4 Days and 3 Nights in Sassy Stockholm Part 1

4 Days and 3 Nights in Sassy Stockholm Part 1

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

It has been about a month since I returned from Stockholm and I still owed you all a blog post about my amazing city trip to Stockholm! I was blown away by the countries nature , classic style and yet modern appearance. If you are curious about Stockholm or you just enjoy travel! Continue reading below!

Day 1

We headed of for Stockholm early on a Friday morning at a time when most people are still cozily tucked in their bed. And after about an 1,5 hr flight from Amsterdam we arrived to Stockholm airport. We had 2 different options to get to our hotel, one where we could take the train to Stockholm or two taking the coach. As taking the coach was the quickest option for us to get to our hotel we took the coach.

Radison Blu Park Hotel Stockholm

After a drive of 40 minutes and a little walk of 10 minutes, we arrived to the Radison Blu Park hotel. This hotel is situated near a park and a lake. Very beautiful indeed. Lucky us we could immediately check in and after a quick refresh we headed of to Stockholm center.

Vasa Museet

Our first stop was the Vasa Museum. This is a museum dedicated to the worlds only ship left from the 17th Century. 95 % Of this ship has been salvaged successfully. Not only does this ship have huge historical value it is very educational, let alone impressive to see. I def def recommend having a visit to this museum.

Nordiska Museet

Afterwards we had a little potter around the grounds of the Vasa and the Nordiska Museet. In the gorgeous and fabulous weather might I tell you all! And then we had a cheeky hamburger and fries as a late lunch.

ABBA Museet

Ofcourse the enviable happened and after lunch we went to the Abba museum . The band that put Swedish music on the map, I must say. This museum was so much fun ! It was such a happy museum and very interactive. You can mix music , head into a little recording studio and do a little karaoke with ABBA themselves. Ok confession I was too chicken to do this. However my lovely BF did.

As it was getting late by that time we had a stroll back to the bus station and headed back to the hotel. As I was to knackered out I had an early sleep session.

Day 2

Due to a very exciting excursion, we pre- booked for the Saturday, we headed early for the breakfast in the hotel. Might I say that the Radison served a very nice one! Ranging from cereals, bread and cold luncehon meats , pancakes, eggs sausages , pickled herring and fruits. Very yummy!

Now I am usually not the person who books these kind of tours but I just wanted to do this. I had my very first sedge way tour. And my oh my I loved it!!! It was so much fun and we whisked by sites. We had a mix of history facts and just sight seeing on the sedgeway. And the guide was so lovely and patient with us when we were still trying to get the Sedgeway under control. Fyi it is not as easy at it might look to get the device under control. It was really an experience and I highly recommend it for any city trip!

After this tour it was about time to have some nice coffee and lunch and thought it wise to be in the neighborhood of the next tour we planned. Might I say that Stockholm has a lot of nice coffee places with delicious coffee and lovely pastries!


Once our bellies were satisfied of coffee and lunch, we pottered around the Gamla Stan and the Royal palace as we needed to be around the canals for a boat tour. To be honest we had a little problem with finding the correct dock but in the end we managed. I always find it wonderful to observe the city from the water as it is a totally different sight. We saw the different islands from the water and were educated on some Stockholm facts.

After loosing some time with finding the correct dock for the Canal tour it was time for dinner. That nights choice was a little Asian recommended by Trip Advisor. This site always helps me when I do not know where to eat.

And that my friends concludes Part 1 of this blog post about Stockholm. If you enjoyed this post please give a little and if you are from this city or you really like this city leave a comment. It can be anything!

Until next post friends!



Beauty and Skincare I am taking on my City Trip to Stockholm

Beauty and Skincare I am taking on my City Trip to Stockholm

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

For today’s post I am writing about all the goodies I am taking on my city trip to Stockholm ! I struggle sometimes when traveling with only hand luggage. As I feel very restricted and limited in what I can bring with me.

Therefore for this trip, I had to be a little bit more cut throat on selecting the items that I wanted to travel with, than that I would , when I can place my items in the hull of the plane. In these situations I would always try to opt for product which have dual purposes or which are a little less bulky.

Curious about what I am taking with me on the plane? Continue reading.! And if you enjoy this post, give it a cheeky little like, or feel free to leave a comment.

