Traveling to Bali + Bali Day 1 

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back to Thumbalinaslifestyle after some time of radio silence!

So yes after months of anticipation, on the third of May 2017  I started the most exciting trip of  my life!

My flight left  Amsterdam at around 21.00 hrs to Singapore. As we were a bit delayed.  Once in the air they started provisies some snacks and drinks. A nice touch was the warm cloth they provided after the snack. Good Job KLM!

You could either choose for chicken in Oister Sauce or Pasta. As my sister cautioned me for the pasta, I opted chicken. It was not bad, not mind blowing but  that was to be expected. Did find the combination of Rice and Bread bit weird anyhow. Enter picture of Dinner

All though I was glued to my entertainment set anyway from moment of take off, after dinner and coffee I went fully movie style.

I first started with the film Dr Strange as I missed out on that one in the cinema afterwards I selected Starwars  Rogue 1.  I did notice I fel a sleep during that one as I was getting bit sleepy.

Overall I slept some hrs but I was not all the time very comfortabel. Thank God for the pillow and the blanket.

At around 5 I started to wake up and started to freshen up as I did not want to queue long for the toilet. Which was a great tip. Not long afterwards we got breakfast. Which  was some scrambled eggs, rösti, fruit and yoghurt. Must say the fruit and yoghurt were a nice touch and were most edible.

Once breakfast was done it was about 1.5 hrs to Singapore.

Transfer in Singapore was Quick and well organised. Way better that in Amsterdam.

From Singapore it was only 2hrs by plane. We had the most enjoyable  dinner, allthough I thought. It had something homey to it. Spiced chicken and Rice with some Asian salad.  Tasty!

We arrived to Bali when it was already dark  and we had to queue up for the Visa. I must say did took some time but worth it.

Once out of the airport, I got hot by the sweltering heat and my transfer was ready to go. Wow I must say Denpasar Airport looks beautiful.

I was met by Lovely people and a refreshing drink in the hotel and after a Quick check in guided to my room.

My Room did not disapoint and I will include that in a future post! I took a long shower and had some tea and Just relaxed as it was quite late. I believe I slept at 2 am in the morning.

I hope you all enjoyed this post!

Until next time friends!

XoXo from Bali


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