What I ate in Vienna

What I ate in Vienna

As a big food lover I could not  resist writing about what I ate in Vienna. I know this post is a bit belated , however I  hope you still enjoy this one. You can eat fabulous food in Vienna for a reasonable price. This is for sure one of the reasons I would go back to Vienna.

During my trip I had a combination of true Austrian and Asian European food. If you are a food lover like I am , please continue reading. I might have slipped in  some photo’s of some cheeky cocktails. Those were particular delightful! If I might say and write so!

I started my trip out with some Austrian Spatzle ( little dough strips boiled in water)  and Veal Goulash. This was such a comforting and warming meal. Especially since the weather was quite cold on the first day.  For sure this is something I would love on a cold wintery day.  In the evening  I had some Vegetable Risoto. To tell the truth I had way better Risoto. I would not say I am the worlds best connoisseur on how a Risoto should be, but the grain of this Risoto was still hard.  Such a no, no.

On day 2 we had for dinner a Seafood Curry Noodle Soup. This was really amazing the spices, the broth and the noodles. So delicious and very filling. As an appetizer  we had some Vietnames spring Roles and regular Spring Roles. These always go down a treat!

Day 3 brought some other Austrian food.  A vegetarian Eiern Knoedel and a true Austrian Desert Apfel Strudel.  The  Apfel Strudel was  surrounded by a sea of vanilly sauce. not too sweet but just right!

As we were peckish on some days when we came back from our day trips , we opted for nachos and some cocktails in the Hotel. Nothing beats  a delightful cocktail. During my stay I opted for a Strawberry Daiquri and a Sex on the Beach. Yes I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

If you are by any chance curious about my trip to Vienna, please be sure to hit the link 4 Days, 3 Nights in Baroque Vienna! And if you liked this post be sure to like and if you want to see more posts please subscribe. You can also find me on  Bloglovin and  Instagram for more lifestyle travel and food.

Until next post friends!



Thumbs May Favorites

Thumbs May Favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

It is May favorite time and it is time to share what I have been loving throughout the month of May. You are going to notice that I am loving a lot of Makeup Revolution products. This is because I sort of try to change out my Daily Makeup draw once in a while and I fancied to use these products.


  • Make up Revolution Ultra Blush palette in Hot Spice. I have circled the ones I like the best.
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze palette All about Bronze. I have circled the ones I like the best.
    Makeup Revolution  Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights. Such an affordable and beautiful highlighter. Love it.
  • Loreal Caresse laquer in 300 Juliet. An oldie but a goody.
  • Loreal Infallible matt Foundation in 11 Vanilla
  • MAC Strobe cream. I love the luminosity it gives to the skin and I love it in combination with the Matt foundation
  • Kiko Velvet Matt lipstick in 602


  • MAC Makeover. As you might have read, I had a 60 min MAC Makeover. It was so nice just sitting there and getting your makeup done by a proffessional maekup artist. I got some tips and tricks and got some aweso   me Makeup products.


  • Penny Dreadfull Season 3. Yes, yes yes ! My show is back. And boy is it back. The season opening episode is/ was sooooooooooooooo good. Every Monday a new episode launches and I cannot wait until it is released.
  • New Girl.  I am  a little late for this show as it has been released for 4 seasons already. I just find it so funny and in some ways very  recognizable to real life.

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Thumbs May favourites plus one unfavourite

Thumbs May favourites plus one unfavourite

Hi everyone, subbies and dear readers,

So per tradition after monthly empties , comes May favourites. So brace yourself and lets get through my monthly favourites.


* Bourjois Shine Edition in 23 Grenade in. This lipstick is sooo moisturising because of the mango butter in it. Its heavenly for the lips. Its just lovely and the colour screams summer! It is just a happy/cheerful coulour. And compared with my next favourite its just a heavenly combo. 



*L’Oreal Caresse lacquer in 300 Juliet. This lacquer gives that little extra to the lipcombo. And come on the smell of this lacquer is just really yummy. Furthermore this is also a fun product to wear by itself.



*MAC Angel ( frost finish) My birthday present ! I just really love the look and the finish. It is a beautiful pink and the frosting just gives that little extra. Arrggg this lipstick is hard to describe but its gorgeous.




* Andrelon dry shampoo I told you this shampoo would have a chance to get into my monthly favourites and it did! This dry shampoo revives nasty/greasy looking hair plus the shampoo has a really nice smell too it. I usually keep on smelling the fragrance all day.


*Pretty little Liars. I cannot believe it took so long for me to watch this show.  I started the thirst episode a long time ago and then stopped. How stupid was I!  This series is fascinating and it makes you want to have a marathon session all the time. I cannot believe that each season has that many episodes. I think each season has  20 episodes.  Also the fashion shown in the series is great. I really like Aria”s fashion. I have nearly finished season one and cannot wait what season 2 has in store for me. If your like me late to the Pretty little Liars party, click here for the trailer of season 1. 

