Thumbs Favorites of 2015

Thumbs Favorites of 2015

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Maybe a little late, but I thought it was time to share my 2015 favorites. This post will contain some makeup, skincare and events all the things I enjoyed in 2015. Also I thought it would be fun to share some potential faves for 2016.  Excited?  So am I! so lets get started.



  • Maybeline Fit me in 10
  • Mac Pro longwear in NC25


  • Loreal Infallible in 11 Vanilla


  • Puppa Like a Doll blush in 105


  • Catrice in limited edition Nomadic Traces  in C01 Brave Bronze


  • MAC in Soft and Gentle


  • MAC Faux
  • MAC Syrup


  • Max Factor False lash effect


  • Maybeline Color Tatoos


  • Loreal Brow artist Plumper in Medium/Dark





  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish and top coat.



  • Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream
  • Victor and Rolf Bon Bon

Skincare face

  • Garnier Micellar water

Potential fave 2016  Starskin face sheet ( curious click here for how this facemask worked out for me )

Skincare body 

Body lotion

  • Vaseline intensive care
  • Vaseline Petro Jelly

Potential fave 2016 Soap and Glorry Righteous butter

Body wash

  • Soap and Glorry Sugar Crush bodywash
  • Sanex body wash


  • Soap and Glorry Breakfast scrub


  • Take That concert
  • Anne Frank ( Play)
  • European Cup qualifying match Netherlands/Tsjech Republic
  • Holiday/ mini break to Nice in France
  • New job

Eventhough this post was a longtime coming, I hope you enjoyed it. For last years favorites click here As always feel free to leave a comment, and hit that like button if you enjoyed this post. Until next time readers.











Thumbs nails of the week ”Sally Hansen Throwing shadows”

Thumbs nails of the week  ”Sally Hansen Throwing shadows”

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Finally we are back with a nail polish post on Unfortunately this is not a real positive post, as I am rather disappointed because of the quality of this polish.  Today’s Thumsb nails is about Sally Hansens Throwing Shadows.

I really love Sally Hansen polishes and this one just does not deliver!. Don’t get me wrong I love this color and it is beautiful.  Very appropriate for this time off year and very appropriate for the office. I would describe the colour as a pinky/ mauve color. Not a baby pink at all. The reason I am not loving this polish is the pigmentation of the polish. I really had to  layer 4 times to get an opaque color and even now I am still seeing some blank spots. For me this is not a polish I would repurchase especially for the price!

Enough  negative writing let me show you how this polish looks as again the color is beautiful.




Even though the negativeness of this post I hope you liked it.For last weeks Thumbs nails click here. And if you liked this post please leave a comment, like or subscribe to or Via bBlogLovin.Until next post! Toodles!



Thumbs nails of the week ”Sally Hansen Throwing Shade and Game of Chromes Haul”

Thumbs nails of the week ”Sally Hansen Throwing Shade and Game of Chromes Haul”

Hi everybody, dear readers and subbies,

First of all a tiny apology why I have not been posting the last two weeks . Firstly It was crazy busy at work and secondly I had a mini holiday! Which was super awesome. But I will leave the details for an upcoming post. All and all I can say I loved it! So keep an eyeball on that one. Gege!

As I did not do a Thumbs nails, for the last two weeks I wanted to share two polishes I purchased two weeks ago. One polish I wanted to purchase especially for this mini break and that is Game of Chromes (510). Its a gorgeous bronzy/ golden polish with some sheen  to it. And this polish really looks beautiful on the nails and it would be even more awesome when you have a nice tan. FYI I am a really pasty white girl, and I wish I had that golden tan body which would really make this polish really pop.

For my second polish  I went for a very office appropriate pinky/ mauve color polish in Throwing Shade (250) . I have not worn it on all my nails  yet. However I did have a sneaky swipe on one nail. And I just think this polish is just beautiful and I am so happy I purchased this one.  This polish  is a nice change to my usual taupy/ brown nude colors I wear.

A side note guys, don’t you think that Sally Hansen is having a little competition with Essie regarding  cute name choices for polishes. OMG so cute! Again these polishes are so easy to apply and have a good coverage to them. I have not fully tested both polishes to the max , but I am sure I will do a review on Thumb Nails of the week on either one or both polishes.

On that last note, I hope you all liked this brief post and if you enjoyed this post please like, or follow me via or BlogLovin. And ofcourse stay tuned for my post about my mini break. Have a good week everybody.


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)

Thumbs nails of the week haul

Thumbs nails of the week haul

Hi dear readers and loyal subbies,

After a week of radio silence, I am finally back with a quick little nail and feet haul. I thought my little hands and feet deserved a little pampering so I went online and purchased some goodies. I know it should be all about the nails but I think feet care or a.k.a hoof care ,is essential!

So lets get through my little stack.


Sally Hansen gel polish in Twiggy  (left polish)

Sally Hansen gel polish in Truffle Shuffle (right polish) If you want to see this polish in action on my nails click here.



Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Foot File

So my feet were really bad.  My boyfriend has softer feet than I do!  That is just so embarrassing. So I was contemplating purchasing this foot file for a long time. And after seeing my sis buying this file and loving it , she persuaded me to buy it. This is just such good alternative to doing your feet manually with a foot file. So if you have a little cash to splurge its worth it.

Scholl Velvet Smoot Callous cream

To take care after I have filed my feet, I bought the Scholl Velvet Smooth Callous cream I am hoping I will get nice soft feet after I use  this cream. But we shall see.

Finishing with the cream concludes my haul. I hope you enjoyed this petite haul and would love to see you back soon If you liked this blog or these types of posts, please like or subscribe to my blog or follow me on BlogLovin.


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)

Thumbs nails of the week in Truffle Shuffle

Thumbs nails of the week in Truffle Shuffle

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Today I am finally back with a new Thumbs nails of the weeks. Yeeh for nail polish!

For this weeks nails I am sporting Sally Hansens ‘Truffle Shuffle’.


I really love the tan colour of this polish. This polish glides on the nails without any streaking. I used two thin coats of polish and topped the polish of with Sally Hansens gel topcoat.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks Thumbs Nails of the week. If you liked this post please like or subscribe. Until the next post my dear readers.


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)