10 Morning Hacks ! Time to wake up !

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Errrgg anybody have issues with waking up in the morning? I do !  The not so friendly sound of the alarm clock, is my worst enemy in the morning! Trust me often I feel  like breaking said alarm clock . Yet it survives because I need to get my butt out of  my bed to go to work.   Sound familiar?  Continue reading. I thought it would be fun to share 10 hacks to make getting out of  bed  a little bit easier and make the morning a little bit more enjoyable.


Place an alarm on a location far from your bed. Grr you just have to get out of your cozy bed and  turn of this annoying evil device which awoke you from that great dream!

Take a shower in the morning. Ellew water. Yes awaken that sleepy body! Need I say more and to be honest who does not like to be all fresh and clean? I do! Say no to B.O !

Use a zingy shower gel such as Soap and Glorry Sugar Crush. All body washes  with citruses fragrances  just awakens the nostrils and just makes you more awake. 

Lay out your clothes , purse, gym bag  the evening before . Who wants to go looking for stuff in the morning. Especially when you do not want to miss that buss! 

Listen to positive and upbeat music,it will make you more happy in the morning and gets you going.

Drink a glass of cold water in the morning.  Yep cools that body of yours and takes you out of your cozy bed feeling. 

Drink a glass of water before  you go to bed. Most likely your body will wake you up just before your alarm clock gives you that fatal cry. Hmmm whats the point going back to bed if your already awake! Am I right?

Have your breakfast once you wake up, or as soon as possible at work.  I am more guilty for opting for the last option. Your body just gets more awake with some energy in your body. Also it does help to prep your breakfast the evening before. For example yogurt parfait with some muesli and fruit in a mason jar. Very easy on the go. 

 Know your sleeping pattern. This might sound silly, but if you know you need at least 8 hours of sleep then don’t go to bed to late if you have to rise early.  I personally can get crabby when I sleep like 6 hours or less and it does not make rising in the morning any easier. 

If possible( budget wise ) use a wake up light. It wakes you up a lot friendlier!  Especially in the winter!  About 30 min in advance before your alarm goes, it gets a little lighter in the room and you hear some soothing sounds which in the end gets louder and louder . Hmm maybe not so soothing in the end but it starts real friendly. Gegeg.  The wake up light I use, is a  Philips Wake up light,

So guys this was my first life hack post!  I really hope you enjoyed this one! Please share any tips how you survive your morning and how you make it more bearable in the morning. Thanks  for reading and until next post friends!



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