February empties plus mini reviews

Hi everybody,

So glad you are here  to read about my empties from the month of February. It always surprises me what I have stored in my paper bag. So let’s get through my empties bag. Body

  • Sanex dermo sensitive shower gel 1000ml. This is one of my favourite shower gels. As I have a sensitive skin I can’t use perfumed shower gels all the time because my skin can get dry quite dry. This shower gel cleans me fully, keeping me nice and clean.
  • Soap and Glory body wash 500 ml in Foam Call. When I am feeling naughty and want to use a body wash with perfume I love using a Soap and Glory shower wash.. This  wash smells really fruity. I love this body wash and I would definitely repurchase this product.
  • Prodent sensitive Fresh Gel. Last month I wrote about another toothpaste  I finished in the month of January. Compared to the other toothpaste I prefer this one.
  • Elie Saab sample in Echantillion. The smell was nice but I would not purchase this perfume. It was not a must have for me.

20150301_212338 20150301_212354 20150301_212407


  • Phil Smith Argan Oil 50 ml (sample size).  I really liked this product as this product was able to tame my wild hair.
  • Co lab dry shampoo in Tokyo. Compared to the Batist dry shampoo I did not get the feeling it did give my hair a cleaner look. It seemed to make my hair look greasier. I would not repurchase this product. The smell was really good though.



  • Oval removal cosmetic pads (Primark). Nice and big pad to get rid of all the gunk of my face. Also very affordable product.
  • Tea  tree oil  (Super Drug). Need I say more. Love this product.



  • MAC Fix plus. This product is really refreshing and does make my make-up look better
  • Catrice Baby Doll Mascara in black.  Don’t like this product but already ranted on this product.
  • Boots 07 Extreme length Mascara mini. I was surprised I really liked this product. It lengthened my lashes and gave a natural look. I would repurchase this product.


You can read I have been finishing a lot of shower gels. Mind you I did not use all these gels in the month of February all though I do like smelling clean and yummy. I hope you all liked rummaging through my bag of empties and I hope you all had a cracking February.


Tiny Thumbelina

7 thoughts on “February empties plus mini reviews

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      Have not yet used theire moisturiser yet. But am a fan of Soap and Glory☺. I wish I could just purchase them in Holland.


      Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina )

      1. Unfortunately no😢. Very sad here. That’s why when I am in England I purchase soap and Glory products like crazy. Ooo thanks for the tip on the body sprays.😄.



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