Thumbs review: Me before you the film

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today a review but not just any review , no! I am going to give a short  review about a film. Me before you.



This week was the first premier week of Me before you , and I went yesterday ( Friday) to see it. Boy did I laugh at the guys who were mandatory dragged to the films by their girlfriends and wifes.

My first thoughts when I thirst saw the trailer was that I was not going to love it as much as I did. But boy was I wrong!

The actress Emilia Clark and Sam
Claflin show real chemistry as Lou and Will in Me before you and show that it is important to live your life to the fullest!

Overal I would definitely recommend this film. Is it more a chickflick? Yes it is! Did I hear the occasional sniffel. Yes I did! Did I let a little tear , oops I did!  But I  heared a lot of laughter as well and that’s important. Aswell from the men!

The time flew by and there was never a dull moment! Overall money well spent.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Untill next post.



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