24 Days of Advent Calendar Fun ( Day 9 )

Hi Everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I am writing this post whilst having one eye on tv watching Sleepy Hollow season three, and having a nice piece of chocolate next to me. Is the season to be Jolly indeed!  Anyway I am sure you are not here just for this little ramble, it must be for the opening of the Calendar windows.  Let’s jump to it!

Body Shop

Another practical tool provided by the Body Shop. Nothing beats a good tweezer. Will keep this save in my beauty stash to take out when I need it again.



Another set of golden earrings this time in the shape of clovers.  Hmmm I hope there will be some other pieces of jewelry in this calendar.


I hope you enjoyed day 9 of Advent Calendar fun! Curious about what is in the other windows? Don’t forget to check the out my upcoming posts.

Until next post friends!



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