Essie a very special Thumbs nails Haul

Essie a very  special Thumbs nails Haul

My dear dear readers,

I am very excited to write about this tiny Essie Haul. Lately I was in the mood to haul some polishes for spring and summer. Therefor I went online and saw that they had an offer on Essie polishes at Bol.Com. Buy one get one half price, you don’t have to tel me twice!!  The only polish that I also purchased which is still on route is Essies Bikini so Teeny. But I was so excited to show you guys these polishes that I could not wait to write this post.

Polishes shown in this post are the following:

  • Picket Perfect 
  • Not just a pretty face 
  • Spin the Bottle Essie spring Limited Edition
  • Marshmallow


Picket Perfect 

This is a beautiful brownish nude colour.This was the first polish i tried when I received my parcel. I Painted my toes with this colour and its beautiful. It’s like having a tan on my toes compared to my pale,pale body. But I love it!


Not just a pretty face 

This colour is a light coloured pink.I have not tested this polish yet, but I hope this will give a nice and polished look too my nails. I think this polish will be a very appropriate polish for the office.


Spin the Bottle Essie spring Limited Edition 

This polish looks a little lighter in colour than Essie’s Sand Tropez. Click here for Thumbs nails of the week on the colour Saint Tropez. I am guessing that I will fall in love with this polish because I love taupe/nude colours.



A nice white polish which will give me a nice crisp look for the summer. Also I can use this polish as a base for neon polishes to make them pop more. This little tip I learned from the blogger/YouTuber Polished by Amy.  Click here to check her Blog/YouTube Channel out. She gives great tips and creates lovely/stunning nail looks.


I hope you all liked this little haul and if you did please like this post. It would mean the world too me.

Let me know which polish I should use for next weeks ‘ Thumbelina’s nails of the week’. Also let met know, if I am missing out on any cute colours for spring/summer!!

Once again thank you for visiting


Kim  (Tiny Thumbelina)

Collective Beauty Haul March 2015

Collective Beauty Haul March 2015

Hi everybody,

I am back with a mini collective Haul.  Mostly, I purchased new lippies. I purchased these products at and Etos. Sorry guys, you must think I only haul from these stores. It’s just that it’s easy to purchase from Bol.Com and I just like the store concept from Etos. The store feels luxurious and more clean than most drug stores in the Netherlands. Also they have a wide variety of products and make-up brands. So please don’t think that I am sponsored by these companies, I have purchased these items with my own money and my opinion is always genuine.After this short explanation, let’s get started:D

So the first place where I purchased some lippies was at I am always on the look for finding cheap product which works as good as any other lip product for me. So through my browsing on the site I found the brand Mrs Sporty I remember using polishes of this brand, when I was in my teens and I used to love these items. Remembering that I used to like the polishes of Mrs Sporty, I opted for these lipsticks.

Even before testing these lipsticks I can already say I dislike the baby pink colour and definitely regret purchasing this colour. On the website it looked different. It’s a sick making pink. I really don’t have a good thing to say about this colour. I need to figure out what to do with this lipstick. Maybe find a tutorial on making my own lip balm. Any suggestions guys?


  • Mrs Sporty lipstick in 058 Malaga, a red colour for €1,.64
  • Mrs Sporty lipstick in 024  Love me, a nudy brown colour for €1,.64
  • Mrs Sporty lipstick  in 039 Sweet berry for €1, 64
  • Mrs Sporty lipstick  in 009 Innocence for , a sick making Barbie pink for€1, 64
  • Mrs Sporty lippencil   in 012 wine for €1, 64. I love the colour a sultry red.

I have not made my mind up (except one)if it’s worth while, purchasing more lipsticks of this brand however I do like some of the colours. I need to try these lippies more,before I make my mind up. The lipstick names are cute though. If you want me to write a review let me know via a comment.


After my little shop around, at Bol.Com,  I gave Etos my best shot. Check out the items below what I purchased at Etos.


  • Etos Color Care Lipstick in 116 (orangey, red colour) for €2.49
  • Etos Color Care Lipstick in 117 (orangey, red colour)for €2.49
  • Etos Color Care Lipstick in 103 (rosy, mauve colour) for€2.49
  • Sally Hansen in Hunger Flames for review click here
  • Sally Hansen Top Coat in 100 for €11.99
  • Max Factor False lash effect. As you know this is my favourite, favourite mascara at the moment. I was so happy these mascara’s  were on sale  €16.99. I saved, combined with these  polish €24.00, so that was super awesome!

If you want me to write a review about the Etos lipsticks let me know.



I hope you enjoyed this little haul.Untill the next time  everybody☺. If you liked the blog please like or subscribe to thumbelinaslifestyle.