2 Weeks of food overload, kitty sitting and beach visiting

Hey everybody, dear readers and lovely subbies,

I feel like the last two weeks, have just consisted out of eating and a lot of activities. It felt like I lived in  Ground Hog day , but in a good way. I just felt so spoiled, food  and activity wise. I had some awesome food, lunches, dinners and deserts. Anyway this explains the  lack of regular posting like Thumbs nails of the week.  Fyi hope to have a Thumbs nails of the weeks post up soon. Anyway folks be prepared for a lot of photo’s with food in them

So the hectic and indulgent food eating fest started when the company I work for had a team building event. So we worked untill 13.00 hours and then left for the Amsterdam city center. There we played a game, which is called  ‘ who is the Rat’, or for the Dutch folk  its known via the name ‘Wie is de Mol’. So the aim of the game  was to finish all the tasks  assigned to three different teams and within this team, there would be someone who would continuously try to sabotage the tasks without getting caught. So around 17.00 hours we finished the game and we headed to the start of the binge eating fest. For food we went to O Reiley’s an Irish pub, near Dam square. And oh my god check out my Steak and Guiness pie, served with brown bread.  It was delish! Look at that crust on that pie.


So after the event  I had kitty sitting duty because my sister was on cooking duty for her birthday party  at my parents house. So you might think who is the little fuzzbal being squished in the picture. This is Bailey ( a.k.a. Cousin Ballz). Yes I know poor kitty being squished. But let me tell you how a kitty sitting day goes.


See, first he gives you the cutest dumb look to persuade you to give food. If he does not get his way, he puts his fluffy  paw down. This means, give me  my food or you will sleep with the fishes tonight!

Which means in puss language, I am gonna wake you every hour on the hour from 6 am onward if you don’t feed me now woman! Who needs alarm clocks if you can have this little guy. Yet he remains soo adorable!

So when I left kitty sitting duties, I arrived at party central a.k.a. food central. So look at the goodies we had. We had Sate Babi, Gado Gado, Chicken, bread. It was all really yummy. FYI,that’s me pigging out.


My sister made these cakes! I went for the Bailey cheesecake and there was also a layered chocolate cake which I missed tasting.


On the Wednesday we had a business lunch at the Korean. I had never eaten Korean in my life, and boy was it good.Unfortunately I don’t know the names of the dishes that we ate,  but I will insert some photo’s down below. Also I am quite sad I did not make photo’s of every dish. I most enjoyed the rice dish which was made in a stone pot and you mix the egg in the rice.  If anyone knows how that dish is called  do tell. It is a great dish!  Also the  noodles both cold and warm were delicious.


So last  weekend I decided to go to the beach. I haven’t been to the beach in Holland in a long time . And all I can say is that I missed the beach, the sand and the sun are just  a heavenly combo.


The bike route going home was also very  beautiful and calming. Who knew I lived near such beautiful nature.


So Sunday my sister and I decided to go into the city center.  And yeeh I managed to restrain myself I did not buy anything. Anyway, can you all tell me why we  did  go out when the heavens decided to come down on us.  I was so soaked and cold and might have gotten a little cranky, I just really dislike being cold and wet. I do have to say the treat I had was pretty good although very filling . Calories ooo the thousands,  a Red Velvet cake with some icing. I never had a Red Velvet cake and it was good.


So I hope you all did not mind this rather large post, filled with sooo much food. Next time I will keep these updates a lot shorter.If you like to see more post filled with Cousin Ballzz  please leave a comment or like the post.

XoXo Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

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