My perfume collection Drugstore and High-end

Hi everbody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

I thought it would be fun to do a post about my perfume collection. This collection consists of High-end  and drugstore perfumes. I either got these perfumes as a gift or purchased them myself. I do apologize for my weird description of some perfumes.  But I guess you guys are somehow used to that. Am I right?  So lets get this post started!



  • Beyonce Heat- This is my  latest baby to my collection. This is just a gorgeous smell and gives of lovely whiffs of  Vanilla.You can click the link here, to read when I got this perfume.
  • Katie Perry Killer Queen – A great dupe for Victor & Rolfs  Flower Bomb, which I used to have. A great perfume by the way. If you are in love with Flower Bomb and you are on a budget, its a great dupe to have.
  • Jennifer Lopez Live- I can remember getting my first bottle, when I was in my teens at Gatwick Airport. This is a fruity perfume with some zingy tones.




  • Victor & Rolf Bon Bon- I would say its more a night time perfume but its soo nice.You keep smelling this perfume during the day and its a very sexy, sultry smell.
  • Anayake Miyabi Woman- Again this  perfume has lovely vanilla tones and you keep on smelling this perfume all day long.
  • Marc Jacobs Daisey Hello winner of best design for perfume bottles! I really like this Perfume for spring and summer its really flowery. In the winter it was nice but not as nice when using in the spring/ summer.


Just a quick tip everybody. I know  we all love showing our perfume bottles on our vanity’s, desks and counters but do be aware that this will make your perfume evaporate like crazy . To prevent this you should always store the perfume in the box it came in. This definitely will make your pefume last longer.Because I have been there. I was like hey this perfume is going really quick, who is using it!

I hope you liked this first collection post. If you did, please like or leave a comment. For my last post click here.  Have a good Sunday.


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)

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