Weekend Fun

Weekend Fun

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

As I planned to meet an ex colleague this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share what I did this weekend.

So I woke up after another night of not so awesome sleep. I decided to start the day with some fruit and You Tube. It is always nice to start the day with some inspiration. As usual I lingered in my bed way to long ,which made me jump out of my bed ,take a shower and get ready to catch the train to Amsterdam. On the way to Amsterdam I somehow met my sister. Lols!

My ex colleague and I planned to go see the new Jason Bourne film. I must say there was not a dull moment in this film.  I would recommend to watch this film if you have not seen it.

After the film we went to grab some dinner. My friend was happy that we opted for Asian food. I just love it!  We went to China town and went to the restaurant Nam Kee, which is quite famous for their Oysters dish. Must say I did not opt for those as I am not a fan of them.

We started out with some dim sums and spring rolls and then my main was a Wantan Noodle soup which was very delicious and wholesome. I could not finish the bowl of soup.


So after finishing dinner we just had a stroll through our lovely capital which was absolutely packed  with tourists , and then we headed towards the train station.

At the train station we said our goodbye’s and I sort of caved at KIKO and ETOS. So guess what! A haul might be coming your way! But for now what is in the bag is a secret!

Sunday whilst writing this, I am completely lazy enjoying back to back episodes of Modern Family. I will probably end with something really bad from the local chippy. Burger anyone?!

I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing for you all. What did you do? Please leave a comment.  Interested in reading some more? Please like, subscribe or follow me via Twitter. Until next post friends!

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Sunday luncheon

Sunday luncheon

Hello dear readers,

I felt like sharing a quick Sunday post. After a week of horrible weather, finally  some good spring sunshiny weather. Really the weather has been on steroids the last week, which resulted in a nasty migraine attack last Friday . Don’t you hate that when weather causes that.

Anyhow  my sister and I had some lunch at Bagel and Beans.  After long deliberation I went for the Japanese Salmon bagel which was very delightful I must say.  Loving the wasabi and teriyaki sauce that comes with this bagel. It tasted great. Also my Latte was excellently made. Always a delight to come to Bagels and Beans for lunch.

What are you doing this Sunday? Have a good week guys! Until next post friends.