Ladies night de luxe and Bridget Jones’s baby at Pathe cinema

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Last Wednesday Bridget Jones’s Baby finally premiered in the cinema’s and my sister and myself went to the ladies night de luxe screening!

Because it was ladies nights they were serving drinks such as Prosecco, Rose wine, orange juice ,and little nibbles. Also we were going to get a special goodiebag at the screening.

There were some stalls in the foyer ,which sold polish, jewelry , hair stuff and makeup.  Overall some very cute stuff.  I wish I had some time to browse those stalls, but it was soo warm and crowded!  Women to the left, Women to the right,  I am surprised they were not walking on the ceilings yet. Trust me there was absolutely no escape possible!  In our theater room there were already 380 women!  380 Women! Let alone the other rooms as there were multiple screenings going on at once!

When we got to our seats we were greeted by  a bag of popcorn,  Diet Coke and our promised goodiebags  I could not wait to see what we would  get and to be quite honest I was pleasantly surprised what we got.

This is what I found in my bag

Healthy People almond drink

Look o Look Candy Cupcake

Cote D’or Fruit chocolate bar

Quaker Cruesli Grab ‘n Crunch

Pickwick Even tea

Earth Kiss Sheet mask 

OPI nail polish


Women’s Health

Jan Livin

Healthbox voucher

Zalando Voucher


I really enjoyed going to this ladies night, the drinks, nibbles, stalls  the goodiebag all very well aranged. But to be honest the thing I enjoyed most was the film it self.  It was  very funny , heartfelt and I would say better than the second one. I would definitely recommend!  If you are curious about the film ? Click Trailer!

Once again thanks for reading this post! And let me know if you have seen Bridget Jones’s Baby and what you thought of it? Maybe you saw it as well during a Ladies Night?

Until next post friends.



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