From Top right to bottom Left: Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment, Douglas Essential Cleansing Make- Up Remove Wipes, Daytox Firming Day Cream,Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and Hollywood Skin Instant Regenerating & Cooling Under Eye patches with Hydrolyzed Pearls.
From top right to bottom left: Creighton Coconut & Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner, Palmolive Milk & Honey Shower lotion and Nivea Dry Active Deodorant Spray.

From top right to bottom left: Maybeline Fit Me Mat in t + Poreless Powder in shade 120 Classic Ivory, Benefit Hydrating Boeing Concealer and Rimmel Kate Palette in shade 001 Golden Sands

From top right to bottom left : MAC lipstick in shade Twig, Kiko, Radiant Touch Highlighter in shade 100 and Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes in Glossy Black
From left to right: Charlotte Tilbury Travel Brush Set and Anayake Roler Perfume Ball in scent Tomo

For this blog post I entered some tips on where I like to obtain my travel goodies from Please see below:

Tip 1 : I like to collect my mini’s for traveling from the Christmas Calendars. At least it saves you some money on splurging on little shower creams and lotions and potions when traveling only with hand luggage.

Tip 2: Save your samples when you are shopping at your high end makeup / beauty stores. Sometimes you get some good ones! Plus you can always inquire if they can give you a little tub of your fave foundation as a sample.

Tip 3: De-pot your fave Shampoo, Lotion, Shower gel in travel bottles and use a Travelo for your favorite perfume. This might save you also some money at the end.

Interested in a blog post about my trip to Stockholm? Stay Tuned! And for my last ins and outs on what I brought on my last trip click on below link. https://thumbelinaslifestyle.com/2018/03/18/beauty-and-body-stuff-i-am-bringing-to-viena

Until next post friends!



Thumbs March Favorites

Thumbs March Favorites

Hi everybody ,dear readers and loyal subbies,

March flew by and it is already April . And the good news is that spring seems to be peaking through. Come on Spring don’t fail me now! Can’t wait for the warm weather and the good times to come. On another side note it means that since March has flown by it is time for some Favorites. This months Favorites contain a selection of some beauty, body and lifestyle faves. Enjoy!


Combination Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in 053 Sorbet and Rimmel Vinyl Gloss- Ever since the first rays of sunshine started to peak thru,I have been loving a fresh bright lip. Loving the combination of a balmy lip and making it shiny with a little bit of gloss.

Combination Loreal True Match Concealer and Benefit Erase Paste- This combination gives me the best under eye coverage ans gets rid of my blue under eye circles.

Kiko Metal Fusion Blush in 0-4 A beautiful bright pink shimmery blush. It looks quite daunting in the pan but looks lively on your face. Again very fresh looking for spring!



Rituals-The Ritual of Ayurveda Nurturing Shower Oil- This shower gel smells of roses and almonds. Once used your whole bathroom will smell like this. Pure heaven! Also after use your skin will feel silky smooth.


Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Shampoo and Conditioner Erosian Level 1/2- I am not a hair expert. To be quite frank , my hair is more a disaster than perfectly styled. But I must say that since I was recommended to use this hairline that it has helped my fragile hair so much. My hair looks more healthy and seems to have a bit more body to it. To be honest I regret not purchasing the products for level 3/4 erosian .



4 Day Vienna Trip -What can I say about this city trip it was glorious. Curious about this trip or what I brought to Vienna hit those links. 4 Days, 3 Nights in Baroque Vienna &Beauty and Body Stuff I am bringing to Viena,

What have you all been loving for the Month March? Feel free to leave a comment and share your recommendation.

Until next post friends!



4 Days, 3 Nights in Baroque Vienna

4 Days, 3 Nights in Baroque Vienna

Hi Everybody, dear Readers and Loyal Subbies,

After battling with the common Flu,  I am finally fit enough to write a post for which I am very excited about. That’s right folks!  Let me share all about the amazing time my boyfriend and  I had in Vienna. Honestly I am so thrilled that my trip turned out as amazing as expected and I would highly recommend anyone to go and visit Vienna if they can.

