Thumbs 2017 Favorites 

Thumbs 2017 Favorites 

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies!

We made it and are now mid February 2018! I was planning to have this post up earlier however things just kept popping up. In this post I will share all my favorite things of 2017 ! From Beauty, food to lifestyle! Can’t wait for this list? Please hurry and continue reading!




*Loreal Infalible Matte

*Urban Decay Naked Skin


*MAC Pro concealer


*Loreal Matt Laquer in 502

Eye Palette

*Urban Decay Heat Pallete

Single Eye Shadows

*Hema Intense Colour Mousse in 03

*Boots Mink Eye Shadow

Setting Spray

* MAC Prep and Prime


Kiko Shade Fusion Trio Blush

MAC Peaches


MAC Give me Sun


*L’Oreal Brow Plumper


*Real Techniques Complexion Sponge



*Garnier Miscelaire Gel

Facial Mask

*Douglas Aqua Focus Good Night Gel Mask

*Starskin Hydration Mask



*Girls Trip

*Hidden Figures

*Mein Blind Date mit Dem Leben

*Demain Tout Commence


*Restaurant Jai Barat in Haarlem (Indian) Amazing food in a modern vibe restaurant.






* London Trip

Read all about my experiences in the travel part of my blog if you are nosy!

And yep apologies still need to write about my London Trip.

Inspiring person

Ending on a bit of sad note, but for me the most inspiring person of 2017 was a little boy who’s name was Tijn. This boy put others before himself eventhough he was terminally ill.

Tijn raised over 2.5 million euros through painting nails for a fundraiser from Serious Request. And later another 1.2 million euros with his own line of nail polishes.

This boy just showed me how we all should be a little bit less selfish in life and start carring about others regardless of your own situation

I really felt so sad when I heard he passed away last July because of his illness. As a Dutch singer song writer wrote” you are a hero!”.

Writing about my most inspiring person for 2017 concludes my 2017 favorites!

Curious about my list of unfavorites for 2017? Please let me know! As I am intending to write a post about this one

As always feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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*Disclaimer I do not own any of the film trailers used in this blog

Thumbs September  & October Favorites

Thumbs September  & October Favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

After 2 months of no favorites and writing, I finally have some faves to share.  I have rediscovered some oldies and  a few new things  that I am happy to share with you. Are you ready for them? Continue reading!



Naked Heat Pallet

Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation

Victor &Rolf Bon Bon Perfume

Jennifer Lopez Live Perfume

The Real Beauty Blender


Girls Night Out Film

England trip

Musical Phantom of the Opera

Musical Wicked


Pub Grub ( Hmmmm Sunday Roast and Chocolate Fudge Cake) Delicious


Etos Beautyblender

I hope you all enjoyed reading my latest faves. For last favorites post click here!  And hope to see you back soon to

Until next post friends!



Urban Decay Heat Palette

Urban Decay Heat Palette

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Yaah The Heat Palette from Urban Decay has finally been released in the Netherlands and it was so worth the wait! Ofcourse we have been dragging after the rest of the world, but ok I suppose we will live.

Back to the palette. Can I just say I love this palette! The shades are so pigmented ( especially the shimmery shades) , and they blend so easily. The colors are really beautiful, earthy yet firey and I can definitely get why they called this the heat pallete .  I must say my fave colors would be the shimmers but the mattes are also amazing.

Applying the shades on top of a primer will really make the shadows pop. And even if you forgot to apply a primer the shadows have a reasonable lasting power.  This pallette would be appropriate to wear during the summer and autumn months because of the shade range and tones.


If you are in the market for a new shadow pallete I would definitely recommend this pallete.

For my last Urban Decay post click here and as always feel free to leave comment. Or if you are curious about what  Thumbelinaslifestyle has to offer,feel free to roam my site.

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I finally caved and bought the Naked Palette and All Nighter Setting Spray

I finally caved and bought the Naked  Palette and All Nighter Setting Spray


Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Yep it is official,I finally caved and bought the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I must say it was the battle between, Naked 1 , Naked Basics and this one ( Naked3).  The reason why I opted for the Naked 3 was the variety in rosey tones. All though still I want Naked 1 and  the Basics palette.

As I was in somewhat of a” want to buy” everything mode, I also bought the travel version of the All Nighter Spray .

Really can’t wait to try these items out!

What would you recommend buying from Urban Decay? Feel free to leave a comment!

Until next post friends!