Thumbs 2015 unfavorites

Thumbs 2015 unfavorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back to Thumelinaslifestyle! About 3 weeks ago, I published my Thumbs 2016 favorites. As we all know, life does not consist out of just favorite things  so here are my unfaves for 2016.  Products/things I would not even recommend to my worst enemies. So lets get started.


Make up

  • Soap and Glory Pucker up lipgloss. I have not written about this before but I don’t like the sensation  of putting a vibrator to my lips. Very uncomfortable. I just don’t like the sensation on my lips.
  • Catrice Absolute Matte palete.  Unpigmented  shadows with quick fading effect.
  • Etos Mascara all in one  and Etos Mascara in Mega Volume. These are really the worst mascara’s for 2015. Etos has a lot of nice products but these are not one of them. These mascara’s are very flaky.


  • Nivea in shower moisturiser. Mentioned in my unfavorites before. Do I need to mention this again. Vile chemical smell.


  • Herome nail polish click here to read about that disaster

Eventhough this post has a negative ring to it , I hoped you enjoyed it. For my 2015 favorites click here. Please share any thoughts on your unfaves for 2015 and if you want to be informed when I post something new, follow me via or Until next post folks!



April Favourites plus one unfavourite

April Favourites plus one unfavourite

Hi dear readers

I feel like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.’ I’m late, I’m late for a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late I’m late I’m late”

Ok, ok I said hi but I am a little late with my faves.

I don’t have a lot of faves but more than last months. So let’s get started through my little gems.


    • Dr Van der Hoog face mask in Yummy Yoghurt.I mentioned this face mask in my April empties. This mask moisturized my face so well, it’s amazing.
  • L’oreal Brow Artist Plumper this is a lovely product to set your eyebrows and fills spars area’s.It’s a gorgeous product plus some folks commented on my brows saying ‘wow you had time to do your brows’. What more do you want gegeg.
  • Rimmel polish in Caramel Cupcake ( 500). This polish screams sophisticated and it’s beautiful nude. Very office appropriate. Check out Thumbelina’s nails of the week for a post on this polish.


  • Mac lipstick in Faux. My first Mac lippie! It’s a gorgeous nude. I was contemplating buying MAC angel. But maybe I will get it as a b-day pressie ☺. I put that one on my b-day wishlist.



  • L’Oreal infallible foundation. Even though its a matte foundation, I really like it. And you know if you wear a foundation and colleagues comment that your face looks really polished, it’s somehow working for you. A review of this foundation is coming soon. I am testing this foundation different ways. A little buzz killer for you all! I  do prefer wearing it with my MAC strobe cream.


  • Super drug cream. This little squeeze tube provides moisture when you really need it. You can use it on your hands, face and legs. So a cream for your whole body and just for a euro. Woohoo!
  • Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter. I got this body butter from my mum as a little treat and I use this when I want something semi luxurious on my body before bed time. When wearing this Body Butter you can even get away with  not wearing a perfume during the day. Its delicious smelling and you get a little waft of the smell when walking.



  • My Buddha paintings. I wrote about them in my January faves. But now they are up. They just give a enhance a zen feeling in my tiny living room. Love them! So a shout out to this three piece painting.


  • Vans slipons shoes. This shoe is really comfortable and gives a nice casual feel. I do have my eyes on a pair of sequin once for a more stylish outfit.


Drop dead diva series

Fabulous show about a 25 year old model who dies and comes back in a body of a 32 year old lawyer. I am watching this show on Netflix. Currently I am at the beginning of season 5 and I am loving every episode.  At some moments I am just like ‘are you kidding me.

Check out the You-Tube trailer of season one here,


  • Herome naili polish in colour 13.The polish went on all streaky. Semi rant to be found in my April empties.


So writing down my last un-favourite concludes, my  April faves.

Hope you enjoyed my faves . I will try not to to be The White Rabbit next time.  If you enjoyed this blog  please like  or subscribe to Thumbelinaslifestyle or follow me now on Bloglovin! .Until next time readers!


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

Thumbs nails of the week Kingsday style

Thumbs nails of the week Kingsday style

Hi everybody,

And a very belated Thumbs nails of the week. I was planning to post sooner but I got sick and I was very busy this week.

For this post I thought it would be fun to paint my nails in the colour orange.As the dutch, celebrated the birthday of our king on April 27th , If you have no idea what Kingsday is you could google it. But for a brief summary imagine the following:

On this day a lot of people wear orange, there are street parties, festivals and people have boot sales. Overall this day is a lot of fun as people are usually in a good mood.

Anyhow let’s get back to this post. This weeks polish is by the brand Herome in I believe in the colour 13.


This polish is a neon terracotta orange. I do really love this colour. Imagine wearing this polish if you have a gorgeous tan, OMG! You would look stunning. However writing down that one good comment all the rest is quite negative. This polish did not agree with me. It went on very streaky and I had to take the polish of and re-apply it again. Very Frustrating.

In the past I have tried another polish by Herome and I did not experience the same struggle as I did with this polish. To be honest for the six euros I spent for this polish I could have picked up better polishes worth my time. For example the Rimmel polishes.

For last weeks Thumbs nails click here.

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Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)