Happy weekend

Hi everybody,

Just writing a quick little post. Hope you are alI having a cracking weekend. I think I  a m  coming down with the  flu  grrrrrr:'(.

Just brought my mum to the airport to go too England. Before my mum left,  I had a delicious Vanilla latte. Does that not look good😄.


All I am saying nothing beats a nice latte☺.

After leaving the airport I went to the drugstore (hehe) purchasing some items😄. I can ‘t believe I showed restrained.

When I came home, and got freed out of my jacket because the zipper got stuck ( can’t believe that happened 😅). I really felt jittery. So now I am just writing this short little blog underneath my blanket. I am only hoping not to get sick.

Soo guys, what are your plans for this weekend? Please  share  your thoughts.



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