Thumbs favorites of 2016

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

Unlike most Bloggers and YouTubers, I write about my yearly favorites in the beginning of the year. I always feel that something at the end of the year can sneak in as my favorite. All though this year I am really, really late with this post. In this post you will read all about my favorites. Some I must say,  I have mentioned very often in other posts.  So with further ado here are my faves of 2016!

Face and Body Care 

Sanex Shower Gel

StarSkin Facial Masks

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil – 50 ml –  Day Creme 

L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil – 50 ml –  Night Creme


Victor & Rolf Bon Bon


Makeup Revolution Bronze & Contour Palette – All About Bronze

Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights

MAC Water Weight Foundation in NC25

MAC Mehr Lipstick

MAC Lip Conditioner

Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Pupa Doll Blush in 105


Buying an Apartment

Losing Weight


Me before you

Dead Pool


Star Wars Rogue One


Indian food


So with food rounds up my favorites for 2016. I have read and watched many 2016 favorites but if  you think there should be something I should really try, please leave a comment!  I am still contemplating if I will write about my un-favorites of 2016. If you would like me to write about my un- favorites please leave a comment.

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My perfume collection Drugstore and High-end

My perfume collection Drugstore and High-end

Hi everbody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I thought it would be fun to do a post about my perfume collection. This collection consists of High-end  and drugstore perfumes. I either got these perfumes as a gift or purchased them myself. I do apologize for my weird description of some perfumes.  But I guess you guys are somehow used to that. Am I right?  So lets get this post started!



  • Beyonce Heat- This is my  latest baby to my collection. This is just a gorgeous smell and gives of lovely whiffs of  Vanilla.You can click the link here, to read when I got this perfume.
  • Katie Perry Killer Queen – A great dupe for Victor & Rolfs  Flower Bomb, which I used to have. A great perfume by the way. If you are in love with Flower Bomb and you are on a budget, its a great dupe to have.
  • Jennifer Lopez Live- I can remember getting my first bottle, when I was in my teens at Gatwick Airport. This is a fruity perfume with some zingy tones.




  • Victor & Rolf Bon Bon- I would say its more a night time perfume but its soo nice.You keep smelling this perfume during the day and its a very sexy, sultry smell.
  • Anayake Miyabi Woman- Again this  perfume has lovely vanilla tones and you keep on smelling this perfume all day long.
  • Marc Jacobs Daisey Hello winner of best design for perfume bottles! I really like this Perfume for spring and summer its really flowery. In the winter it was nice but not as nice when using in the spring/ summer.


Just a quick tip everybody. I know  we all love showing our perfume bottles on our vanity’s, desks and counters but do be aware that this will make your perfume evaporate like crazy . To prevent this you should always store the perfume in the box it came in. This definitely will make your pefume last longer.Because I have been there. I was like hey this perfume is going really quick, who is using it!

I hope you liked this first collection post. If you did, please like or leave a comment. For my last post click here.  Have a good Sunday.


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)