Thumbs nails of the week Essie Picked Perfect

Hi dear readers and subbies,

Welcome back to Thumbelina’s lifestyle. Today I am back for a new post for Thumbs nails of the week. Last week I wrote about my Essie Haul. From the 4 polishes I wrote about I chose Picked Perfect as polish for Thumbs nails of the week.


I think you all figured out by now, that I am kind of a sucker for a nude polish. This nude is quite a brownish nude. The finish of this polish is shiny. You don’t necessarily need  a topcoat. Of course if you want to make your polish last longer its wise to use a topcoat.


Because of the brown in the polish its quite warm toned and therefore this polish is unique in my polish collection. Even though I have a lot of nudes in my collection I don’t have a colour like that. What I love about this polish is that it dries really quick. The last week I have been checking out the Essie stands. And I noticed that all the stands sold out of this polish. I assume its quite popular so if your like this colour it would be wise to check out your Essie counters.


Hope you all enjoyed Thumbs nails of the week. If you want to get updates from my blog subscribe to Thumbelina’s lifestyle. Also if you want your can follow me on Bloglovin.


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)


  1. Lovely colour, in need of a new nude polish, this might be the one! Thanks for sharing! x

    1. Thanks Emily 😊! I love this polish and the colour.

  2. Charlotte

    This is pretty! I love a nice nude polish.

    Charlotte x

    1. Thanks Charlotte! I really like this polish

  3. I’ve only just got my nails into a nice enough state for using nail polish, this looks like a great shade!
    I’m loving the nude colours on nails right now 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. Your welcome ☺. thanks for dropping by

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