Shopping in Seminyak Village

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

For todays post a little shopping session in Seminyak Village. I had not yet visited the city center of Seminyak and thought that I could not miss out on this experience.

As I usually have the tendency to walk the opposite direction of where I should be heading,I opted for the free of charge shuttle bus the hotel provided to get to said village. Yeap I am one of those lost causes who does not have any sense of direction. Turns out that during one of my walking sessions I was quite near to the village. But that is another point of discussion.  

Due to a slow start of the day and not booking my spot on the shuttle I left the hotel at 4 pm and arrived in the village 4.10 pm.  I was greeted by a lot of shops and the mall to my right hand side. As I was curious about the mall I first headed that direction. 

I was not overly impressed by the mall so I started browsing the streets. Getting ocasionally asked to take bike lessons, to which my reply was a sturdy but friendly ‘no’. So yes if you are in Bali be preparred to be asked those questions often.

Venturing outside the mall, finally had the expected outcome and resulted in some purchases. Exhausted and extremely thirsty of my trip, I treated myself to a coke at a tiny bistro before heading back to the hotel.

As you might see in the pictures below, the Balinese people in Seminyak are ready for Christmas. The trees in the mall and in the village are lit up so beautifully. I could not resist putting in some pics of those.

Overall I can say I enjoyed my outing to Seminyak Village.  For cheaper shopping options the locals recommended to shop in Kuta. So guys if you are in the Kuta area, and interested in cheaper deals head over there. I don’t know if I would go there as I heard Kuta is very  crowded. Something I personally don’t like.

So finishing on some recommendations and preferences concludes this blogpost.Let me know if you would like to see a haul related to my shopping spree!

Until next post friends 😁!



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