Collective Beauty Haul March 2015

Hi everybody,

I am back with a mini collective Haul.  Mostly, I purchased new lippies. I purchased these products at and Etos. Sorry guys, you must think I only haul from these stores. It’s just that it’s easy to purchase from Bol.Com and I just like the store concept from Etos. The store feels luxurious and more clean than most drug stores in the Netherlands. Also they have a wide variety of products and make-up brands. So please don’t think that I am sponsored by these companies, I have purchased these items with my own money and my opinion is always genuine.After this short explanation, let’s get started:D

So the first place where I purchased some lippies was at I am always on the look for finding cheap product which works as good as any other lip product for me. So through my browsing on the site I found the brand Mrs Sporty I remember using polishes of this brand, when I was in my teens and I used to love these items. Remembering that I used to like the polishes of Mrs Sporty, I opted for these lipsticks.

Even before testing these lipsticks I can already say I dislike the baby pink colour and definitely regret purchasing this colour. On the website it looked different. It’s a sick making pink. I really don’t have a good thing to say about this colour. I need to figure out what to do with this lipstick. Maybe find a tutorial on making my own lip balm. Any suggestions guys?


  • Mrs Sporty lipstick in 058 Malaga, a red colour for €1,.64
  • Mrs Sporty lipstick in 024  Love me, a nudy brown colour for €1,.64
  • Mrs Sporty lipstick  in 039 Sweet berry for €1, 64
  • Mrs Sporty lipstick  in 009 Innocence for , a sick making Barbie pink for€1, 64
  • Mrs Sporty lippencil   in 012 wine for €1, 64. I love the colour a sultry red.

I have not made my mind up (except one)if it’s worth while, purchasing more lipsticks of this brand however I do like some of the colours. I need to try these lippies more,before I make my mind up. The lipstick names are cute though. If you want me to write a review let me know via a comment.


After my little shop around, at Bol.Com,  I gave Etos my best shot. Check out the items below what I purchased at Etos.


  • Etos Color Care Lipstick in 116 (orangey, red colour) for €2.49
  • Etos Color Care Lipstick in 117 (orangey, red colour)for €2.49
  • Etos Color Care Lipstick in 103 (rosy, mauve colour) for€2.49
  • Sally Hansen in Hunger Flames for review click here
  • Sally Hansen Top Coat in 100 for €11.99
  • Max Factor False lash effect. As you know this is my favourite, favourite mascara at the moment. I was so happy these mascara’s  were on sale  €16.99. I saved, combined with these  polish €24.00, so that was super awesome!

If you want me to write a review about the Etos lipsticks let me know.



I hope you enjoyed this little haul.Untill the next time  everybody☺. If you liked the blog please like or subscribe to thumbelinaslifestyle.



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