What I got for my birthday

What I got for my birthday

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Finally I am going to share what I got for my birthday.  Wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I just love reading and seeing these sort of blogs/ videos,  therefor I wanted to post this one. I really had a good day and felt really spoiled. If you want to read what I did for my birthday click here.

Let the sharing started!


Avanca Wireless Headset– I just love this gift. I love listening to music whether I am commuting, working or going to the gym. Because I listen to music a lot, it is important too me to have a good quality and functional headset.  Also I noticed the one I had was getting a little tired. So I thought lets put this on my wishlist. And I got it!

The reason that I wanted a wireless headset was that I did not want any wires running in front of me. With the wired headset I usually would pull my headset out  of my ears when I was rowing. Very annoying. These headsets just feel so lightweight and they look quite fashionable in my opinion and they have a good sound quality to them.

Hunkemoller giftcards – Hunkemoller is one of the biggest chains in the Netherlands to buy bra’s and as I am in need to get some new ones, this is very greatly appreciated. Is it just me, but buying bra’s is quite expensive. The woes of being a woman.

MAC Experience – This was so much fun!! My sis got me this present. So for an hour the MAC makeup artist did my face. She started with some questions such as skin type what I liked etc. Also this deal included I could get € 60 worth of product. Which is pretty sweet! This is such great gift and a great way to try out products.

Amazon gift cards– Who does not like a Amazon gift card. You can choose whatever you like. I am still contemplating what to get. But I am sure I will figure it out any time soon. Or I will just collect these cards and then do a combined splurge.

Necklace and Bracelets – I already showed this one in a previous post. I got a 0pretty necklace and bracelets from my friend J!  Want to read about this post click here.

Stationary plus matching post- its– This is a very useful pressie.  I can use this one to write some thank you notes. And the post its are very useful to leave some reminder notes. Such as must take out garbage !!  I love the prints on the stationary very pretty.

I hope you all liked this post and thank you for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment!  Until next post friends!



L’Oreal Infallible 24 hours Matt foundation 5 day diary review

L’Oreal Infallible 24 hours  Matt foundation 5 day diary review

My dear readers and loyal subbies,

Thank you all for coming back to my blog. Today I am finally posting my review on the L’Oreal infallible foundation. I know there are a lot of reviews on this product but I just wanted to write my opinion on this product. I have tested this foundation for quite some time now so I can give a reasonable review. Plus I have tested this foundation 5 days in a row. Also I have tested this foundation with and without MAC Strobe-Cream because I am at heart a dewy finish kind of girl. For my skin tone I purchased the Foundation in the colour 11 vanilla. In Holland you can purchase this foundation for € 15.99 which is quite steep comparing too other countries for this foundation. If you are curious if this foundation is worth the price , just read along.

So let’s get this 5 day review in diary form started.


Day 1

Today it was the first day to official test drive the foundation. I moisturized my face as usual and then applied foundation with the Real Technique foundation brush. All I noticed was I did not like applying this foundation with a brush as it went on patchy. I did correct the streakyness  in the end but note too future self will use my Real Technique beauty blender tomorrow.

Oh my god I love the look of the foundation and this colour is a perfect match for me. A rarity as I have really pale skin with a yellow undertone. The finish is matte but somehow I like it. In the late afternoon I noticed some dryness round my nose. Pitty but all and all the foundation  looks good.

Day 2

Good morning face!  And what difference a beauty blender and using strobe cream makes to this foundation. It looks so pretty and fresh. I did not notice any dryness round my nose.  Hmmm am I falling in love with this foundation? At the moment I am. When I checked my face at +- 17:.00 hours it still looks good.

Day 3

Happy day 3. Today l used the same combi as yesterday and I still find it stunning. To me the combination of the strobe cream makes  my face looks all  refreshed.  Somehow I did end up  with some dry patches on the nose. Maybe a bad day to wear this foundation?

Day 4

Today I chose to go without the strobe cream. Even though I am not a matte kinda gall,  people at work noticed that I was wearing a matte foundation, and I don’t mean in a bad way. My colleague said she loved the matte finish on me.She said I looked really good. Yeeh its always awesome to get compliments. Hearing this it does inspire me to get out of my comfort ( dewy) zone. Today my foundation wore good however I had some dry patches at the end of f the day rond my nose. Maybe it was because my face was lacking my sufficient moisture. O well you are never to late to lean about your skin.

Day 5

Ah my last day of testing the foundation for reviewing purposes. I tested this foundation without strobe cream however I did make sure I moisturized like crazy. And Voila nooo patchyness or dryness during the day. My face looked awesome all day and as usual the foundation wore well during my working day.

Overal thoughts 

This foundation is suited for people with normal skin or combination dry skin. If you have very dry skin this is definitely not the foundation for you. As you will experience most likely flaking. I reckon this foundation will be awesome in the summer as it will cancel out any shine during extreme heat.

I have to say I do prefer using this foundation with the MAC strobe cream. Maybe, like I wrote before I am a dewy lady. Also I prefer using a beauty blender and even my fingers over a foundation brush.

Another benefit of this foundation is that it lasts a long time without any touch-ups. I would not say this foundation lasts 24 hours but has lasted me a good 12 hours. I can  even go to the gym without my face looking crazy afterwards. Would I repurchase this foundation?  Oh yes I would. I would for the coverage,the look and the feel.

That’s all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed this post in a diary format. Let me know what your thoughts are on this foundation.

Kim  (Tiny Thumbelina)