Thumbs 2015 unfavorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Welcome back to Thumelinaslifestyle! About 3 weeks ago, I published my Thumbs 2016 favorites. As we all know, life does not consist out of just favorite things  so here are my unfaves for 2016.  Products/things I would not even recommend to my worst enemies. So lets get started.


Make up

  • Soap and Glory Pucker up lipgloss. I have not written about this before but I don’t like the sensation  of putting a vibrator to my lips. Very uncomfortable. I just don’t like the sensation on my lips.
  • Catrice Absolute Matte palete.  Unpigmented  shadows with quick fading effect.
  • Etos Mascara all in one  and Etos Mascara in Mega Volume. These are really the worst mascara’s for 2015. Etos has a lot of nice products but these are not one of them. These mascara’s are very flaky.


  • Nivea in shower moisturiser. Mentioned in my unfavorites before. Do I need to mention this again. Vile chemical smell.


  • Herome nail polish click here to read about that disaster

Eventhough this post has a negative ring to it , I hoped you enjoyed it. For my 2015 favorites click here. Please share any thoughts on your unfaves for 2015 and if you want to be informed when I post something new, follow me via or Until next post folks!



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