We stayed at the Amazing Park Hotel Schönbrunn just out of the city centre of Vienna.   This Hotel used to be the old guest house of emperor Franz Jozef and everywhere you looked in this hotel his influence is there.  The atmosphere was very romantic, just the setting my boyfriend and I were looking for. The Room and the breakfast was amazing and again cannot be more pleased to have opted  for this hotel. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the hotel to share but I do encourage to check out this hotel if you are planning to come to Vienna.

Intrigued about my little intro please continue to read along about my 4 days, 3 nights in Vienna.

Day 1

The day started out very early , as our alarm clocks went off at a ungodly hour. Even  Ballz (the cat of my sister ) was surprisingly shocked that we were getting up at that time.  His little head turning away from us, showing us that he highly disaproved this behaviour.

At 4.30 in the morning our taxi arrived and we swiftly arrived at the airport. I was very pleased that the plane departed at the scheduled time and we arrived early at Vienna airport.

As we were too early to check into the hotel,  we strolled around the Schönbrunn Park and opted to get some lunch in a traditional Austrian restaurant. We both had spatlich and goulash which was  very delicious and filling.  Afterwards we got some drinks, fruits and snacks at the local supermarket and headed back to the hotel.

When we checked into  our beautiful room it was  already time to leave for our booked Schönbrunn tour . The park leading to the palace is so beautiful and there are many gardens  and the famous zoo to visit.

Also due to it being so close to Easter there was the Ostern Market which was enjoyable to walk through. We Pre Booked the Grand Tour in the Palace and I really loved it. The architecture is stunning and the paintings  and the pottery are beautiful. Exactly my cup of Tea.

Afterwards I was so tired and cold we retired to our hotel to have a nice hot bath and  experience the benefits of room service. Unfortunately that did not go to plan as our phone was not working at that moment. So my boyfriend had to go downstairs to order. Can I say lols out loud for that one. Maybe not at the time,  but now I can laugh about it.

Day 2

Such an action filled day. A day filled with visiting a lot of sites. After having an amazing breakfast at the hotels buffet, we set of to the city center of Vienna.

We first visited the Karlz Kirche a beautiful church that was built in 1891. The architecture is so gorgeous that it would be a shame to miss out on this. As I read about that the church would be lit up at night we visited the church later in the evening.

Afterward we headed towards the Hofburg ,the Heldenplatz and the Museum Quarter. Everytime I was so amazed about the beauty, cleanliness and the greenery that the city of Vienna had.

Before we had dinner we went in to the Butterfly house. A beautiful and tranquil place in the park. After dinner we visited the Karlz Kirche and the Prater Theme Park and had a ride in the Riesenrad. Afterwards we headed exhausted back to our hotel

Day 3

We planned to take it nice and slow on day 3 and planned minimal sightseeing. We had our breakkie and enjoyed the dose of caffeine provided by the hotel.

We headed out first to go to Schloss Belvedere. Again another stunning building and the ceiling paintings Amazeballz!  To be honest not all the paintings were my cup of tea in the museum but I did enjoy the paintings from Gustav Klimt.

After visiting the Belvedere and its gardens we were just strolling around and came along a war monument honoring the fallen Sovjet Armies during world war 2.  Very impressive.

At this stage we were both craving a little snack and I still had not had my Strudel so we found this amazing place the ”Konzert Cafe Schwarzenberg”. This cafe was completely packed with local customers and must say the service and the ambiance were so good! If you are in Vienna I would highly recommend visiting this cafe.

Before going home we went to the Music Haus and we ended up in the bar of our hotel where we enjoyed a cheeky cocktail or two.

Day 4

Ergg the last day. Time flew by in Vienna and I wished we could have stayed a bit longer. But yes all good things must come to an end. We did take it nice and slow that morning and opted to have a brunch outside of the hotel as checkout was at 12.00. After brunch which we had in the centre of Vienna it was time to take the train back to the airport to head home.  Such a sad moment in time.

I would love to return to Vienna someday , as I do believe there is loads more to explore! Any sites to visit,  food  recommendations to share? Please if you have any recommendations on any other hot places / countries to go to  do leave a comment!

Until next post friends!



Thumbs 2017 Favorites 

Thumbs 2017 Favorites 

Hi everybody,dear readers and loyal subbies!

