Thumbs Review: Soap and Glory Righteous Body butter

Thumbs Review: Soap and Glory Righteous Body butter

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today I am back with another review on a product, that I have a feeling that it will land in my 2016 favorites.  It is all about Soap and Glory’s Righteous Body Butter.  Yes I know it is early, but personally I think it is better than the Bodyshops Body Butters. Which I still love.


This body butter is so much more creamier and /buttery  than the Body shop one. It leaves my skin so soft and does not cause an allergic reaction to my skin.  Also the smell, it smells so fresh and clean . It is so hard to describe the smell of this  body butter. It smells very similar as the  Clean on me Shower gel from Soap and Glory, just more intense! Also when I use this body butter, I don’t feel the need to use a perfume because you can smell this body butter all day long. Soo good!  I can imagine that this would work well with the Live perfume from Jenifer Lopez.

I would definitely repurchase this Body Butter once I am back in the UK.

For all you lovely UK residents, Soap and Glorry is having a competition to win the following:


Check out soap and GLORY”s website for more details.

Maybe a quick notice! This competition closes on the 11th of February  at 1700 hours!. Guess what I would be doing if I was a UK resident and I could enter.

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Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel 828 Danny Boy Blue

Thumbs nails of the week Rimmel 828 Danny Boy Blue

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

For today’s post I am sharing something blue on my nails.  I went for a cobalt blue polish from Rimmel named Danny Boy Blue ( 828).

I must say the color of this polish draws your eyes to your nails. I just think this color is a stunning blue and I must say my favorite kind of blue. For my nails I used 3 coats of polish. I am noticing that eventhough I used 3 coats that it is not as opaque as I want it to be. Which is a downside. Also my nails do not dry within 60 seconds as states on the bottle. That said the drying properties are not bad.   So what do you think of these nails?

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Starskin Hydrating Bio Cellulose second skin face mask review

Starskin Hydrating Bio Cellulose second skin face mask review

Hi everybody,

Today I thought it would be fun to do a review.  As my face is in need for some desperate moisture I thought I would share my thoughts on the  Starskin Hydrating Bio Cellulose second skin face mask.



I have not read a lot reviews about these masks. I picked this mask up at Schiphol airport for 9 euros per packet. This particular mask is suitable for dehydrated, dry and depleted skin.

Starskin claims the following benefits:

  • Deeply infuses dehydrated skin with intense organic hydration
  • Rejuvenates and smoothes skin
  • Easy to use, next generation bio-cellulose delivers celebrity skin in 20 minutes
  •  Cooling Second skin hydrating face mask


So let me show you how this face mask looks. Don’t I look gorgeous with the mask. I might have struggled  with taking the mask out of the packaging and placing this mask on my face. I think it  fits nice around the cheeks but not well round the mouth.  Maybe it is just the shape of my face .


Face after use of mask



Well wow my face feels so moisturized. This would be so nice to use after a flight and it feels so relaxing on the face . My verdict is that I would definitely repurchase this product. The only thing that I need to do tonight, is slap on my eye cream and night cream and give this face some well deserved rest.

Starskin face masks you can buy  at Douglas, Asos, Selfridges. Sephora . Check out Starskins website  for more stores to buy these masks . Hope you all enjoyed this post! For my last post click here.  So that’s  all folks for tonight



Makeup Revolution Hot Spice (First Impression)

Makeup Revolution Hot Spice (First Impression)

Hi dear readers and loyal subbies.

Last Saturday I was welcomed by a little  surprise in my mailbox (a.k.a.the filing trays in my flat )  I was so curious about Makeup Revolution, so I decided to purchase two items.  Blush and Bronzer are one of my favorite  make up products, so therefor I decided to purchase two pallets!  The Hot Spice blush palette  and the All about Bronze palette. But today my complete focus is on the Hot Spice blush palette. This palette retails  for € 7.99.


The product comes in a very nice sleek cardboard box. It was however, a great pain to remove the actual product. from the bos. The product casing is plastic and very compact slim. It does leave finger prints on the casing easily.  Once you open the palette you are welcomed , by six blushes and a very nice mirror.

The blushes range from cool corals and pinks, to warm corals and pinks. On both rows on the right hand side,   there is a highlighter blush to be found.  My first impressions of the blusher are that they go on sort of chalky and don’t feel silky / buttery. Also I find the pigmentation isn’t the best. I do find that the first two blushes from the top and bottom row, have the best colour pay off.

If I had to choose I prefer the bottom row because of the  colour pay off.

My overall thoughts on this palette are the following:


  • Sleek design
  • Big mirror
  • 6 Blushes for € 7.99


  • Pigmentation lacking
  • Chalky application

Looking at these comments, I am quite curious how the bronzer palette will apply.  My thoughts on this palette are semi divided. Its not super bad but its not wowing me yet. I do have to say, I have not seen  these blushes on my face y So I need to try it some more before, I make up my mind about this product. Also I am still very intrigued by their Eye palettes. So I am not giving up on this brand yet.

