A cozy lazy day Inside

For some, winter can feel like an on going season that never seems to stop. It does feel like this for me. The days feel cold and dreary. Therefore there is nothing better then having a cozy pamper/ relax day! :-D:-D

I usually know when I am going to  have one of these. I wake up really slowly doing a lot of stretching and yawning. Fyi I am not an early bird, I love my sleep. These sort of days only happen in the weekend.

Once I wake up, I drag my snoozy body in my coziest of bathrobes downstairs. I always have to be aware that I dont fall off the stairs, as sleepy bodies do strange things. My stairs can be sort a death trap. If I wake up before 11 am, I switch my tv to BBC 1. Say hello to tasty food and easy recipes. Somehow I like to torture myself with looking at all that food. During this time I ussually make my own breakfast. This is great because during the weekends its one of the few times I can cook a propper breakfast. Usually I start work with greek yoghurt its easy and quick and gives me a full feeling.

My last lazy day weekend was 2 weeks ago. I started the day with some scrambled eggs and ham as you can see I load some ketchup on the eggs. Thats why a lazy day is great, you can eat what you want! 😀


After my little munch session, I decide to have a long luxurious shower. This means full body scrub, hair mask the whole works.

At the moment I am using the Soap and Glorry breakfast scrub. Just a warning don’t use this scrub before having something to eat because it smells so yummy. It smells like maple syrup. Ofcourse my stomach screams pancakes!



Also my hair deserves a little TLC. I use my hair mask for damaged hair. Preferably I would apply the mask The night before and sleep in a shower cap. However you don’t always know, when your going to have a lazy day. So put the mask in and let the mask soak in the hair for about 5 minutes.

After my nice shower, I dress in comfy clothing. For me thats a warm jumper and sweats in the winter. If I am really lazy I go back to my pjs and bathrobe.

After I get dressed, I go to my bedroom to dry my hair and moisturize my face. Afterwards I go downstairs with some nail polish. Whilst I am painting my nails I watcht tv, You Tube or listen to music.


I take my time painting my nails otherwise I just get chipped nails (aaaaaaarrrrrrgg).

Once I am done painting my nails, its time for absolute chill time. Cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket, fluffy cushions and a cup of tea. I either cuddle up with my Kindle or watch tv and You Tube. At the moment I am reading City of souls by Alexandra Clare.This continues the whole day with brief breaks for snacking, toilet and more food.

Some times a lazy day is just heaven.


Tiny Thumbelina

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