Primark PJ Haul

Hi everybody,  dear readers and loyal subbies,

I was in desperate need of new jammies, and as recently a 5 stories high Primark was opened in  Amsterdam I popped in and walked out with 4 sets of PJ’s.

Can I just say the Primark in Amsterdam is a fantastic one,  and I must say it is the best Primark I ever walked into. It was so clean and organised. Just Wow! Would not be surprised if I visit that particular store in the future again.

Oh my god check out these cute PJ’s!


Bambi PJ – I love the Bambi’s on it and it so adorable with the pink and the Bambi’s

Alice and Wonderland – I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and this PJ set has original drawings of the book on it.

I Eat Glitter for Breakfast PJ – What more can I say , ofcourse I Eat Glitter for Breakfast heheh.

Grumpy Kitty PJ – I bought this one, A because I am a huge cat fan and B look at the text and the photo. Come on it is priceless!

You can see that the overall trend is that I like my PJ’s nice and short as somehow I seem to be very warm  of late in my bed and I  don’t want to be to hot during the night.

I hope you all enjoyed this PJ haul and hope to be back soon with dare I say it with another one.

Until next post friends



Thumbs nails of the week: A petite haul

Thumbs nails of the week: A petite haul

Hi everybody, dear readers  loyal subbies,

Because I was a little bored with the polishes I had in my collection I decided to pop into the Drugstore. I only picked up 3 polishes but I thought the colors I picked up are real pretty. Therefor the post name ‘A petite haul’


Essence the gel nail polish in 48 My Love Diary

This is such a beautiful rosey/ mauve color. Real pretty and this looks like a dupe for an Essie polish my sis has, but I do not remember the name. I am wearing this polish this week and to be honest it last quite a long time. It really had minimal chipping the first days. Overal not bad !

Essence the gel nail polish in 59 Life is Pink

This is really a bright Fuchsia color. I really hope this formula will be the same as the polish My Love Diary

Catrice Luxury Nudes collection in 11 Hidden & Forbidden Rose

I like my nudes and this is a pretty pinky salmony nude with some glitter to it and if you change the polish in the light you can see some purpley shine to it.

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Etos Haarlem Station mini Haul

Etos Haarlem Station mini Haul

Hello Friends,

So I was bored and I was not feeling to well, so what do you do ? You end up spending money. Seriously! Not that I do not enjoy this , but saving up for a deposit for a house is expensive. Dang it people.   But once in a while you bump into a great offer and your like sh*****t that is a good deal!  And then you say  bye bye savings.  Ok it was not that much money, just like the drama gegegge.

So the good deal which I found  was buy 1 get 1 free for L’Oreal. Usually L’Oreal is one of the most expensive products for the drugstore in the Netherlands. Because of this I  could not resist picking up two  L’Oreal Brow artist Plumpers and the L’Oreal Extraordinary oil for the face and L’Oreal Extraordinary Mask cream . Also when I was checking out, I noticed a giant 100 ml bottle of Heat from Beyonce only for 15 euros!  Which I find is an absolute steal. I think this smells so good and dare I say it , smells sexy?

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A tiny, tiny Mac Haul

A tiny, tiny Mac Haul

Hi dear readers and loyal subbies,

Saturday  I popped in the Douglas,  and was immediately  drawn to the MAC counter.  I just love looking at the lipsticks and blushes at the MAC counter. In the end I left the Douglas with a lipstick, lipgloss and  pro longwear concealer. So let me show you my goodies.

So the first thing I  picked up was MAC syrup. My sister bought this lipstick about 2 months ago and I really like how it looks on her. So therefor I could no longer resist not having this in my collection. Its a beautify pink /light raspberry color and very appropriate for Autumn. It glides on my lips easily and has the lovely MAC smell to it.

For my second purchase I chose the Vamplify lipgloss in Anything but demure. This is a new limited edition highly pigmented gloss from MAC. The font that Mac used for this packaging is great and looks very Vampire-ish. Yes yes I know that is not a word but I am sure your feeling me here.  Usually I am not a big fan of a lipgloss, but I wanted to know what the hype was for. So I tried two colours and thought that this one looked the best on my lips.  Again this color is great for the Autumn and a lovely nude to add to my collection. And just one last thing, the smell of this lipstick smells like glorious cake, so yummy.