So leaving you with these swatches I am curious what your thoughts are on this palette? Please leave recommendations of products to try from Make Up Revolutions.

Top row Swatches. From left to right
Swatches bottom row. Swatches from left to right.

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Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

L’Oreal Infallible 24 hours Matt foundation 5 day diary review

L’Oreal Infallible 24 hours  Matt foundation 5 day diary review

My dear readers and loyal subbies,

Thank you all for coming back to my blog. Today I am finally posting my review on the L’Oreal infallible foundation. I know there are a lot of reviews on this product but I just wanted to write my opinion on this product. I have tested this foundation for quite some time now so I can give a reasonable review. Plus I have tested this foundation 5 days in a row. Also I have tested this foundation with and without MAC Strobe-Cream because I am at heart a dewy finish kind of girl. For my skin tone I purchased the Foundation in the colour 11 vanilla. In Holland you can purchase this foundation for € 15.99 which is quite steep comparing too other countries for this foundation. If you are curious if this foundation is worth the price , just read along.

So let’s get this 5 day review in diary form started.


Day 1

Today it was the first day to official test drive the foundation. I moisturized my face as usual and then applied foundation with the Real Technique foundation brush. All I noticed was I did not like applying this foundation with a brush as it went on patchy. I did correct the streakyness  in the end but note too future self will use my Real Technique beauty blender tomorrow.

Oh my god I love the look of the foundation and this colour is a perfect match for me. A rarity as I have really pale skin with a yellow undertone. The finish is matte but somehow I like it. In the late afternoon I noticed some dryness round my nose. Pitty but all and all the foundation  looks good.

Day 2

Good morning face!  And what difference a beauty blender and using strobe cream makes to this foundation. It looks so pretty and fresh. I did not notice any dryness round my nose.  Hmmm am I falling in love with this foundation? At the moment I am. When I checked my face at +- 17:.00 hours it still looks good.

Day 3

Happy day 3. Today l used the same combi as yesterday and I still find it stunning. To me the combination of the strobe cream makes  my face looks all  refreshed.  Somehow I did end up  with some dry patches on the nose. Maybe a bad day to wear this foundation?

Day 4

Today I chose to go without the strobe cream. Even though I am not a matte kinda gall,  people at work noticed that I was wearing a matte foundation, and I don’t mean in a bad way. My colleague said she loved the matte finish on me.She said I looked really good. Yeeh its always awesome to get compliments. Hearing this it does inspire me to get out of my comfort ( dewy) zone. Today my foundation wore good however I had some dry patches at the end of f the day rond my nose. Maybe it was because my face was lacking my sufficient moisture. O well you are never to late to lean about your skin.

Day 5

Ah my last day of testing the foundation for reviewing purposes. I tested this foundation without strobe cream however I did make sure I moisturized like crazy. And Voila nooo patchyness or dryness during the day. My face looked awesome all day and as usual the foundation wore well during my working day.

Overal thoughts 

This foundation is suited for people with normal skin or combination dry skin. If you have very dry skin this is definitely not the foundation for you. As you will experience most likely flaking. I reckon this foundation will be awesome in the summer as it will cancel out any shine during extreme heat.

I have to say I do prefer using this foundation with the MAC strobe cream. Maybe, like I wrote before I am a dewy lady. Also I prefer using a beauty blender and even my fingers over a foundation brush.

Another benefit of this foundation is that it lasts a long time without any touch-ups. I would not say this foundation lasts 24 hours but has lasted me a good 12 hours. I can  even go to the gym without my face looking crazy afterwards. Would I repurchase this foundation?  Oh yes I would. I would for the coverage,the look and the feel.

That’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed this post in a diary format. Let me know what your thoughts are on this foundation.

Kim  (Tiny Thumbelina)

April Empties + mini reviews

April Empties + mini reviews

My dear dear readers,

Welcome back to Thumbelinaslifestyle it is May and another month has gone and passed. I am soooo excited for this month, a lot of exciting of things are going to happen but for now let ‘s go through my little brown bag full of goodies. Somehow I have a lot of items to share with you all.



  • Sebastian Thickefy Foam. For people with fine thin hair (like me) this product is great. The product thickened my hair enormously after I washed and blow dried my hair.
  • Cameleo permanent hair color cream in dark brown. Love this hair colouring and for the price its super. Especially for girls on a budget. We all want to look good but don’t want to be scraping the barrel at the end of the month.



