Collective Beauty Haul

Hi everybody,

Here is a collective beauty haul for you too enjoy. I have collected these items the last two weeks from the drugstore Etos and from, comparable too Amazon but a lot tinier. So lets get started.

Last friday I went  to the drugstore Etos. I did not find a lot but I did find a good deal on the L’Oréal  Caresse lipgloss balm.


You guys this lip glossy smells  sooooo good. It smells deliciously fruity. The colour is in 300 Juliet. I already own one of these glosses and I really liked this gloss.

Ussually I am not a glossy girl. Also this product  was 50% off😊! So I only payed €7.50 yeeh.

As I finished my Anastasia brow wizz I was looking for an alternative  as I was thinking my Bennefit  brow powder was looking very harsh on my face lately.  As I was allready  in the drugstore  I was looking for a cheaper alternative.


In the end I settled for the Rimmel eye brow pencil in dark brown. I hope this product is going to work for me. I purchased this brow pencil  for €6.49.

I don’ know if this item belongs in this section but I bought the Babyliss MS2IE multistyler  hair tool. I was looking for a tool that could curl and crimp my hair.It gives you the oppurtunity to style your hair in 8 different ways😄. Good huh!


Let me know if you want to read a more indept review about this product. This item I purchased at and retails there at €34.99.


Keeping up with the hair theme I purchased 2 packs of hair dye from the brand Camelon. I never heard from this brand before I tried this product. And I love the result.


I always was

 sceptical dying my own hair but

 my boyfriends mother persuaded me to give it a try. Also its way cheaper than going to a hair dresser plus the colour is good as long as you follow the instructions! But there  is nothing  wrong  going  to the hairdressers for a little pampering.

Nourishment of the skin in the winter is essential especially  if you get dry skin like me. I am a big fan of Vaseline for dry skin. This time I went for a tub container which cost € 6.99. I Still prefer the tubes though😉.


One of the last products I was desperate in need for were razors. I was running  out of them and I rather not turn in a little hair ball. Usually I go for gillette razors but now I went for disposable. They were on a really good offer. I paid  for 15 disposable rasors  € 5.49, from the brand Wilkinson . I still have to make my mind  up about these rasors.


This little haul  would  not be complete  if I didn’t buy my favourite facial  wipes. I bought  the Etos sensitive and sensitive combination facial wipes.


I  hope you enjoyed this little collective beauty haul. A Essence lippy haul is coming soon.

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Tiny Thumbelina

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