For my last choice I opted for the Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NC25.  Now I have been on the hunt for a descent,high end concealer for sometime,and I thought yesterday why not. Recently I have been suffering from some spots and dark circles and I just wanted to have a descent concealer removing all that bad stuff. Also  I wanted some help from the make-up artist choosing the right shade for my skin tone as I did not want to go to light.I do have to admit the reason why I purchased this concealer is because I heard a lot of good things on You Tube. Once the  make up artist applied the concealer beneath my eye to hide my blueness it looked so much better. I could really see the difference between one side and the other. It looked like I had descent night sleep for once.

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Essential body haul

Essential body haul

Hello everybody, subbies  and dear readers,

I hope you all had a good weekend!  Today I am back with a quick essential body haul instead of Thumbs nails of the weeks Two weeks ago I noticed that some Body essentials were running low. I really dislike being without the items mentioned below.So to prevent I would be without these items, I purchased some items in bulk at Bol.Com. The only essential I did not mention  in this haul is shower gel. Which I still had in abundance so no need to purchase that. 



This is my favorite deodorant in stick form, from Rexona/ Sure in Cotton. I feel this deodorant keeps  me all nice and fresh during the day compared to deodorant sprays.



I purchased these razors  before and they are ok for repurchasing. I like that they come in bulk ( 15 rzaors in a pack) and they are a good alternative to the Gillette disposable razors. Even though Gillette is still my favorite brand of razors. Sometimes a girl needs to safe some money.



This is the first time I purchased this toothpaste from Etos and so far I am liking it. It really has a nice minty taste to it. So thank god it did not taste horrible! Otherwise  I had to force my way through six tubes of nasty toothpaste.


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Anyhow  I hope to see you all soon in my up and coming post. 


Kim ( Tiny Thumbelina)

Collective make-up + hair haul + free Dove goodie bag

Collective make-up + hair haul + free Dove goodie bag

Hello readers and dear subbies,

Today I am sharing a collective make-up + hair haul with you all. I shopped at the highstreet drugstores Kruidvat, Trekpleister and Etos. In this haul you can read all about the following brands:

*Catrice *Maybeline *L’Oréal *Beyonce *Super Drug *Andrelon ( Part of Unilever) 

  • Catrice  in C01 Brave Bronze part of their Nomadic Traces Limited Editon €4.99 . Check out Catrices website here and check out this limited collection. The reason why I hovered over to this display, was their packaging of this limited edition. To me the pattern looks  very Arabic/ African and the the collection has a lot of earthy tones ( which I like)


This bronzer is a matte bronzer and has  a lovely sunbeam pattern in it. I have used this bronze once and I do notice that the pattern will fade quickly. My first impressions of this bronzer is really good it has a cool tone too it and I loved the way it applied to my skin. 

  • Catrice Matt nude palette € 4.99. I needed a new eye shadow palette for at my parents house and I didn’t want to spent a lot of money.   I have tried this pallet twice and I am not loving it.  The only 2 colours I semi liked, were the last darker colour. The other colours I barely noticed on my skin and they were patchy. But I will give this palette a try maybe i will change my mind about this palette. 

  • Maybeline the Nudes Palette €15.99



When I saw this palette in Trekpleister I was soooooo excited that I found it. I believe this palette has just been released in the Netherlands soo that was why I got really excited. I love the selection of matte and shimmery shades.I was really contemplating purchasing this pallet as I just bought the Catrice palette. But because I was not really impressed with that palette I decided to purchase this. I have not had the time to play with this palette so I can’t give you my opinion yet. I think you can expect a review in the near future.

  • L’Oreal Studio Matt & Messy shine free salt spray nonchalant messy look 150 ML. I have only used this pray twice and those two moments haven’t impressed yet. But I will test drive this spray a little further. I believe this spray cost around  € 5,00 however I am not sure.
  • L’Oreal Studio Line Hot& Straight 200 ml. This product I have used several times whilst blow dry my hair. I don’t have the feeling this spray is doing anything for my hair or preventing fall outs.  At the moment, the product is meh. However that feeling could still go away. 
  • Beyonce Heat Rush Eau de toilette €17.99. I told you all about my birthday haul last week. So I was browsing through the drugstore and I hovered to the Perfume section. I tested this Eau de toilette and the whole day I kept on smelling this fragrance. I was really impressed with this smell by. Soo wickedly  I decided to purchase this, in a tiny bottle of 15 ml Last friday. Ideal for my bag as my mum suggested.. I usually prefer eau de parfum but apparently the drugstore said it was not released. I purchased this fragrance for €17.99 at the drugstore Etos. I think this is a good budget alternative and it smells heavenly compared to my other wanna have perfume the Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium 3.5 /4 more expensive. The ingredients in the perfume are the following:

