3 Months of Thumbs empties

3 Months of Thumbs empties

Hi everybody, dear readers and loyal subbies,

First of all Happy new year! I am wishing you guys all the best for 2016.

To start of the year all shiny and new, I am kicking the new year of with an empties post. So wow, I have not written one of these post in a long time and I thought it was about time to share some empties. Plus to be honest, I need to clean out some of this stuff. Just trying to keep it clean for 2016!

Well lets get through these empties and see what I would repurchase!




  • Badedas/Radox bodywash Grapefruit and Basil . Definitely repurchase, this smells so good and is a good replacement for my Soap and Glory. It is not fully the same but has the citrus smell to it.
  • Vaseline Petro Jelly. Yes I would repurchase this.It helps my lips through to recover during the winter.
  • Vaseline Intensive care spray moisturiser . I would not repurchase this one because I love the regular Vaseline more.
  • Sanex dermo natural wheat germ oil& Vitamin E. Yes would repurchase  because it is good for my skin and is a nice change to my regular Sanex. Hey what can I say, I love my Sanex.




  • Andrelon dry shampoo the Volume one. I would not repurchase this again. Did not work for me.
  • Schwarzkopf every day shampoo. This was not a shampoo for me. I am always in for affordable shampoo but this one knotted my hair. Conclusion no repurchase for me.
  • John Frieda collection brilliant brunette conditioner . I would repurchase  this conditioner it makes my hair nice and smooth.




  • Garnier Micellair water. I already repurchased this. This product works great for me.
  • Superdrug Tea tree Foaming Facial wash. Repurchased this one too.
  • Etos hydrating night cream. Will not repurchase this one. Noticed that this one was not working for me anymore and switched to the Loreal night cream.
  • Superdrug Tea tree oil. I have repurchased this one over and over.



  • Etos toothpaste in coolmint. Good affordable toothpaste and works well. Yess would definitely repurchase this.
  • Rexona/Sure deodorant. My fave deodorant and planning to repurchase this one soon as I am running out.



  • Maxfactor Falsh lash effect Mascara. This is my favorite mascara for some time now so yes I need to repurchase this one.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Hope to see you back soon to Thumbelinaslifestyle.com. Have a nice day guys.



Thumbs September Empties!

Thumbs September Empties!

Hello dear readers and loyal subbies,

It is October and this month, I have some empties from September! Somehow I managed to collect some empties. Still I am very surprised that it is that little as it is. In my weird little mind, I used a lot! So lets get through my bag off empties!


  • Clinique Repair wear laser focus eye cream. This is a wrinkle correcting eye cream. I am very sad this is, in my empties. I thought it really worked and now I am like, hey am I getting more wrinkles? Which would be such a big no no! Must repurchase!
  •  Etos Night Cream . This cream I used to really like. Now I am sort  of re-querying it. I think because I am getting older my skin demand has changed. So it is not doing miracles for my skin. Which is ok, but it means I need to find something else.


  • Vaseline Moisture locking cream. Errg I love Vaseline, but this one did not really work for me. It was hard rubbing it in the skin, and I did not like poking my fingers in the cream. Which is strange because I love my Body Shop Butter, and I do poke my fingers in there.
  • Soap and Glory  Clean on me shower gel. A must to repurchase. This smells so clean and it has a built in body lotion. Which is nice . Again another must repurchase.
  • Etos Tooth paste cool mint.



  •  Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara . Still my fave mascara however going back to Maybeline the Rocket as I do have some good memory of this mascara
  •  Garnier  BB cream in fair.  This is my fave BB cream. The only thing  with this  BB Cream is, that its not really suitable for Light skin because I still think it is quite dark for my skin, but somehow I made it work. But I will repurchase mostly likely in spring/ summer.


  • Etos Nail polish remover . Good remover and yeesh repurchase as my current remover is crap.


  •  Cotton pads
  • Tea trea oil

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I hope you all have a lovely weekend!



