Thumbs nails of the month: Rimmel 407 Hot Tropicana

Thumbs nails of the month: Rimmel 407 Hot Tropicana

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today, even though a little later than expected, Thumbs nails of the month! We have experienced quite a lot of sunshine these last 2 weeks, and this has showed in the way I have dressed and of course how  my nails have looked. Therefor I opted for a color that screamed spring/summer too me.

Rimmel has given this polish a very appropriate name, as when I look at my nails I visualize myself jetting of somewhere nice, beachy and  tropical. Let me share my overall thoughts on this polish

Thumbs up for:

  • Color – Such a perfect color for spring and summer.Very Neon pink in real life, on the photo it looks almost salmony.
  • Wear- This polish has stayed on for 4 days with minimal chipping. For me that is very rare.
  • Dries very quickly

Thumbs down:

  • Coverage- Goes on very streaky. Had to use 3 layers to even everything out.

What is your favorite spring polish? What would you recommend? For last months Thumbs nails click here. And as always if you enjoyed this post please like or subscribe!



Thumbs nails of the week in Essie’s Bikini so Teeny

Thumbs nails of the week in Essie’s Bikini so Teeny

Hello everybody,

Last week I didn’t do a  Thumbs nails of the week. so I could give my nails some well deserved rest from polish.

So Today  I am back, with a new Thumbs nails of the week. This week sporting Essie’s Bikin so TeenyI just could not wait anymore to use this polish!


This polish is a cult favourite amongst  bloggers and You Tubers and rightly so!. Its a lovely periwinkle colour with very fine specs of glitter/shimmer. Which you can’t really notice on your lovely nails . I do get a ‘let’s go to the beach right now” feeling when wearing this polish. It makes me feel like I want to go outside and not be locked int an office building. 

So here’s how the polish looks on the nails.



I hope you all have a good week and if you have s  ome good recommendations for fun spring/summer polishes, let me know via a comment. If you liked these types posts you can follow me via or BLOGLOVIN.



Kim (Tiny  Thumbelina)