New Year’s Resolutions?

Three days into 2014, I have already been bombed with questions about resolutions.

I always make a resolution but horribly fail in the end. So why do we make them?

We seem to like to reflect on things we did not do quite so fell and try to better that. I don’t disagree with that. I agree we should try and learn from experiences, it makes you better and stronger. However I just don’t understand why it has to be on New Year’s Day. You should be able to change a way of life any time.

Even though I don’t consider myself fat, according to BMI standards I am a little overweight. My height is 151 cm or 4.11 ft. and I weigh in at 59.8 kilo’s approximately 130 pounds. Yes I am a petite girl (hence my name Thumebelina) and yes some parts of my body could be a bit more toned.

So if I would have a resolution, it would be to lose 9 kilo’s/ 20 pounds. That amount seems so daunting. It’s so frustrating sometimes when you have worked so hard to lose some weight and the scales show no results. Sometimes seeing a result like that, you would rather run to the cupboard and find something delicious to eat. However I should also realise that if a shirt or a pair of pants feels a little bit looser that’s a good result. I have been on the right track and have lost a little weight.  This has been proven by loser clothing and the dreaded scales. Unfortunately the pounds don’t drop of and using certain medicines makes it just a little harder to lose the weight.

Let see if I will be able to lose those dreaded 20 pound in 2014.

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Disclaimer: These are my personal thoughts and opinions. I am no expert in losing weight.

Xoxo Thumbelina

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