  • Mac Fix Plus. I only have good things to say about this product. I love the feeling when I spritz this on my face so refreshing. Also it does make your make up last longer.
  • Max Factor Clump defy mascara in black. Some people claim that this mascara is a dupe for the Cover Girl clump crusher. Even though I have never tried the Cover girl mascara, I have to write, I don’t like this mascara. I thought I liked this mascara but every day I came home I had residue or flaking underneath my eyes.
  • Catrice Glamour Doll Curl &Volume Mascara. Urgg the rant continues. Could not believe I had this mascara in my beauty case. Needed to get rid of it plus it dried out completely.
  • Lobello Pearly shine lip balm. This lip balm was ok however this balm did not work for me when I had chapped lips. The shine doubles the effect of chapped lips.
  • Max Factor False lash effect mascara in black. Need I write more, I have been loving this mascara for a while now. Thank god I have a back -up mascara.Please Max Factor don’t discontinue this mascara.
  • Super Drug Nourishing Nail remover pads.My thoughts are still the  same good item for purse. This in case of emergencies.
  • Catrice Made to stay Inside Eye highlighter pen. This product seemed to work for the first view weeks but afterwards it seemed to dry up and the product did not function anymore.



  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. I love this revitalizing body wash. Such a shame that no drugstore in Holland stocks it. I might have found a similar and cheaper body wash. But still  I wouldn’t mind a store that sells it.
  • Soap & Glory  Smoothie Breakfast Scrub. Love the smell and the effect it has on my body. Read all about this in my  lazy day blog.  Love love  this scrub
  • Van der Hoog Yummy Yogurt face mask. This was the first time I used this face mask and boy was this nice. The smell is sooo fresh and it does make my face feel so soft. Since I loved this mask I restocked this mask. Hmm might have a little mask time this Sunday.
  • Oral B floss. It was just floss only pity I could not finish the product as I could not get the floss out in the end.
  • Super Drug blended tea oil. Aaha the love affair continues. This product is amazeballs and helps against spots or other little skin issues

For last months blog click here. I hope you all liked my empties and hope to see you soon in my next blog . At the moment I am  busy with writing a review


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish mini review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish mini review

Dear readers,wpid-20150311_211834.jpg

I am back with a new review. This time it’s on the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish.

This polish gives you the opportunity to give you gel nails without the hassle of having an LED light. They released this polish in 47 colours. The brand Sally Hansen has not been released on the Dutch Market for a long time. The only place I know where you can get these polishes are in the drugstore Etos and ICI Paris. Anyway let’s get started with this review. I do have to tell you that it’s the 2nd time I have used this polish, so it’s not a first impression review. I have to tell you I really like these polishes. These polishes are competing with my l Essie polishes .So let me tell you why I like these polishes :).


  • The brush tip. This polish brush tip is great because it has a nice width. So it covers the nail in one stroke.You do need 2 coats at least to get an nice opaque colour.
  • Fast drying. This polish dries quickly. It does not take long before you can start with a second coating.
  • No UV light needed.


  • Reasonably expensive compared to other polishes. In the drugstores this polish costs €11.99.


My overall thoughts on this product are the following: I would definitely repurchase these polishes. I usually go for a neutral colour polish. So next time if they have these polishes on offer I would go for the nude’s collection. A pity I did not see those at the drugstore. I hope you all enjoyed this review. Please let me know if you have tried these polishes and what you think about these polishes.



February empties plus mini reviews

Hi everybody,

So glad you are here  to read about my empties from the month of February. It always surprises me what I have stored in my paper bag. So let’s get through my empties bag. Body

  • Sanex dermo sensitive shower gel 1000ml. This is one of my favourite shower gels. As I have a sensitive skin I can’t use perfumed shower gels all the time because my skin can get dry quite dry. This shower gel cleans me fully, keeping me nice and clean.
  • Soap and Glory body wash 500 ml in Foam Call. When I am feeling naughty and want to use a body wash with perfume I love using a Soap and Glory shower wash.. This  wash smells really fruity. I love this body wash and I would definitely repurchase this product.
  • Prodent sensitive Fresh Gel. Last month I wrote about another toothpaste  I finished in the month of January. Compared to the other toothpaste I prefer this one.
  • Elie Saab sample in Echantillion. The smell was nice but I would not purchase this perfume. It was not a must have for me.

20150301_212338 20150301_212354 20150301_212407


  • Phil Smith Argan Oil 50 ml (sample size).  I really liked this product as this product was able to tame my wild hair.
  • Co lab dry shampoo in Tokyo. Compared to the Batist dry shampoo I did not get the feeling it did give my hair a cleaner look. It seemed to make my hair look greasier. I would not repurchase this product. The smell was really good though.



  • Oval removal cosmetic pads (Primark). Nice and big pad to get rid of all the gunk of my face. Also very affordable product.
  • Tea  tree oil  (Super Drug). Need I say more. Love this product.



  • MAC Fix plus. This product is really refreshing and does make my make-up look better
  • Catrice Baby Doll Mascara in black.  Don’t like this product but already ranted on this product.
  • Boots 07 Extreme length Mascara mini. I was surprised I really liked this product. It lengthened my lashes and gave a natural look. I would repurchase this product.


You can read I have been finishing a lot of shower gels. Mind you I did not use all these gels in the month of February all though I do like smelling clean and yummy. I hope you all liked rummaging through my bag of empties and I hope you all had a cracking February.


Tiny Thumbelina