion jam, Blue Cheese dressing and crushed black pepper on a toasted organic bun. Hmmmm so good. Also their homemade Ice tea is soooo good.

Afterwards it was shopping around and scoring some great deals really. For dinner we had some nice sushi.  Afterwards we chilled out in front of the tv all in all a good day,

Day 3 day of cake 

As per Dutch tradition you usually get cake for your co workers. Unfortunately I forgot to make pictures of these cakes. I got  3 cakes and they were delicious.  They all went down a treat.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. I am planning to do a what I got for my birthday post and do a little haul post what  I got during those days. For last year festivities click here . Until next post friends!



Saturday Luncheon and Pre birthday present

Hi everybody, dear readers and subbies

So a week ago my friend J apped me that she was going to be back in the Netherlands and we went out for lunch. We decided to have lunch in my fave place in the city of Purmerend. Het hoedje van de Koningin. Roughly translated as the queens hat. So this restaurant is very Dutch royalty orientated stuffed with  memorabilia. Which I quite enjoy.

We had a lovely lunch and nice cooling drinks as the weather was really nice. Hello sunshine!

Curious what I had for lunch? I had  a lovely Queensclub sandwich with shredded chicken, tomato,cucumber bacon egg, and a curry mayonnaise. Very delicious thank you very much. Just looking at the picture of this sandwich again, makes me all hungry.

During lunch J surprised me with a pre-birthday gift. How kind was that! I received a lovely necklace and a matching bracelet to go with and another bracelet. They are really nice looking and add a nice little touch to an outfit.

Overal I really enjoyed my lunch with J, we chatted a lot and time flew by so quickly. I hope we will meet up soon again!

I hope you  all liked this short little blog. If you like me to do more post like these let me know. If you enjoyed this post you might enjoy this one. To not miss any of my posts subscribe to Until next post friends!



Sunday luncheon

Hello dear readers,

I felt like sharing a quick Sunday post. After a week of horrible weather, finally  some good spring sunshiny weather. Really the weather has been on steroids the last week, which resulted in a nasty migraine attack last Friday . Don’t you hate that when weather causes that.

Anyhow  my sister and I had some lunch at Bagel and Beans.  After long deliberation I went for the Japanese Salmon bagel which was very delightful I must say.  Loving the wasabi and teriyaki sauce that comes with this bagel. It tasted great. Also my Latte was excellently made. Always a delight to come to Bagels and Beans for lunch.

What are you doing this Sunday? Have a good week guys! Until next post friends.