*Penny Dreadful. Woohoo series 2 is back on Netflix and its Soo GOOD. The show dives deeper in the lives  of the characters  and the evil that is awaiting them. There are a lot of moments that make me go say what. It seems that they have ampt up the nudity in the show.   Every Friday on Netflix a new Episode is released and I usually cannot wait until the  next week.  I believe we are trailing America with one week. Yeeh for Netflix!  Check out the season 2 trailer here


*Oatmeal.  During the month of May I have been eating oatmeal like crazy. Its a good breakfast to start the day with as it keeps me reasonable full during the morning. Also its full off fiber. Which is healthy for the body. Also  when I am sort of feeling peckish, I would have a bowl of oatmeal instead of something sweet or savoury.  Personally I do associate oatmeal as an more autumny/wintery sort of food. 


*Liv Faux Leather jacket I don’t know what happened to this jacket but look at it. The jacket looks completely shredded. It such a shame because I really liked this as spring to summer transfer jacket. I  did not notice this before ,  but the jacket looked so tatty. So I had to throw this away  it was not even worth it to give this away . Check it out the complete carnage!!


The sunny side on this sad situation is, that once I have some money I can purchase a new jacket! WIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

So this month contains a weird mix of faves but hey that’s why they are my favourites.

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Xoxo Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

April Favourites plus one unfavourite

April Favourites plus one unfavourite

Hi dear readers

I feel like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.’ I’m late, I’m late for a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late I’m late I’m late”

Ok, ok I said hi but I am a little late with my faves.

I don’t have a lot of faves but more than last months. So let’s get started through my little gems.


    • Dr Van der Hoog face mask in Yummy Yoghurt.I mentioned this face mask in my April empties. This mask moisturized my face so well, it’s amazing.
  • L’oreal Brow Artist Plumper this is a lovely product to set your eyebrows and fills spars area’s.It’s a gorgeous product plus some folks commented on my brows saying ‘wow you had time to do your brows’. What more do you want gegeg.
  • Rimmel polish in Caramel Cupcake ( 500). This polish screams sophisticated and it’s beautiful nude. Very office appropriate. Check out Thumbelina’s nails of the week for a post on this polish.


  • Mac lipstick in Faux. My first Mac lippie! It’s a gorgeous nude. I was contemplating buying MAC angel. But maybe I will get it as a b-day pressie ☺. I put that one on my b-day wishlist.



  • L’Oreal infallible foundation. Even though its a matte foundation, I really like it. And you know if you wear a foundation and colleagues comment that your face looks really polished, it’s somehow working for you. A review of this foundation is coming soon. I am testing this foundation different ways. A little buzz killer for you all! I  do prefer wearing it with my MAC strobe cream.


  • Super drug cream. This little squeeze tube provides moisture when you really need it. You can use it on your hands, face and legs. So a cream for your whole body and just for a euro. Woohoo!
  • Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter. I got this body butter from my mum as a little treat and I use this when I want something semi luxurious on my body before bed time. When wearing this Body Butter you can even get away with  not wearing a perfume during the day. Its delicious smelling and you get a little waft of the smell when walking.



  • My Buddha paintings. I wrote about them in my January faves. But now they are up. They just give a enhance a zen feeling in my tiny living room. Love them! So a shout out to this three piece painting.


  • Vans slipons shoes. This shoe is really comfortable and gives a nice casual feel. I do have my eyes on a pair of sequin once for a more stylish outfit.


Drop dead diva series

Fabulous show about a 25 year old model who dies and comes back in a body of a 32 year old lawyer. I am watching this show on Netflix. Currently I am at the beginning of season 5 and I am loving every episode.  At some moments I am just like ‘are you kidding me.

Check out the You-Tube trailer of season one here,


  • Herome naili polish in colour 13.The polish went on all streaky. Semi rant to be found in my April empties.


So writing down my last un-favourite concludes, my  April faves.

Hope you enjoyed my faves . I will try not to to be The White Rabbit next time.  If you enjoyed this blog  please like  or subscribe to Thumbelinaslifestyle or follow me now on Bloglovin! .Until next time readers!


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

April Empties + mini reviews

April Empties + mini reviews

My dear dear readers,

Welcome back to Thumbelinaslifestyle it is May and another month has gone and passed. I am soooo excited for this month, a lot of exciting of things are going to happen but for now let ‘s go through my little brown bag full of goodies. Somehow I have a lot of items to share with you all.



  • Sebastian Thickefy Foam. For people with fine thin hair (like me) this product is great. The product thickened my hair enormously after I washed and blow dried my hair.
  • Cameleo permanent hair color cream in dark brown. Love this hair colouring and for the price its super. Especially for girls on a budget. We all want to look good but don’t want to be scraping the barrel at the end of the month.