We made it and are now mid February 2018! I was planning to have this post up earlier however things just kept popping up. In this post I will share all my favorite things of 2017 ! From Beauty, food to lifestyle! Can’t wait for this list? Please hurry and continue reading!




*Loreal Infalible Matte

*Urban Decay Naked Skin


*MAC Pro concealer


*Loreal Matt Laquer in 502

Eye Palette

*Urban Decay Heat Pallete

Single Eye Shadows

*Hema Intense Colour Mousse in 03

*Boots Mink Eye Shadow

Setting Spray

* MAC Prep and Prime


Kiko Shade Fusion Trio Blush

MAC Peaches


MAC Give me Sun


*L’Oreal Brow Plumper


*Real Techniques Complexion Sponge



*Garnier Miscelaire Gel

Facial Mask

*Douglas Aqua Focus Good Night Gel Mask

*Starskin Hydration Mask



*Girls Trip

*Hidden Figures

*Mein Blind Date mit Dem Leben

*Demain Tout Commence


*Restaurant Jai Barat in Haarlem (Indian) Amazing food in a modern vibe restaurant.






* London Trip

Read all about my experiences in the travel part of my blog if you are nosy!

And yep apologies still need to write about my London Trip.

Inspiring person

Ending on a bit of sad note, but for me the most inspiring person of 2017 was a little boy who’s name was Tijn. This boy put others before himself eventhough he was terminally ill.

Tijn raised over 2.5 million euros through painting nails for a fundraiser from Serious Request. And later another 1.2 million euros with his own line of nail polishes.

This boy just showed me how we all should be a little bit less selfish in life and start carring about others regardless of your own situation

I really felt so sad when I heard he passed away last July because of his illness. As a Dutch singer song writer wrote” you are a hero!”.

Writing about my most inspiring person for 2017 concludes my 2017 favorites!

Curious about my list of unfavorites for 2017? Please let me know! As I am intending to write a post about this one

As always feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Until next post friends!



*Disclaimer I do not own any of the film trailers used in this blog

Shopping in Seminyak Village

Shopping in Seminyak Village

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

For todays post a little shopping session in Seminyak Village. I had not yet visited the city center of Seminyak and thought that I could not miss out on this experience.

As I usually have the tendency to walk the opposite direction of where I should be heading,I opted for the free of charge shuttle bus the hotel provided to get to said village. Yeap I am one of those lost causes who does not have any sense of direction. Turns out that during one of my walking sessions I was quite near to the village. But that is another point of discussion.  

Due to a slow start of the day and not booking my spot on the shuttle I left the hotel at 4 pm and arrived in the village 4.10 pm.  I was greeted by a lot of shops and the mall to my right hand side. As I was curious about the mall I first headed that direction. 

I was not overly impressed by the mall so I started browsing the streets. Getting ocasionally asked to take bike lessons, to which my reply was a sturdy but friendly ‘no’. So yes if you are in Bali be preparred to be asked those questions often.

Venturing outside the mall, finally had the expected outcome and resulted in some purchases. Exhausted and extremely thirsty of my trip, I treated myself to a coke at a tiny bistro before heading back to the hotel.

As you might see in the pictures below, the Balinese people in Seminyak are ready for Christmas. The trees in the mall and in the village are lit up so beautifully. I could not resist putting in some pics of those.

Overall I can say I enjoyed my outing to Seminyak Village.  For cheaper shopping options the locals recommended to shop in Kuta. So guys if you are in the Kuta area, and interested in cheaper deals head over there. I don’t know if I would go there as I heard Kuta is very  crowded. Something I personally don’t like.

So finishing on some recommendations and preferences concludes this blogpost.Let me know if you would like to see a haul related to my shopping spree!

Until next post friends 😁!



Lembongan Island Day Trip

Lembongan Island Day Trip

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies, 

A new day, a new adventure! Todays post is about my day trip to Lembongan Island.

The day started bright and early at 6.30 AM, and because of this it felt like a normal working day waking up that early. Once I survived the screeches of the alarm, I started to get ready for my day. Starting with a lovely refresshing shower and a hearty breakfast.

Our pickup was at 8 in the morning and we headed of to the harbour of Sanur. Arriving there we wrote our name on a check in list and waited about a 30 minutes until departure, in a make shift terminal with wooden benches. It really had its charm.