June and July empties 2015

June and July empties 2015

Hello everybody,

I thought it was about time to share my empties for June and July. All I can say these two months have been crazy and time just flew by. I just did not really have the time to post in June Therefor I just combined the month June and July together.  I thought I did not have a lot of empties. But looking at the list below it seems quite a lot.  But what the heck, just go through them.

Skin Care

  • Garnier Micellair water 400 ml
  • Dr Van der Hoog Yummy Yoghurt mask
  • Super Drug Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Pads
  • Tea Tree Facial wash
  • Clinique eye serum repair wear laser focus
  • Super Drug Blended tea tree Oil
  • Etos facial wipes ”Kalmerende Reinigings doekjes’ (Calming wipes)
  • Etos ”Verfrissende reinigingsdoekjes” (Refreshing wipes)


  • Sanex dermo moisturising dermo oils 500 ml showergel
  • Sanex sensitive lactoserum shower gel
  • Lush Ro’s Argan  Body Conditoner
  • Lush Rose Jam shower gel

Hair Care

  • Andrélon Dry Shampoo  Langer Fris

Make up

  • Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara


  • Wilkinson disposable rasors 15 pack
  • Etos Cotton pads
  • Prodent Toothpaste
  • Etos Toothpaste

Repurchase and recommend?

There are definitely products that I would repurchase and recommend.

  • Garnier Micellair water 400 ml. So yes I might have written that I wasn’t blown away in the beginning. However when I stopped using this stuff, I noticed I was having baby breakouts on my chin. So yeah repurchased for sure.
  • Dr Van der Hoog Yummy Yoghurt mask. Firstly this smells so good! and It leaves your skin so soft and moisturised.
  • Lush Ro’s Argan  Body Conditoner. Again this smells great!  And its nice to put on your lotion in the shower. It does save time.

Errrg pass on that one!

  • Sanex dermo moisturising dermo oils 500 ml showergel. I don’t hate this one. But this is not a shower gel I would repurchase. I did not really like the formulation and the smell is not my fave.
  • Super Drug Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Pads. I just did not feel this product was working for me.

So hope you all liked this empties post. I did write it in a different style but hope you liked it. For Mays empties click here. And of course if you enjoyed this post and you want to read more post like these, please like or subscribe to Thumbelinaslifestyle.com or follow me on BlogLoving. See you soon!


Kim( Tiny Thumbelina)

Thumbs May empties

Thumbs May empties

Hello my dear readers,

Once again, thank you for clicking on Thumbelinaslifestyle.com! I am always soooo happy when you click on my beloved blog (my precious!). So the month May has passed and gone and I can say May went by sooo quickly. A lot of good things happened  and one bad thing.

So the good things being my birthday and  my new job (yeeh for that!) the bad sucky thing being stripped of my id card,bankcards travel cards. Stripped in the bad way of being pick pocketed! Frustration to the max at that moment. And I do admit I had to reach for my paper bag to just keep breathing.But all and all the month May was pretty epic.

So a little side note  I used to call these types of posts xxxx month Empties but as this is Thumbelinaslifestyle I decided to give my personal twist to my empties. And decided to call my empties Thumbs xx month empties. So without further ado lets get started with Thumbs May empties. 


* Maybeline eye studio quad in natural impact. This quad had to be added to my list ,as mine broke up to powder. This was a nice quad and I loved the khaki greens and golds  in this quad . I would repurchase this palette. 


*Clinique all about eyes serum. I love this for under my eye it has a nice de-puffiing and cooling effect. I did feel this product helped to control the little creases underneath my eyes. Would definitely repurchase this eye serum

* Super Drug Tea Tree daily cleanser and toner. I really liked this product and it made a nice last step to my evening facial routine. It felt like it got rid of the last bits of dirt/make up. Unfortunately this product has been discontinued to my complete horror. This means when I am back in England I will have a complete haul down at Super Drug. 

*Etos calming day cream ultra sensitive. I really like this budget friendly moisturizer. It moisturizes my face really well and it does not break me out and it did not cause any redness. The only time it did not give enough moisture was around March.

