The Best and Worse Cinema of 2018

The Best and Worse Cinema of 2018

Hi Everybody dear readers and loyal subbies,

In the run up to the post of the year! A.K.A. Thumbs Favourites of 2018! I have decided to separate my cinema faves and dislikes from my yearly favourites. As I love going to the cinema in my spare time, I wanted to dedicate a post on the films which I liked and disliked for 2018.

I have seen 25 films in 2018 ,slightly less than 2017. Varying in genre from Comedy,Sci-fi to Action and loads more.

For this post I have entered the months when I saw the films to give you all an indication when it was released. As generally we are slightly behind all the good stuff getting released here in the Netherlands.

I hope I have made you interested and sparked your curiousity. If so continue reading

The Best


The Greatest Showman

Why I loved this film was it was a a great combination of music, story and costumes.

I Tonya

An unexpected favourite to love! This film was fun to watch and I did not know that this was based on a true storry. Must admit I loved the potty mouth in it. However I felt I could relate to her. She was being judged for her looks and behaviour and not for her talent of skating.


Dead Pool 2

Just complete awesomeness! It was great comedy and my love for Marvel was there.


Mission Impossible Fall Out

Did not expect this film to be this good. It was action packed and had a good story line.


The Girl in the Spidersweb

I was not impressed with the American version of Girl of the Dragon Tatooo. But I felt they totally improved with this sequal? Just a good story and action packed.


Bohemian Rhapsody

AAAA my number 1 film of the year hit the cinema in November. This film is so good for the music and background story. And yes I know some things were alternated a bit. But still it was a great film with awesome actors in it.


Fantastic Beasts and where to find them: The Crimes of Grindewald

I just love Harry Potter and the film was so good. The costumes were pretty and it was nice to learn about the histories from certain HP characters.

Worse of Cinema


Oceans 8

Why create this film? I don’t understand why they made this film. It just did not have the same vibe.


The Happytime murderers

This film was just not funny. The trailer intends this film to be more fun.



The story seemed far from the Original Spiderman story. Some scenes were funny but it was just not cutting it for me.


The Nut cracker

I loved the costumes for this film they were beautiful and stunning. But the rest of the film was quite slow and was not how I would have imagined it.

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Weekend Fun

Weekend Fun

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

As I planned to meet an ex colleague this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share what I did this weekend.

So I woke up after another night of not so awesome sleep. I decided to start the day with some fruit and You Tube. It is always nice to start the day with some inspiration. As usual I lingered in my bed way to long ,which made me jump out of my bed ,take a shower and get ready to catch the train to Amsterdam. On the way to Amsterdam I somehow met my sister. Lols!

My ex colleague and I planned to go see the new Jason Bourne film. I must say there was not a dull moment in this film.  I would recommend to watch this film if you have not seen it.

After the film we went to grab some dinner. My friend was happy that we opted for Asian food. I just love it!  We went to China town and went to the restaurant Nam Kee, which is quite famous for their Oysters dish. Must say I did not opt for those as I am not a fan of them.

We started out with some dim sums and spring rolls and then my main was a Wantan Noodle soup which was very delicious and wholesome. I could not finish the bowl of soup.


So after finishing dinner we just had a stroll through our lovely capital which was absolutely packed  with tourists , and then we headed towards the train station.

At the train station we said our goodbye’s and I sort of caved at KIKO and ETOS. So guess what! A haul might be coming your way! But for now what is in the bag is a secret!

Sunday whilst writing this, I am completely lazy enjoying back to back episodes of Modern Family. I will probably end with something really bad from the local chippy. Burger anyone?!

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Thumbs July favorites

Thumbs July favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

July is nearly over and that means it is time for some faves and un-faves. This months faves does not contain a lot of faves but I hope they are entertaining non the less!  Curious? Let’s go through my list of gems!

Thumbs July Favorites


MAC waterweight foundation in NC20 – Feels very light on the skin and evens out my skin tone



Puppa Like a Doll Blush in 105 Classic Rose – Such a beautiful mauve/ rosey color

Pupa blush.PNG

Film The BFG Such a lovely family film full of humor. Just reminds me reading the BFG, when I was younger.

Trailer BFG

Film Finding Dory Another heartfelt and funny film.Also the pre film they showed before finding Dory was soooooo cute.

Trailer Finding Dory

After rain comes Sunshine! Loads of sunshine!


L’oreal  Elvive Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and Conditoner . Made my hair more greasy. If you want to read more about this product click here


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