Thumbs nails of the week: A petite haul

Thumbs nails of the week: A petite haul

Hi everybody, dear readers  loyal subbies,

Because I was a little bored with the polishes I had in my collection I decided to pop into the Drugstore. I only picked up 3 polishes but I thought the colors I picked up are real pretty. Therefor the post name ‘A petite haul’


Essence the gel nail polish in 48 My Love Diary

This is such a beautiful rosey/ mauve color. Real pretty and this looks like a dupe for an Essie polish my sis has, but I do not remember the name. I am wearing this polish this week and to be honest it last quite a long time. It really had minimal chipping the first days. Overal not bad !

Essence the gel nail polish in 59 Life is Pink

This is really a bright Fuchsia color. I really hope this formula will be the same as the polish My Love Diary

Catrice Luxury Nudes collection in 11 Hidden & Forbidden Rose

I like my nudes and this is a pretty pinky salmony nude with some glitter to it and if you change the polish in the light you can see some purpley shine to it.

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Thumbs nails of the week feeling like Cinderella

Thumbs nails of the week feeling like Cinderella

Hi my dear readers,

I am back with a new Thumbs nails of the week. As I have written in this title I went for an Essence polish with a Disney ring to it. I am sporting Prince Charming (03)from Essences Cinderella collection in this blog post.


I was personally not aware that Essence also released a Cinderella collection. Check out this collection here.

Anyway I discovered this collection at the drugstore Kruidvat this Sunday . As I was in need for a polish. I picked up two from this collection one called Bibidi Bobbidi Boo a pinky polish and this one in Prince charming.


So what can I say about this polish? First of all the bottle is really cute with a silver lid. Secondly the colour is an unique purpley , blue colour and this polish has a metallic look to it. It must have been inspired by Cinderella’s dress.


The polish cost at  Kruidvat  1.99 euro a steal!. And I got away with two coats of polish. Also a good thing was the polish glided on. Not streaky, this is very important too me.


All in all a good and fun polish. I would say this polish is more appropriate for a night out or clubbing. It’s a little in your face for the office. Furthermore I am curious how long this polish will wear. Also next time I would use a topcoat as I think this would look nice  A last note I would have preferred this colour to be non metallic as the colour is beautiful.

With the magic words ‘Bibbidi bobbidi boo’ my Cinderella’s post ends.

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Kim (Tiny Thumbelina )