*Super Drug dry skin relief cream. This product was marvelous. Especially when you are suffering of dry skin on your face hands body and for the price of a euro! This product saved my skin in the month of March when it was suffering from dryness. I Would repurchase this cream again. If possible of course!

Super Drug 50 ml tea tree oil blended oil. Love, love and more love!

* Etos cotton pads. They are cotton pads and work fine. I do prefer the bigger pads though.


*Andrelon iedere dag shampoo ( Every day shampoo) This shampoo I really like for everyday usage and this does not dry my hair out. My current shampoo is way more drying and at the moment I am not impressed.Also this shampoo is budget friendly. Would I repurchase this shampoo? Definitely!

*Andrelon hair mask Care & Repair for dry damaged hair. Its a good mask and I do think it reduced hair breakage. I am still contemplating if I would repurchase this mask.

*Trekpleister dry shampoo. Hmm what to write about this dry shampoo? I can’t say I loved this product because this product really left a white cast over your hair. One day I came into the office with a great grey/whitish streak. The smell of this shampoo was ok. Because of the white cast over my hair I would not repurchase this dry shampoo.

*Kruidvat heat protection. I was actually quite surprised with this product especially for the price. I believe it cost round  3 euros and I did notice my hair did not fall out as much. Also at the moment I am testing the L’Oreal one which is 1.5 times more expensive and I would consider repurchasing the Kruidvat one than the L’Oreal.


* Essie Turquoise & Caicos. I really liked this colour especially for this season. The reason this polish landed in my empties is becaus it went gloopy. If that is even a word. I just could not work with this polish.

* Rimmel finishing touch topcoat. Actually the same storry as  the above. This is a really good topcoat and would recommend this topcoat.

Oral/body hygiene

* Ah toothpaste in cool mint. I prefer other toothpastes brands but it did work.

*Rexona skin care sensitive 48 hours deodorant. I have mentioned this item before and if I would not like this product I would not repurchase this deodorant.

So finishing with Oral/Body and Hygiene products concludes, Thumbs May empties post! If you thought this post was entertaining,please like or subscribe or follow me on Bloglovin. For last months empties click here

Hope to welcome you back soon!


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

April Empties + mini reviews

April Empties + mini reviews

My dear dear readers,

Welcome back to Thumbelinaslifestyle it is May and another month has gone and passed. I am soooo excited for this month, a lot of exciting of things are going to happen but for now let ‘s go through my little brown bag full of goodies. Somehow I have a lot of items to share with you all.



  • Sebastian Thickefy Foam. For people with fine thin hair (like me) this product is great. The product thickened my hair enormously after I washed and blow dried my hair.
  • Cameleo permanent hair color cream in dark brown. Love this hair colouring and for the price its super. Especially for girls on a budget. We all want to look good but don’t want to be scraping the barrel at the end of the month.



  • Mac Fix Plus. I only have good things to say about this product. I love the feeling when I spritz this on my face so refreshing. Also it does make your make up last longer.
  • Max Factor Clump defy mascara in black. Some people claim that this mascara is a dupe for the Cover Girl clump crusher. Even though I have never tried the Cover girl mascara, I have to write, I don’t like this mascara. I thought I liked this mascara but every day I came home I had residue or flaking underneath my eyes.
  • Catrice Glamour Doll Curl &Volume Mascara. Urgg the rant continues. Could not believe I had this mascara in my beauty case. Needed to get rid of it plus it dried out completely.
  • Lobello Pearly shine lip balm. This lip balm was ok however this balm did not work for me when I had chapped lips. The shine doubles the effect of chapped lips.
  • Max Factor False lash effect mascara in black. Need I write more, I have been loving this mascara for a while now. Thank god I have a back -up mascara.Please Max Factor don’t discontinue this mascara.
  • Super Drug Nourishing Nail remover pads.My thoughts are still the  same good item for purse. This in case of emergencies.
  • Catrice Made to stay Inside Eye highlighter pen. This product seemed to work for the first view weeks but afterwards it seemed to dry up and the product did not function anymore.



  • Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash. I love this revitalizing body wash. Such a shame that no drugstore in Holland stocks it. I might have found a similar and cheaper body wash. But still  I wouldn’t mind a store that sells it.
  • Soap & Glory  Smoothie Breakfast Scrub. Love the smell and the effect it has on my body. Read all about this in my  lazy day blog.  Love love  this scrub
  • Van der Hoog Yummy Yogurt face mask. This was the first time I used this face mask and boy was this nice. The smell is sooo fresh and it does make my face feel so soft. Since I loved this mask I restocked this mask. Hmm might have a little mask time this Sunday.
  • Oral B floss. It was just floss only pity I could not finish the product as I could not get the floss out in the end.
  • Super Drug blended tea oil. Aaha the love affair continues. This product is amazeballs and helps against spots or other little skin issues

For last months blog click here. I hope you all liked my empties and hope to see you soon in my next blog . At the moment I am  busy with writing a review


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

March empties with mini reviews

My dear, dear readers,

Today’s blog is all about my empties for the month of March. Just because I didn’t have any favorites last month, it does not mean I don’t have any empties  (heheh). Once again I have filled my little brown bag with items I have used up. Mostly this month consists out of skin-and hair care. So let’s get through this little brown bag. 
  •  Batiste dry shampoo XXL volume. Even though I really like Batiste dry shampoo I would not repurchase this dry shampoo. Whenever I would use this shampoo my hair would feel sticky. That is something I don’t like.
  • Colab mini dry Shampoo in Tokyo. I like this shampoo for on the go, for example at the gym. But I don’t think this shampoo is the best. Once again I prefer the Batiste dry shampoo for brunettes and I like the flush one.
  • Super Drug Tea tree skin care Foaming Facial wash. You all know I love this face wash and I would definitely repurchase this wash. This facial wash seems to control breakouts and clears my skin really well. I hope I can keep on using this wash as Trekpleister, our local drugstore did not stock this item last time I was in the store.
  • Super Drug Tea tree Oil. I would repurchase this product over and over.


  • Rexona/ Sure 48 hours deodorant ultra dry for cotton. I love these deodorants as they keep me nice and clean smelling even after a day working.
  • Rexona/Sure 48 hours mild sensitive deodorant. I prefer the ultra dry versions better. But still I  really like this deodorant plus its cheaper than the ultra version.
  • Prodent mint tooth paste. It’s toothpaste and it does the job. Also who wants to have stinky breath all day :D.
  • Super Drug 20 Nail Polish Remover pads. It’s nice to have these types of pads on the go. But do prefer regular nail polish remover as you can put more product on a cleaning pad.
  • Benefit speed brow, brow gel. I love this brow gel it keeps my brows groomed. I am contemplating repurchasing this brow gel as I really like the LÓreal brow plumper nowadays.
  • Maybeline fit me concealer in 010. I would definitely repurchase this item and I love this concealer more than my collection concealer.
I hope you enjoyed this blog.  For my last empties post click here
Until next time my friends and have a Happy Easter.
Kim (Tiny thumbelina)

February empties plus mini reviews

Hi everybody,

So glad you are here  to read about my empties from the month of February. It always surprises me what I have stored in my paper bag. So let’s get through my empties bag. Body

  • Sanex dermo sensitive shower gel 1000ml. This is one of my favourite shower gels. As I have a sensitive skin I can’t use perfumed shower gels all the time because my skin can get dry quite dry. This shower gel cleans me fully, keeping me nice and clean.
  • Soap and Glory body wash 500 ml in Foam Call. When I am feeling naughty and want to use a body wash with perfume I love using a Soap and Glory shower wash.. This  wash smells really fruity. I love this body wash and I would definitely repurchase this product.
  • Prodent sensitive Fresh Gel. Last month I wrote about another toothpaste  I finished in the month of January. Compared to the other toothpaste I prefer this one.
  • Elie Saab sample in Echantillion. The smell was nice but I would not purchase this perfume. It was not a must have for me.

