What ‘s in my bag (part 2 casual)

Hi everybody,

Here is part 2 of what’s in my bag blog! So excited 😁. At the moment I am very fond of my Michael Kors bag that I got for Christmas from my sister. This bag too me is the ideal size to go shopping, going out for a meal or visiting a friend.







I don’t place a lot of stuff in this bag because I don’t want to ruine this bag. It’s to precious too me. (Ok that sounds a little to Lord of the Rings, scarry) So this is going to be a short short blog. So let’s get through this gorgeous bag.

  • A packet of tissues ( once again I have sneez a lot)
  • Depending what I am doing on the day my Kindle. Its a heavenly device I can read, listen to my Audible/music
  • Earphones ( These are from my Samsung note)
  • My Samsung Note 4 ( This phone is great for watching You Tube, listening to music and blogging)
  • My purse
  • My make-up bag( the one I showed in part 1 in of What’s in my bag blog)
  • Perfume
  • Deodrant

This concludes the what’s in my bag blogs.Told you it was a short blog.

Hope you like this blog.


Tiny Thumbelina

P.s  I might have published this blog which was not finished. Very stupid, my appologies.

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