We had had the Fasboat to the island of Lembongan. And boy did this boat go quick!  You were really thrown back into your seat once they cast out the 6 engines.

A brief 30 minutes later, we arrived to the island. Where we were welcomed by clear white sands  and such clear and blue water.  You could see the bottom of the ocean and the sea crabs playing on the rocks. At that moment it reallt felt like you were on one of the islands of the gods and it was mind blowing. 

After departing the boat and landing thigh high in water we met up with our host on the island. This was the brother of the driver who brought us to the harbour of Sanur. To be honest everybody in Bali is a friend or family member. Something which is not very common in the Netherlands. 

We had an action filled drive to Mangrove Beach, where we booked our  snorkeling trip. We settled on a trip where we would visit one snorkel location with a lot of coral. In some ways I was not overly impressed with this coral. In Egypt I saw more stunning coral. However it might have been caused by the lighting. Plus I heared I missed out on one site which had very nice coral, because I was recovering on board. 

Eventhough we did not pay for this,  our skipper on board was so kind to show us another site where we saw  a lot of big and little fish. And yeeh I found Nemo!  And in the end more Nemo’s and Dorry’s. I really loved that!

Overall this boat trip did not disapoint. You get such a different feeling on Lembongan Island than the island of Bali. The sea is more blue, more sealife the beaches more white and clean. I would def recommend going to the islands than staying on the island of Bali.

A tip I would like to give you,  if you book  a trip not via your agency  is do your research before hand.   Such as how much certain activities, food and an extra nights stay would cost. So you will not be disapointed in the end by unexpected costs,  which might dampen your spirits on holiday. Also always try to bring extra cash with you in case of an emergency.

Curious about how I spent another day in Bali, click on the post ” An excursion day in Bali” in the Travel category. 
As always I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave a comment.

Until next post friends!



Flying back to Bali  (Guess who is going to be back in town)

Flying back to Bali  (Guess who is going to be back in town)

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Yesterday on the 6th of December I started my 16.5 hrs journey back to the Island of the gods, a.k.a.Bali. Eventhough the conditions on Bali have been restless due to the volcanic activity,  I still wanted to bring you along on my journey. 

I personally did not want to play a tourist who is just a curiosity seaker when something would happen to the volcano.

However the local people in Bali,  are being hit very hard due to this volcanic activity. If this activity would continue it would look like 70% of the people working,  will lose their jobs due to this volcanic activity. So they  really need the money. And that being said was also a reason for me to go.

Also the Dutch government did not issue a warning not to go to Bali. They only cautioned not to go the direct area of the Volcano Agung. So that being said lets continue on with this post.

I had an evening flight which left at 20.55 from Amsterdam to Singapore. Ofcourse I was at the airport 4 hrs in advance. As courtesy of the parents 😉.  God love them for bringing me to the airport, as I would say I was a bit nervous/ anxious to take this flight. After having a coffee I sad goodby to my parents and headed of to customs.

Customs went very smooth, even though I heard some swearing from the local officers because people did not remove their liquids.

After customs, I settled for some light retail therapy. And I would say the only part of my body that got excersise that day was my right arm swiping my card. Ofcourse I had to visit the MAC counter and caved into buying my favorite concealer, strobe cream and fixing spray. Neccesities in live right?

After the mandatory excersise, my stomach went on strike and demanded food. I felt considerate to said stomach and soothed my craving with  some Ramen. Which resulted in salt overload and humungous thirst. Very uncomfortable on a 16.5 hr flight. All though I must say KLM staff were making the effort on hydrating us frequently. Cuddos on them. However that meant I had to get way to familiar with one of my main phobias in live, TOILETS. Not just toilets, but airplane toilets. Getting to TMI here, I know lets continue.

 I arrived at gate just on time for boarding and was pleased that I did not have to the Home Alone airport run. Yeeh team me!  

Eventhoug all passengers were on board on time, the flight got delayed due to the avio bridge being broken, o well there are worse things.

Generaly the flight was ok there were some cases of  turbulence but survived by trying to fake my way through these incidents by sleeping and being master Shivu. The word inner peace came across a lot.

During the flight  I had  3 meals  which were all ( claimed) Vegan. And I must say compared to the other flight to Bali this was the better meal.