  • Mac Fix Plus. I only have good things to say about this product. I love the feeling when I spritz this on my face so refreshing. Also it does make your make up last longer.
  • Max Factor Clump defy mascara in black. Some people claim that this mascara is a dupe for the Cover Girl clump crusher. Even though I have never tried the Cover girl mascara, I have to write, I don’t like this mascara. I thought I liked this mascara but every day I came home I had residue or flaking underneath my eyes.
  • Catrice Glamour Doll Curl &Volume Mascara. Urgg the rant continues. Could not believe I had this mascara in my beauty case. Needed to get rid of it plus it dried out completely.
  • Lobello Pearly shine lip balm. This lip balm was ok however this balm did not work for me when I had chapped lips. The shine doubles the effect of chapped lips.
  • Max Factor False lash effect mascara in black. Need I write more, I have been loving this mascara for a while now. Thank god I have a back -up mascara.Please Max Factor don’t discontinue this mascara.
  • Super Drug Nourishing Nail remover pads.My thoughts are still the  same good item for purse. This in case of emergencies.
  • Catrice Made to stay Inside Eye highlighter pen. This product seemed to work for the first view weeks but afterwards it seemed to dry up and the product did not function anymore.



  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. I love this revitalizing body wash. Such a shame that no drugstore in Holland stocks it. I might have found a similar and cheaper body wash. But still  I wouldn’t mind a store that sells it.
  • Soap & Glory  Smoothie Breakfast Scrub. Love the smell and the effect it has on my body. Read all about this in my  lazy day blog.  Love love  this scrub
  • Van der Hoog Yummy Yogurt face mask. This was the first time I used this face mask and boy was this nice. The smell is sooo fresh and it does make my face feel so soft. Since I loved this mask I restocked this mask. Hmm might have a little mask time this Sunday.
  • Oral B floss. It was just floss only pity I could not finish the product as I could not get the floss out in the end.
  • Super Drug blended tea oil. Aaha the love affair continues. This product is amazeballs and helps against spots or other little skin issues

For last months blog click here. I hope you all liked my empties and hope to see you soon in my next blog . At the moment I am  busy with writing a review


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

Victor & Rolf Bon Bon loving

Victor & Rolf  Bon Bon loving

My dear readers,

This month I have no monthly favourites (very sad face). I just didn’t discover anything new, and how often can I rave about one certain product. That’s why I thought it would be fun, to write about one of my favourite perfumes I have been obsessing over lately. I just love, love this perfume and I am so proud that this perfume was designed by the dutch designer duo Victor & Rolf. Not only are they one of the best designers in women clothing out there, but they are the creators of wonderful perfumes.  So without further ado let’s get started.


Now why do I love, love  this perfume? First of all could the bottle be any cuter. The bottle is shaped like a bow totally cute right?  Also  the pink/cranberry colour of the bottle is gorgeous and elegant. But the reason why I absolute love this perfume is the smell. Its so elegant and seductive smelling. This perfume contains a lot of  sweet and fruity notes, so if you are sucker (like me)  for fruity/sweet perfumes , this is the perfume for you. When I am wearing this perfume  I can’t stop smelling myself. It just smells so good. Also another benefit is that this perfume lingers for a long time, definitely a sign of high end perfume. So you don’t have to continuously spritz yourself.

The only downside of this perfume is the price, It really is expensive, so you really need to save up. But I have to say its totally worth the money because of all the reasons mentioned  above. So if you are in love with this perfume, you could ask this perfume as a birthday present. I have not yet found a dupe for this perfume but I will keep on looking. Perhaps you already know of a dupe for this perfume, please let me know of these dupes via a comment.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Let me know via a comment if you like these types of blogs. If you like the blog please like or subscribe. Have a lovely day my readers.



February favourites

February  favourites

Hi everybody,

Once again thank you for finding Thumbelina’s lifestyle. Can you believe its March already February just flew by and I have discovered some new favourites. Yeeh for that :). So let’s get started. I categorized my favourites in make/beauty, hair, skin care, and electronics.

Make up/beauty

  • Bobbi Brown beauty manual.

This book is just amazing and shows different tips and tricks.

  • Boots mascara extreme length. This mascara separates and lengthens and does the job. It does’nt leave clumpy eye lashes.
  • Too Face chocolate bar pallet.I say more L This palet has been reviewed so many times. My favourite Shades are: Milk chocolate,salted caramel marzipan, semi-sweet and creme brulee.

SONY DSCwpid-20150307_174204.jpgSONY DSC


  • Hair Doughnut from Etos. I had some horrible hair days in the month of February. So bad at certain moments I wanted to cover my head with a paper bag. The doughnut made my hair look somehow representable even when it was not. I am not going to show my hair doughnut because its sort of messy.

