A day in my Weekend Sans Obligations

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today I thought it would be fun to share a day in my weekend.

I usually remain in my bed until whenever I want to. This could be 9 am or even 1 pm.  I start out going through my phone, read a bit of news, blogs and watch a little You Tube.

Afterwards I potter around in the house while prepping my breakfast. So by pottering around I refer to doing my laundry, tidy around the house start prepping for the big clean. I would say I am a clean person but I leave bits around in the house which makes my house look messy. Really trying to improve this. I just have to look the other way and my house is a mess again.

Usually my breakfasts contains out of some eggs ( most of the time soft boiled) some bread out of the oven and sometimes a banana smoothie. I love my banana smoothie. Anyone interested in the recipe?  Leave a comment! Trust me it is real easy!

During my breakfast I usually watch Saturday Kitchen followed by some other food programs it really depends what the BBC has planned. Yep I love food and love seeing  it on  a plate.

Afterwards I drag myself to the shower as I do believe it is important to keep clean and fresh.

Most of the time I like to incorporate a little exercise in the weekend. So this could be on the Saturday or the Sunday depending on my plans. Usually I plan the gym in combination with a cinema visit.  So I would see a film and then afterwards go to the gym and then go home.

If I have not done any groceries I will plan that afterwards my gym/ cinema visit. You might see a little habit here,  that I don’t like to go home and then go to another place,because when my butt sits down on my sofa at home I just don’t feel like doing anything.

So once home ofcourse I have my shower and then it absolute lazy modus, comfy clothing tv, mask, Netflix,  film,a nice drink and sometimes a snack. Just love this.  For dinner I usually have something easy which goes in the oven or is done in an eyes blink.  After dinner I fully continue on the film and tv bandwagon.

Pending on my mood I watch tv in my  living room or bedroom.  So of course in the end it is bed time and I it is time to get cozy and have a great nights sleep .

What do you do in your weekends?  Do you have the same routines or will you do whatever you want to do and you go with the flow? I hope you all liked this post! If you did like this post, and please like or subscribe and as always feel free to leave a comment.

Until next post friends!



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