Alcohol, Denat, Aqua,perfume,Hydroxcitronellal,Butylphenyl,Methylpropional, Hydroxysiohexyl 3-Cyclohexene Carboxaldehyde, Limonene,BHT Linalool, Citronellol,Acrylates,Hydrolyzed Jojoba Esters

Honestly you guys, I have no idea what these ingredients are, lol.


Super Drug  Superfruits face mask. Exfoliating  with Raspberry, Cranberry and Blueberry Fruit Extracts  This mask is intended to purify the pores and smooths skin.

  • Andrelon dry shampoo in langer fris €5.49. So this one is targeted to re-freshen your hair. So let me tell you a secret. This product is so super amazing!! When you use this product your hair does feel really clean and the smell is like hmmmm. You just keep on smelling it  during the day which I liked. 
  • Andrelon Verassend Volume € 5.49 . This dry shampoo is targeted to create more volume. All I am saying is that I am not loving this product. The smell really disagrees with me. I am not really willing to use this product again plus I did not like the feel and look of this product.

Because I purchased two Andrelon products, I received a free Dove Goodie bag. In this bag there were 3 sample size products. The bag has a nice size too it, and I think this will be good for traveling You could even bring some eye and face brushes without damaging your brush without squashing your bristles. 

So in this goodie bag there were three miniatures which are the following:

– Dove creme mousse body wash 55 ml

– Andrelon Glans Shampoo 50 ml

-Andrelon keratin hair mask 50 ml

SONY DSCwpid-20150525_204117.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed this collective haul and until the next time readers and lovely subbies.


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

L’oreal Haul

My dear dear readers,

I am back again with a tiny haul. Two weeks ago I accidentally popped into Etos (lol). I should really stop popping in to Etos. Especially when they have good offers like buy 1 get 1 free. This time I was seduced by the wonders of L’oreal. In Holland this brand is quite expensive for drugstore so I gladly took advantage of the buy 1 get 1 free offer.So lets see what kind of marvelous stuff I purchased from L’oreal

  • L’oreal infaliable 24 hour matte  foundation in colour Vanilla


  • L’oreal infailable powder in colour Vanilla


  • L’roreal Lumi Magique in Porcelain Rose


  • L’oreal Caresse lipstick in Nude Ingenue (501)


  • Loreal Caresse lipstick in Dating Coral (301)


  • L’oreal Brow artist plumper in Medium/Dark


Check out the swatches of the foundations and lipsticks

The left swatch shows Nude Ingenue The right swatch shows Dating Coral
The left swatch shows the L’oreal Lumi Magique foundation in Porcelaine Rose The right swatch shows the L’oreal Infaillible 24 Matte foundation in Vanilla

After trying these items several times, I just have to say this little haul was successful. My  favourite items being the L’oreal Infallible 24 hour matte foundation. For me this foundation is full coverage and the colour matches me perfectly. Although the swatch above does not show it. The powder compliments this foundation perfectly. Totally recommend them together. What I notice when using this foundation it dries really quickly and its not suitable for people with dry skin. And if you do have dry skin and you want to use this foundation, moisturize your face like crazy.

The other love affair I started is with the L’oreal Brow artist plumper in Medium/Dark It really tames my wild brows. The only product that made me go mreh was the L’oreal Lumi Magique foundation. It did not work for me the first time I used the foundation, plus the colour was a little to dark for me. But I will give this product a shot. Otherwise I might give this foundation a shot for the summer.

Once again I should  avoid temptation and stay clear of these types of stores. Once again thank you for dropping by at Thumbelinaslifestyle. I really appreciate it. If you want to read my last haul, click here Please let me know if you have any requests to write about and if you liked this blog please like and share your thoughts on this blog.


Kim (Tiny Thumbelina)

P.S I just want to say thank you to all my subbies and new subbies. You have know idea how much I appreciate your subscription. Even though Thumbelina’s lifestyle is still very tiny compared to a lot of blogs, I am just so grateful to all who took time to check out my blog and subscribed to it.