Real Techniques collective brush haul

Hi dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back to Thumbelinnaslifestyle! Long time no see. Today I thought it would be fun to write about my Real Techniques collective brushes Haul. I have been so good not playing with these brushes yet as I wanted them all crisp and clean for this post. Now I can welcome these brushes to my other Real Technique brushes. Currently I own the face brush and the blush brush from their collection and I really like them.

In total I purchased two brushes from their bold metal collection and Nics Pics brush collection. So let’s have a little peak at these brushes.


So lets start with the beauties of my haul, the the Bold Metals collection.

301 Flat Contour brush

100 Arched Powder brush


I purchased the 301 Flat Contour brush and the 100 Arched Powder brush both for € 19.95. Quite a steep price for drugstore brushes. But once opening the boxes and taking the brushes out of the  packaging I noticed the immediate quality difference. Not only do these brushes have a nice weight to them ,the look and design is really beautiful. I love the gold and rose gold handles of them The only thing  I did not really like, was taking them out of the packaging. The brushes were sort of stuck to the box with a tacky glue. Which I still need to fully remove.

Nics Pics collection 


Duo-Fiber face brush

Cheek brush 

Angled shadow brush

Base Shadow brush

Eyeliner brush

Upon first touch and glare the bristles of these brushes are very soft. These brushes feel a lot lighter than the bold metal ones. I think my favourites of  these brushes are going to be the cheek brush and angled shadow brush. I believe I purchased these brushes for € 30,00 but I am not sure anymore.

Finishing with those last thoughts concludes this post.I hope you all liked this collective Real Technique brush haul! I will keep you guys posted how I like these brushes.  Have a good weekend guys!



P.S Sorry that this post was uploaded incorrectly yesterday night. Hope you will enjoy it.

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