January empties

Dear readers,

The month is nearly over and I thought it would be time to share my January empties. Also my paper bag was getting full so that’s an extra motivator to write this blog. So let’s get through the bag.

Anastasia brow whizz in dark brown

This product is heaven and its true what some YouTubers say, you don’t know what you’re missinķg untill the product is gone. If you can afford this product, I would deffinetly reccomend this product.

Schwarzkopf  Conditioner for curly/long hair 

I like this product and I don’t like this product, if that makes sense. I like the smell, iit has a clean smell and for the price its worth it. The only down side was it did not provide the sleekness that the John Frida conditioner gives me. Maybe the product did not work to well for me because I don’ t have really long or curly hair.

Andrelon Natural the Zenn line. 

I did not like this product at all. My hair felt greasy in two days. I would not recommend this product.


Prodent tooth paste cool mint

What can I say its tooth paste. It keeps my teeth clean and does do what it should do. I do think the taste could be more mintier.

Etos facial wipes sensitive and normal combination skin

I like these drugstorefacial  wipes. These wipes are affordable  and great to remove grime of the face and freshen up the face. Also its nice to keep these wipes nearby when you apply your make-up. You can easily wipe your hands when you have make-up on your hands.

Nivea Oil free moisturizing day cream

This is a nice day cream. I would deffinetly repurchase this cream. My face felt really moisturised and did not feel dry with this unpredictable weather.

Etos night cream with calming properties for sensitive skin and Etos calming day cream for ultra sensitive skin

These  are good creames. However compared to the Nivea cream it doesnt feel as moisturizing. The Nivea creme feels more moisturizing than the Etos cream. Also these creames state that they have sunscreen protector in them but does not say  the factor number.


Rexona ( Sure) deodorant sensitive 48 hour perspiratiom

This brand gives me the  most protection against sweating. I do prefer the other type of this brand because it combats dark arm pits. Also this brand does not give me 48 hours protection.

Scholl nourishing  foot balm

This foot balm is amazing! Like the brow wizz you don’ t miss the product until its gone. The dry skin seriously disappears. I would deffinetly repurchase this product.

Superdrug blended tea tree oil

I go through these babies like nobodies elses business. I use tea tree oil on blemishes and on my toenails. Also this brand is a third of the price compared to the body shop tea tree oil.  Go Super Drug! The only drugstore in Holland that sells  Super Drug tea tree oil is Trekpleister.


As you can read there is a theme going on here😊. I seemed to love my sensitive products throughout the month of January.

If you liked the blog let me know and tell me if you had certain products you used  throughout the month of January.


Tiny Thumbelina

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