Thumbs May Favorites

Thumbs May Favorites

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

It is May favorite time and it is time to share what I have been loving throughout the month of May. You are going to notice that I am loving a lot of Makeup Revolution products. This is because I sort of try to change out my Daily Makeup draw once in a while and I fancied to use these products.


  • Make up Revolution Ultra Blush palette in Hot Spice. I have circled the ones I like the best.
  • Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze palette All about Bronze. I have circled the ones I like the best.
    Makeup Revolution  Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights. Such an affordable and beautiful highlighter. Love it.
  • Loreal Caresse laquer in 300 Juliet. An oldie but a goody.
  • Loreal Infallible matt Foundation in 11 Vanilla
  • MAC Strobe cream. I love the luminosity it gives to the skin and I love it in combination with the Matt foundation
  • Kiko Velvet Matt lipstick in 602


  • MAC Makeover. As you might have read, I had a 60 min MAC Makeover. It was so nice just sitting there and getting your makeup done by a proffessional maekup artist. I got some tips and tricks and got some aweso   me Makeup products.


  • Penny Dreadfull Season 3. Yes, yes yes ! My show is back. And boy is it back. The season opening episode is/ was sooooooooooooooo good. Every Monday a new episode launches and I cannot wait until it is released.
  • New Girl.  I am  a little late for this show as it has been released for 4 seasons already. I just find it so funny and in some ways very  recognizable to real life.

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Thumbs May favourites plus one unfavourite

Thumbs May favourites plus one unfavourite

Hi everyone, subbies and dear readers,

So per tradition after monthly empties , comes May favourites. So brace yourself and lets get through my monthly favourites.


* Bourjois Shine Edition in 23 Grenade in. This lipstick is sooo moisturising because of the mango butter in it. Its heavenly for the lips. Its just lovely and the colour screams summer! It is just a happy/cheerful coulour. And compared with my next favourite its just a heavenly combo. 



*L’Oreal Caresse lacquer in 300 Juliet. This lacquer gives that little extra to the lipcombo. And come on the smell of this lacquer is just really yummy. Furthermore this is also a fun product to wear by itself.



*MAC Angel ( frost finish) My birthday present ! I just really love the look and the finish. It is a beautiful pink and the frosting just gives that little extra. Arrggg this lipstick is hard to describe but its gorgeous.




* Andrelon dry shampoo I told you this shampoo would have a chance to get into my monthly favourites and it did! This dry shampoo revives nasty/greasy looking hair plus the shampoo has a really nice smell too it. I usually keep on smelling the fragrance all day.


*Pretty little Liars. I cannot believe it took so long for me to watch this show.  I started the thirst episode a long time ago and then stopped. How stupid was I!  This series is fascinating and it makes you want to have a marathon session all the time. I cannot believe that each season has that many episodes. I think each season has  20 episodes.  Also the fashion shown in the series is great. I really like Aria”s fashion. I have nearly finished season one and cannot wait what season 2 has in store for me. If your like me late to the Pretty little Liars party, click here for the trailer of season 1. 

*Penny Dreadful. Woohoo series 2 is back on Netflix and its Soo GOOD. The show dives deeper in the lives  of the characters  and the evil that is awaiting them. There are a lot of moments that make me go say what. It seems that they have ampt up the nudity in the show.   Every Friday on Netflix a new Episode is released and I usually cannot wait until the  next week.  I believe we are trailing America with one week. Yeeh for Netflix!  Check out the season 2 trailer here


*Oatmeal.  During the month of May I have been eating oatmeal like crazy. Its a good breakfast to start the day with as it keeps me reasonable full during the morning. Also its full off fiber. Which is healthy for the body. Also  when I am sort of feeling peckish, I would have a bowl of oatmeal instead of something sweet or savoury.  Personally I do associate oatmeal as an more autumny/wintery sort of food. 


*Liv Faux Leather jacket I don’t know what happened to this jacket but look at it. The jacket looks completely shredded. It such a shame because I really liked this as spring to summer transfer jacket. I  did not notice this before ,  but the jacket looked so tatty. So I had to throw this away  it was not even worth it to give this away . Check it out the complete carnage!!


The sunny side on this sad situation is, that once I have some money I can purchase a new jacket! WIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

So this month contains a weird mix of faves but hey that’s why they are my favourites.

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Xoxo Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)