Thumbs nails of the week ”Sally Hansen Throwing Shade and Game of Chromes Haul”

Hi everybody, dear readers and subbies,

First of all a tiny apology why I have not been posting the last two weeks . Firstly It was crazy busy at work and secondly I had a mini holiday! Which was super awesome. But I will leave the details for an upcoming post. All and all I can say I loved it! So keep an eyeball on that one. Gege!

As I did not do a Thumbs nails, for the last two weeks I wanted to share two polishes I purchased two weeks ago. One polish I wanted to purchase especially for this mini break and that is Game of Chromes (510). Its a gorgeous bronzy/ golden polish with some sheen  to it. And this polish really looks beautiful on the nails and it would be even more awesome when you have a nice tan. FYI I am a really pasty white girl, and I wish I had that golden tan body which would really make this polish really pop.

For my second polish  I went for a very office appropriate pinky/ mauve color polish in Throwing Shade (250) . I have not worn it on all my nails  yet. However I did have a sneaky swipe on one nail. And I just think this polish is just beautiful and I am so happy I purchased this one.  This polish  is a nice change to my usual taupy/ brown nude colors I wear.

A side note guys, don’t you think that Sally Hansen is having a little competition with Essie regarding  cute name choices for polishes. OMG so cute! Again these polishes are so easy to apply and have a good coverage to them. I have not fully tested both polishes to the max , but I am sure I will do a review on Thumb Nails of the week on either one or both polishes.

On that last note, I hope you all liked this brief post and if you enjoyed this post please like, or follow me via or BlogLovin. And ofcourse stay tuned for my post about my mini break. Have a good week everybody.


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)

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