What I got for Christmas 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

It is time for one of my favourite posts of the year. It is what I got for Christmas time! Personally I love reading or watching these posts as they always serve as great inspiration for gift giving. And maybe I am just being a bit nosey. If you are curious or nosey (like me) about this post, please continue reading this post.

I received the following gifts,  for which I was and am very grateful for:

H&M gift card  – Always very useful as I always need new clothes heheh


BK Cooking Pot -I needed some pans and my mum thought I could use a tinier pan than the one I already owned

Oven Dishes – As I finally have an oven in my house, I can create lovely oven dishes. But because I did not own an oven I received this practical gift.

Guerlain Le Rouge Ecrin Jewel Lipstick Compact , in 06 Garance. This lipstick looks so luxurious and it feels really heavy in the hand. It is beautiful!  Unfortunately I bashed the lipstick before taking a picture so it looks sadly a bit bashed on the top. Sorry sis. The color is a browny pink colour and has a bit of a similar  finish like the lustre finish from MAC. I hope to write a Thumbs Review soon.

A lovely embroidered cushion. Matches the colour scheme that I have in my house. .

Bejeweled hair clip  This is a lovely hairpiece. Very lady like. I think it looks very antique like.

Amazon gift card. Really love these so convenient. I just love browzing through the Amazon website as they nearly have everything on hand.

And that concludes my ‘What I got for Christmas 2016’post.

Thank you for reading this post if you enjoyed reading this post maybe you want to read last years ‘What I got for Christmas’ ? If so click here. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years and hope to see you back soon.

 Until next post friends.







Saturday Luncheon and Pre birthday present

Saturday Luncheon and Pre birthday present

Hi everybody, dear readers and subbies

So a week ago my friend J apped me that she was going to be back in the Netherlands and we went out for lunch. We decided to have lunch in my fave place in the city of Purmerend. Het hoedje van de Koningin. Roughly translated as the queens hat. So this restaurant is very Dutch royalty orientated stuffed with  memorabilia. Which I quite enjoy.

We had a lovely lunch and nice cooling drinks as the weather was really nice. Hello sunshine!

Curious what I had for lunch? I had  a lovely Queensclub sandwich with shredded chicken, tomato,cucumber bacon egg, and a curry mayonnaise. Very delicious thank you very much. Just looking at the picture of this sandwich again, makes me all hungry.

During lunch J surprised me with a pre-birthday gift. How kind was that! I received a lovely necklace and a matching bracelet to go with and another bracelet. They are really nice looking and add a nice little touch to an outfit.

Overal I really enjoyed my lunch with J, we chatted a lot and time flew by so quickly. I hope we will meet up soon again!

I hope you  all liked this short little blog. If you like me to do more post like these let me know. If you enjoyed this post you might enjoy this one. To not miss any of my posts subscribe to Thumbelinaslifestyle.com. Until next post friends!



What I got for Christmas 2015

What I got for Christmas 2015

Hi dear readers,

Welcome back to Thumbelinaslifestyle.com. For today’s post I wanted to share what I got for Christmas. I was thoroughly spoiled and got gifts in a lot of different gift categories. Reading and seeing what I got for Christmas  post/videos are one of my favorite posts so I could not resist writing this one. Also these posts are very handy to create wishlists or get some inspiration to buy gifts. So let me show you my gifts.


  • Pearl Compact mirror battery pack
  • Checked scarf
  • Amazon gift card
  • Hm gift card
  • Hunkemoller gift card
  • MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy
  • Victoria Secret Pure seduction Red plum &Freezia Bodywash
  • Chocolate
  • Socks
  • Pink polka dots Manicure set

So this concludes my ‘What I got for Christmas’ posts. I hope you all liked it. Please feel free to leave a comment and share what you got for Christmas. Hope to see you soon back for a new post.