A MAC HAUL from my MAC Experience

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Its about time that I write about the goodies I chose when I had my MAC experience. As I previously wrote I was allowed to choose 60 euro’s worth of MAC products once I had my MAC Experience.

These are the products I chose:

  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Otherearthly – This is a beautiful highlighter and it contains 3 colors A rose gold color, a peachy/salmony color and a silver color. And if all swirled together you get a rose goldeny shimmery color. It is more rosey than Becca Champagne Pop.
  • Waterweight SFPF 30 Foundation.  This foundation feels so light on the skin. It evens out my skin tone and you can get a medium coverage with this foundation. You apply the foundation with a dropper. I am not sure yet if I like the dropper system but I can get used to this because the foundation feels awesome.
  • MAC Satin Lipstick in Twig – A lovely nude color. The lipstick  has a satin finish and feels very comfortable on the lips. Especially with the below mentioned product.
  • MAC lip conditioner- This is so much better than a lipbalm. It smells very good just like the MAC lippies!  I tried this lip conditioner earlier and my lips felt really nice afterwards.  That was why I decided to choose this product.



I hope you all found the post mildly entertaining. Please share if you have had a MAC experience as well and what kind of products you chose.  Are there products that you would recommend? Please leave a comment!

Until next post friends!



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