Was the night of Christmas

Was the night of

Christmas and all was quiete except in my head.

I still had loads to

do before the big day.

It did not help returning from London after a 12 hour coach journey  with a suitecase equalling my own hight. Like I mentioned before, I am but a tiny person.

Not only did I have to drag myself and  the suitecase to my sisters  house. I still had to wrap the presents, return pants and get new travelcards for work. Boy was I tired. F.y.i, I don’ t function when tired and that was clearly to be noticed that day.

All I can say I managed to finish one job. Huge sigh on my behalf. Want to guess what that was?

You won’t be surprised that it was wrapping pressies.

Urggg I still have to try to exchange pants even though the 25th was last opportunity.But I will live not having a  travel card for now.

Note to future self


-Get gift bags instead of wrapping paper

-Plan better in advance and order more online

-Have more discipline!!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!


Tiny Thumbelina

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