Skin care

  • Soap and Glory Sugar crush bath wash. This body wash smells very limey and somehow this body wash just wakes you up in the morning. It’s my firs wake-up call before my coffee. I would definitely recommend this if you are like me and have issues waking up in the morning. I am hoping that Soap and Glory will release products in The Netherlands.
  • Super drug Tea Tree foamy wash. As you often can read in my blogs, I just love my Super Drug Tea tree oil but the foamy face wash is super awesome. I usually use the tea tree face wash, however last time I was in England I was feeling adventurous and picked up the foamy wash. Somehow this foamy wash works better. Maybe because this is already a foam. I would repurchase this product



Boy do I have a lot of favourites in Electronics this month.

  • Google Chrome cast. I forgot to mention this item last month because I got this for Christmas from my boyfriend. I just love it. It makes streaming to my TV so easy and I can watch You Tube and Netflix on the big screen. Watching You Tube and Netflix is one of my favourite things to watch during the day. The Chrome Cast just makes it easier.
  • Samsung Note 4. I needed a new Phone and it was time to extend my subscription so I chose this Phone. It’s great to watch You Tube on, take photos and very important to me and write for you guys. It is very easy to write drafts for Thumbelina’s lifestyle. I just love this
  • My Peaq laptop. Ever since I moved house (which was about 6 months ago),I did not have a laptop or a computer. I would use my phone for nearly everything. Now I can browse the web, use office and once again write in my blog. The Peaq brand has not been on the dutch market for a long time. Apparantly Lenovo helped design and built this laptop. It may not have a lot of functions but I am very happy with this laptop.



Ever since my boyfriend gave me the Chrome Cast I am obsessed with watching Netflix. I have been loving two series in the month of February. For both series I can’t wait for the new seasons of these series.

Penny Dreadfull. I just love the characters in this series and giving different twists on the stories of Dracula, Frankenstein and Dorian Gray. This series was so addictive that finished the first series in a week time. Who is the tv addict now.

Check out the trailer


  • Orange is the new Black. I also really love the characters in this series. Also the background stories about the inmates are really interesting even though it’s about Piper Kermans time in prison. Also this series is very addictive.

Check out the trailer


I hope you all liked this month’s favourites and please tell me what your favourites have been for the month of February. If you liked this blog please like


Tiny Thumbelina

January Favourites

Hi Everybody,

I am so excited to write my first regular favourites and un- favourites for the month of January. You can read about the things that have excited me and two things that made me very sad. Interested? Come and read along😀.

First of all lets start with favourites. I have devided my favourites in different categories so its easier to read along.

Make-up This entire month I have been in love with my MAC strobe cream It gives luminosity to my face and somehow makes me seem awake. Colleagues have given me compliments  that I look good and glowing from the inside and no I am not pregnant! :p  This is on days when I am wearing the strobe cream. At the moment I am loving the combination with my bourjois healthy mix in vanilla and  my garnier BB cream in light.



For Christmas I received a pair of slippers from my aunt from the make Fat Face. I never really cared for slippers that much as they would fall from my feet and would make my feet feel claustrophobic. But these slippers are really comfy and keep my feet warm now the weather is getting colder again. If you can get hold of these kinds of slippers I would definitely recommend these. 20150129_205003

Living My Buda three piece painting. I purchased these paintings in October. 20150129_214615

Series This month I discovered a new detective series, when I was baby sitting my dad after he got knocked down by an unidentified flying object. We still don’t know what it was but he is ok. The show is called Hinterland. It’s  a show which was recorded in English and Welsh and is a crime drama following D.C. Tom Matthias  and his partner DI Mares Rhys investigating crime. I enjoy watching this show in Welsh and is therefore unique. It lets me pay attention to the dialog as I don’t know Welsh and draws me into the complete world of these 2 partners. Can’t wait till series 2 will be aired.😃 Check out the trailer on YouTube. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GQZJ1poKZcs


Make-up A sad day for make-up indeed. I purchased a while ago the Catrice Glamour Doll ultra black & curl.  Firstly I thought this is a great mascara. It. did give me lashes like a doll.You think great!,  but  here it comes. The world’s worse black fall out.It looks like something left number 2 beneath your eye balls. Not good!  I thought lets try it again but it happend over and over. Sorry Catrice this product is not good. I like Catrice for blushes  but this product is disappointing. 20150129_205211

Film Into the woods.  I was excited to see this film. It has good actors in this film and I am always in to see a fairy tale and I am still a big fan off Disney. I can only say I was soooooo disappointed in seeing this film. The film was all over the place and the singing was really getting on my nerves. I rarely walk away from a film but this happened.

If you want click on the You Tube link to see the trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7pjy5MK1X70

Hope you enjoyed reading all about my January favourites. Please drop a comment and share your favourites with me.


Tiny Thumbelina