Dinner on 6 December was a Vegetarian falafel in a bell pepper sauce, some vedge and fruit. 

Breakfast was Something Provincial. You can see that this breakfast  totally grabbed me. Hooray for sarcasme. A bun, butter coconut yoghurt and fruit. Must say my pallette did agree with the coconut yoghurt. Never had that before

The last dinner on 7 December from Singapore  to Bali,  contained a Polenta meal. All though must say they served it with some dodgy pasta  and lettuce leaves. Desert containt out of some Tapioca pudding and red beans.

So the flight time from Amsterdam  to Singapore  was 12 hrs and 50 min and from Singapore  Bali it took 2 hrs and 30 mins or so.  However calculating the lay over time it was about 16.50 hrs.

So I don’t have any exciting photos from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, however made some pics in  the plane, coming inbound and outbound from Singapore

I hope you are all excited for the coming posts from Bali and hope to see you back soon

Until next post friends,



Bye Bye Bali Day 12, 13 and 14

Bye Bye Bali Day 12, 13 and 14

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Be prepared for a longer post than usual, but hopefully worth it!  Hopefully you will  all enjoy some of the photography shown in this post. So lets go through the last day from my holidays.

Day 12

Another lazy bum day. I know, I know should be active but letting the good times role and enjoying the weather the food and the overall relaxing.

Day 13 North Bali 

This was the longest yet one of the most beautiful trips I made. We got picked up from our hotel at 8.00 hrs and we returned to our hotel at 19.00  We visited so many things! Such as a local food market, another coffee farm, the twin lakes , more monkeys and the most serene place I ever visited the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan Temple.  The temple was in the water and the flowers, the lake and overall nature was beautiful.

I  highly, highly recommend doing a North Bali Trip if you are in Bali. Either doing it by yourself or booking via an agency.

DAY 14

The last day of my stay in Bali. I extended the stay at the hotel so I could still have a shower at 16.00 hrs as my pick up was at 17.25 hrs.

I really tried to make the best day possible out of my last day. This meant I Woke up early and had my breakfast early. Afterwards I headed to the swimming pool where I remained the most of the day.  I really loved the relaxing at the swimming pool and having a great view  over Sanur from the Infinity pool. You could really see the kites that were being flown from the beach.

I had lunch at approx one and enjoyed my last batch of tasty food. Soon I would be doomed by the horror that is/ was airplane food. And trust me the food on the plane going back was not that good. The I was so very sad to leave the hotel and the beautiful island that is Bali. During my (minmal travels) I met really nice people and it made me a better / stronger person to make this decision to go by myself to Bali.

But guess what ,I will be returning to Bali in 4 months time. I might have become slightly obsessed , I know :p. But there are still a lot of things I want to do. Also I want to experience as little wintry weather as possible.

Thus for now the tales of Bali are over but I am sure there are more adventures to come. if you liked this post please like and subscribe and hope to see you back soon to Thumbelinaslifestyle.com.

Until next post friends!





What I ate in Bali

What I ate in Bali

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

This post is dedicated to all you foodies out there. I thought it was about time to share what I ate in Bali with you. Trust me food is very important  in my life and Asian food is one of my faves! So I could not say no to writing this post! Please note  that there were 2 days I had some European food ( I know shame on me! )

But without further a do please check out the food and some drinks I had in Bali!

Unfortunately I cannot remember what I had on each day but here is the overview :

Nasi Goreng Gambing, Seafood Curry ( Cannot recollect the name) , Nasi Goreng Kampoeng.Singaporean Noodles, Gado Gado, Corn Fritters and  Kwetiaw Goreng Seafood.


Haloumi and Beetroot Salad and Penne with Mushroom


Tropical Cocktail ( Again forgotten the name) and a green ice tea. The great thing about that one was you could adjust the sweetness of your tea. As my experience was that the Iceteas in Bali and Singapore are real sweet.


Pisang Goreng with Ice and Nutella and cheese croissants.  Now you would say this sounds strange but I was pleasantly surprised.

Food is a joy in my life and I hope to find more delicious food in the years coming.

What is your favorite food and what would you recommend me trying? Feel free to leave  a  comment.

Until next post friends!