Essential body haul

Hello everybody, subbies  and dear readers,

I hope you all had a good weekend!  Today I am back with a quick essential body haul instead of Thumbs nails of the weeks Two weeks ago I noticed that some Body essentials were running low. I really dislike being without the items mentioned below.So to prevent I would be without these items, I purchased some items in bulk at Bol.Com. The only essential I did not mention  in this haul is shower gel. Which I still had in abundance so no need to purchase that. 



This is my favorite deodorant in stick form, from Rexona/ Sure in Cotton. I feel this deodorant keeps  me all nice and fresh during the day compared to deodorant sprays.



I purchased these razors  before and they are ok for repurchasing. I like that they come in bulk ( 15 rzaors in a pack) and they are a good alternative to the Gillette disposable razors. Even though Gillette is still my favorite brand of razors. Sometimes a girl needs to safe some money.



This is the first time I purchased this toothpaste from Etos and so far I am liking it. It really has a nice minty taste to it. So thank god it did not taste horrible! Otherwise  I had to force my way through six tubes of nasty toothpaste.


I hope you liked this essential body haul post. For my last post  click here and if you liked this post please like or subscribe. I am sorry if the photo’s are not that great, but somehow I misplaced my sd-card for my  camera. Arrrggggggggg!

Anyhow  I hope to see you all soon in my up and coming post. 


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)

2 thoughts on “Essential body haul

  1. All these other girls do hauls but leave out the basic essentials!! This is perfect for packing my travel bag! I also quite like etos toothpaste, does the job and tastes pretty fresh and nice! Fab Post!

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