Soap & Glory Bright + Beautiful Party Recovery Radiance Boosting Mask Review

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Even though I have not been feeling my best lately, I thought it was time to write a little review about a sheet mask that  I have tried out. As nothing can feel as relaxing  as a sheet mask when you are not feeling or looking your best.

I found this mask when I was over in England in Boots in October. When I found this one I could not resist buying this. Unfortunately I cannot remember how much the price was, but I believe there was a discount on it. All though I must say I would have bought this one without the discount, as my love for Soap and Glory goes far and beyond.  Their marketing is always on point!

If at that time I would have brought a bigger suitcase, I would have come back with a lot more goodies but that is another story. Curious about my thoughts and opinions, continue reading!


Thumbs up for 

Moisturizing feeling, a lot of liquid was in the mask ( And there was still liquid in the packaging when taking out the mask)

Face felt refreshed and indeed more radiant after use. Maybe that is why it would be suited after a night out in town!

Smell  I cannot recollect how it smelled. But it smelled good. Very fresh yet sort floral.

Packaging as always, unique and with a retro feel.

Thumbs down for 

Sticky feeling after applications.

Flimsy mask, it felt very breakable when applying therefor making application hard.

Overall thoughts and opinions

I really liked this mask. And to be honest, I cannot remember a mask I have not really liked except for the Dr Hoogebrand one.  This mask was very enjoyable to wear on  the face only I would say the application was a bit of a pain. I do believe this has been the most expensive mask in the drugstore category that I have tried  to use.  So maybe in that area it might not be everyone’s cup off tea. But I would say that a Soap and Glory fan will try this and I would say it is a worth a shot.

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Until next post friends!



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