Thumbs review: Guerlain Le Rouge Ecrin Jewel Lipstick in 06 Garance

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Brand new year and new products to review ! So bring it on new products!  Today I will be reviewing a gift which I received for Christmas, and it is such a stunner. If you have read my  What I got for Christmas 2016 post, you might already know to which product I am referring, and yes it is also in the title of this post, but it is the lipstick  Guerlain Le Rouge Ecrin Jewel Lipstick in 06 Garance.

The lipstick is encased in a beautiful silver looking case. Once you take the lipstick out you can find two mirrors in the top half of the lipstick. Very handy for traveling I might say. The casing has a magnetic closure, so you know that everything closes properly.

This lipstick has a lovely pink brown tone to. For me it is my perfect,  your lips but better color. So always flattering in my opinion. Overall application is easy and the lipstick glides on very easily. It has a balmy texture to it which is nice. However after application you do feel a slight tackiness to the lips but nothing to bad

Thums up for:

Packaging. Boy did Guerlain think about this. It is, and feel so lux! The packaging is very weighty and scores very well on elegance, style and design. Also the incorporated mirror makes the product unique and brilliant in every way.

Color. A lovely Brown Pinky nude color. Love, love this color! It has a similar finish like a MAC  Lustre lipstick

A lot of shades options

Thumbs down for:

Claims to have the scent Vanilla leaves in it. However I cannot smell anything. For me this is a let down because I love the smell of vanilla. Don’t get me wrong I rather smell nothing than a scent which makes me ill, but again it is my love for Vanilla which is talking here.

Price – Expensive approx the 50 euros mark.

Overall thoughts

I really like this lipstick, and it is unique in my collection.However personally I would not splurge 50 euros on a lipstick, as for my  own personal budget it is a bit steep. Don’t get me wrong I loved receiving this as a present as I would never  have purchased this for myself. And therefor it is really special too me, and  who can say no to such luxury?

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