What I got for my birthday

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies,

Finally I am going to share what I got for my birthday.  Wieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I just love reading and seeing these sort of blogs/ videos,  therefor I wanted to post this one. I really had a good day and felt really spoiled. If you want to read what I did for my birthday click here.

Let the sharing started!


Avanca Wireless Headset– I just love this gift. I love listening to music whether I am commuting, working or going to the gym. Because I listen to music a lot, it is important too me to have a good quality and functional headset.  Also I noticed the one I had was getting a little tired. So I thought lets put this on my wishlist. And I got it!

The reason that I wanted a wireless headset was that I did not want any wires running in front of me. With the wired headset I usually would pull my headset out  of my ears when I was rowing. Very annoying. These headsets just feel so lightweight and they look quite fashionable in my opinion and they have a good sound quality to them.

Hunkemoller giftcards – Hunkemoller is one of the biggest chains in the Netherlands to buy bra’s and as I am in need to get some new ones, this is very greatly appreciated. Is it just me, but buying bra’s is quite expensive. The woes of being a woman.

MAC Experience – This was so much fun!! My sis got me this present. So for an hour the MAC makeup artist did my face. She started with some questions such as skin type what I liked etc. Also this deal included I could get € 60 worth of product. Which is pretty sweet! This is such great gift and a great way to try out products.

Amazon gift cards– Who does not like a Amazon gift card. You can choose whatever you like. I am still contemplating what to get. But I am sure I will figure it out any time soon. Or I will just collect these cards and then do a combined splurge.

Necklace and Bracelets – I already showed this one in a previous post. I got a 0pretty necklace and bracelets from my friend J!  Want to read about this post click here.

Stationary plus matching post- its– This is a very useful pressie.  I can use this one to write some thank you notes. And the post its are very useful to leave some reminder notes. Such as must take out garbage !!  I love the prints on the stationary very pretty.

I hope you all liked this post and thank you for reading. As always feel free to leave a comment!  Until next post friends!



7 thoughts on “What I got for my birthday

    1. Thanks! It was a very cool experience. Hope to do some time again. Planning to a more in dept post about that experience. Sorry about the previous comment. Pressed the send button too soon. Gegeg


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