Thumbs review :Earth Kiss Miracle Clay Facial Hydrate Bamboo Sheet Mask

Thumbs review :Earth Kiss Miracle Clay Facial Hydrate Bamboo Sheet Mask

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

It is facial sheet time! And As I received one in the goodiebag  from Ladies Night, I thought I would give  the  Earth Kiss Miracle Clay Facial Hydrate Bamboo sheet Mask  a try.

Before testing this mask, I just returned  from the gym, so I popped  in the shower to clean  my face and bod.

When I opened the package I immediately had issues with the smell. The tangerine smell is just overwhelming and personally I just don’t like the smell of tangerines. In that way I am just like a cat and my nose cringes when I smell that fragrance.

When I placed the mask on my face it feels nice and refreshing, but OMG when I see myself in the mirror I look like the freaking Man in the Iron mask, only worse!  Because it was that shocking I decided not to scare you all with a photo wearing the mask.

  For my over all thoughts see below:

Thumbs up for:

Nice and cooling


Skin feels soft and hydrated  after use

Thumbs down for:

The smell

Looks like a wet towel on your face


Overall I am not a big fan of this mask. Give me any Starskin mask any time!  For my last post click here . If you liked this post,please like  and fee free to leave a comment.

Until next post friends!



Starskin Hydrating Bio Cellulose second skin face mask review

Starskin Hydrating Bio Cellulose second skin face mask review

Hi everybody,

Today I thought it would be fun to do a review.  As my face is in need for some desperate moisture I thought I would share my thoughts on the  Starskin Hydrating Bio Cellulose second skin face mask.



I have not read a lot reviews about these masks. I picked this mask up at Schiphol airport for 9 euros per packet. This particular mask is suitable for dehydrated, dry and depleted skin.

Starskin claims the following benefits:

  • Deeply infuses dehydrated skin with intense organic hydration
  • Rejuvenates and smoothes skin
  • Easy to use, next generation bio-cellulose delivers celebrity skin in 20 minutes
  •  Cooling Second skin hydrating face mask


So let me show you how this face mask looks. Don’t I look gorgeous with the mask. I might have struggled  with taking the mask out of the packaging and placing this mask on my face. I think it  fits nice around the cheeks but not well round the mouth.  Maybe it is just the shape of my face .


Face after use of mask



Well wow my face feels so moisturized. This would be so nice to use after a flight and it feels so relaxing on the face . My verdict is that I would definitely repurchase this product. The only thing that I need to do tonight, is slap on my eye cream and night cream and give this face some well deserved rest.

Starskin face masks you can buy  at Douglas, Asos, Selfridges. Sephora . Check out Starskins website  for more stores to buy these masks . Hope you all enjoyed this post! For my last post click here.  So that’s  all folks for tonight