20150301_212338 20150301_212354 20150301_212407


  • Phil Smith Argan Oil 50 ml (sample size).  I really liked this product as this product was able to tame my wild hair.
  • Co lab dry shampoo in Tokyo. Compared to the Batist dry shampoo I did not get the feeling it did give my hair a cleaner look. It seemed to make my hair look greasier. I would not repurchase this product. The smell was really good though.



  • Oval removal cosmetic pads (Primark). Nice and big pad to get rid of all the gunk of my face. Also very affordable product.
  • Tea  tree oil  (Super Drug). Need I say more. Love this product.



  • MAC Fix plus. This product is really refreshing and does make my make-up look better
  • Catrice Baby Doll Mascara in black.  Don’t like this product but already ranted on this product.
  • Boots 07 Extreme length Mascara mini. I was surprised I really liked this product. It lengthened my lashes and gave a natural look. I would repurchase this product.


You can read I have been finishing a lot of shower gels. Mind you I did not use all these gels in the month of February all though I do like smelling clean and yummy. I hope you all liked rummaging through my bag of empties and I hope you all had a cracking February.


Tiny Thumbelina

January empties

Dear readers,

The month is nearly over and I thought it would be time to share my January empties. Also my paper bag was getting full so that’s an extra motivator to write this blog. So let’s get through the bag.

Anastasia brow whizz in dark brown

This product is heaven and its true what some YouTubers say, you don’t know what you’re missinķg untill the product is gone. If you can afford this product, I would deffinetly reccomend this product.

Schwarzkopf  Conditioner for curly/long hair 

I like this product and I don’t like this product, if that makes sense. I like the smell, iit has a clean smell and for the price its worth it. The only down side was it did not provide the sleekness that the John Frida conditioner gives me. Maybe the product did not work to well for me because I don’ t have really long or curly hair.

Andrelon Natural the Zenn line. 

I did not like this product at all. My hair felt greasy in two days. I would not recommend this product.


Prodent tooth paste cool mint

What can I say its tooth paste. It keeps my teeth clean and does do what it should do. I do think the taste could be more mintier.

Etos facial wipes sensitive and normal combination skin

I like these drugstorefacial  wipes. These wipes are affordable  and great to remove grime of the face and freshen up the face. Also its nice to keep these wipes nearby when you apply your make-up. You can easily wipe your hands when you have make-up on your hands.

Nivea Oil free moisturizing day cream

This is a nice day cream. I would deffinetly repurchase this cream. My face felt really moisturised and did not feel dry with this unpredictable weather.

Etos night cream with calming properties for sensitive skin and Etos calming day cream for ultra sensitive skin

These  are good creames. However compared to the Nivea cream it doesnt feel as moisturizing. The Nivea creme feels more moisturizing than the Etos cream. Also these creames state that they have sunscreen protector in them but does not say  the factor number.


Rexona ( Sure) deodorant sensitive 48 hour perspiratiom

This brand gives me the  most protection against sweating. I do prefer the other type of this brand because it combats dark arm pits. Also this brand does not give me 48 hours protection.

Scholl nourishing  foot balm

This foot balm is amazing! Like the brow wizz you don’ t miss the product until its gone. The dry skin seriously disappears. I would deffinetly repurchase this product.

Superdrug blended tea tree oil

I go through these babies like nobodies elses business. I use tea tree oil on blemishes and on my toenails. Also this brand is a third of the price compared to the body shop tea tree oil.  Go Super Drug! The only drugstore in Holland that sells  Super Drug tea tree oil is Trekpleister.


As you can read there is a theme going on here😊. I seemed to love my sensitive products throughout the month of January.

If you liked the blog let me know and tell me if you had certain products you used  throughout the month of January.


Tiny Thumbelina