Bali day 8+ 9 + 10 and 11

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Another combined posts about the amazing time I spent in Bali. Enjoy and lets get started shall we!

Bali day 8

We started of by visiting the butterfly gardens. I saw these  amazing big butterflies and the flowers there were beautiful. Afterwards we headed to the rice fields and had a beautiful view over the paddies. Of course food was a given. Afterwards we headed home.


Bali day 9

Let the lazy time role! Loving complete laziness, Enjoying the Beach the sun the food what is there to tell.

Bali day 10 East of Bali



It was time for another excursion. It was time to visit the East of Bali. We visited the plantations and sampled some coffees and teas. Also we visited a family in their house and it was very interesting to see.  After lunch we visited one of the most beautiful temples during my stay in Bali the Pura Agung Besaki.


Bali 10 & Bali 11

I just let the lazy time role which involved a lot of swimming, sunbathing, reading and  food.

These were some very active and relaxing days and I so enjoyed the combination of activity and sheer laziness.  I hope you all enjoyed this consolidated post of one of my last days in Bali.

Until next post friends!



2 thoughts on “Bali day 8+ 9 + 10 and 11

    1. Thank you so very much May! Well I was happy I booked a 16 days trip to Bali all though I lost like 2 days because of the travel. So I would def recommend 2 full weeks stay in Bali pending on how long you have to travel. But even with my 16 days I still missed out on a lot to see. Also it depends if you are active or if you like to do things on your own pace. Things you must def see is the North of Bali, East of Bali and the Monkey Fores.

      I hope this helps a bit.



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